What do you give for a baptism?

A christening is a special occasion. First, this is the first occasion in the life of the crumbs (baptize babies usually even before the first birthday), and secondly, the religious meaning of baptism is that the child has received divine protection, guardian angel.

And thirdly, children are “second parents” — godparents, who now must also take care of it. What gifts for baptism guests what gifts can do godparents – this will tell sympaty.net.

What do you give godparents in baptism?

There is the traditional, the list of obligatory gifts, which are to prepare people who will become godparents mother and father. These gifts are not just pleasant things, and having deep religious significance of the items.

That’s what gives godmother on baptism:

  • Krisma (risca). It is a small piece of white cloth that wrapped the child after dipping into the plunge pool. In principle, to respect the tradition enough to use as criimi diaper or baby towel, but it usually does not do. The fact that kriimu after using her in the ritual of the christening is not thrown away, and store your whole life is a happy guardian for a person! There is a belief that if a sick child to cover Chrismas, he will recover quickly… So I decided to do kriimu beautiful – its sheathe with lace, embroider (white on white or pink/blue depending on the sex of the child). Sell special christening criimi, but the most magnificent gift from godmother – stitched and embroidered by herself, krisma. Also, given the need to store will kriimu for many years, it is complete is often a beautiful bag made of cloth where it will be stored.
  • Baptismal shirt (boy) or dress (girl). It should be as dressy children’s clothes, white or pale milky color, with blue or pink embroidery lace trim, braid, etc. Again, very welcome man-made! Baptismal clothes to wear after the ceremony of dipping in the plunge pool.
  • Baptismal cap in the tone baptismal clothes.

What else gives a godmother in baptism? For example, booties in addition to baptismal clothes.

You can also send a piece of jewelry (e.g., earrings or bracelet), which the daughter will wear when I grow up (in the jewelry shops have special children’s collection, but it is better to give the “grown-up” jewelry that will be a gift for life).

What gives the godfather at the baptism?

First, his duty is to pay the baptism itself plus a table for guests. This is the case when the birth parents are not required to spend money (or godparents with family can “put down” chipped).

Godfather gives the baby the most important attribute of baptism a cross. This is the cross which will stay with you for life.

However, on current trends, children sometimes give in baptism, “children’s” cross, which then changed to “adult” — for example, on the first confession or the age of majority. The cross can be gold or silver, are usually given, but in General the rules of the Church do not put forward strict requirements to the material and cost is allowed even wooden crosses.

To body cross the godfather should also give gold or silver chain. Not necessary that this chain will be worn immediately after the infant such a thing is extremely uncomfortable, but the chain will “grow”. A first cross can be worn on lace or ribbon.

Also sometimes give godparents a baby christening baptismal icon with the image of the Saint, whose name is baby. This Saint is his patron Saint.

What can you give for the baptism of the guests?

Christening is supposed to invite relatives (especially if you can’t see the new member of your extended family), close friends of the family. All those invited to the christening is supposed to come with gifts for the baby.

What to give a baptism of a child?

  • Silver spoon (possibly engraved with the baby’s name) – “by heart”. Of course, this is an appropriate gift only if baptize the baby, and not have sharp-toothed grown-up child.
  • Clothes for the baby (it is packaged in a smart “suitcase”).
  • Children’s Bible or prayer book (of course, these books will be useful immediately, but more important they will be when the baby learns to read).
  • Baby blanket, baby carrier or a set of blanket+pillow. Very cool, if things made alone, or with a hand-finished!
  • A beautiful set of children’s dishes.
  • The icon of the Guardian angel, the virgin or a Saint, whose name is baby.
  • “Measuring” icon. A very interesting custom to give at baptism the child is the icon of his Patron Saint, which is written under the order on the Board, the height of which is equal to the height of the child at the time of baptism. This icon hung in sight of the baby, even if he still doesn’t walk and talk – it is believed that this contributes to the spiritual fellowship with the Holy.
  • Amulet (special jewelry-pendant with the image of the icon).
  • Bag curl. During the baptism the priest cuts off the head of baby fine hair that is supposed to store. Storage lock comes in a beautifully embroidered bag!

Of course, all these ceremonial gifts are better arranged in advance with the godparents and parents — not to be repeated gifts other invited or not to give something that parents would find inappropriate.

Toys are not exactly traditional gifts for a christening (it’s not secular, and spiritual event), but, in General, are not prohibited and are always joyful for the baby.

You can give soft or made of cloth toy with which the child will play from a very early age, and the toy can “grow”. For example, for girls this can be some particularly beautiful doll for collection or copyright, in man-made outfit, etc.

Sweets baby give useless, and not particularly accepted. But generally the christening you can come up with a beautiful baby cake (decorated in the appropriate theme) or you can bring cake or a loaf of homemade cakes – it’ll be a nice surprise for the parents, godparents and other guests.

What to give for baptism parents and godparents?

It is interesting that, besides the child, the “main characters” of the christening – not the birth parents, and godparents!

They, too, can make some memorable gift (it can be a gift from the mother and father of the baby). For example, a mother can give to a godmother any decoration (chain, amulet). And you can make an interesting collage that will remind both of them about the godfather.

Some nice small gift can make parents and family at the christening of their child. For example, a young mother can give subabuse is a special large beads that baby can chew right at the mother’s hands, when he begins teething!

But you can still donate to the baptism of money – it’s not particularly original, but certainly parents will spend it on small!

Author – Dasha Blinova, site ToKnow365.top

What do you give for a baptism?

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