What dress to wear on March 8, how to dress on March 8?

Eighth March – a celebration of femininity and beauty! And even if in normal times you wear the usual jeans or pants to be able to run, to hurry, to seek in this day to feel like a Woman: beautiful, never hurrying, enjoying its beauty and its pleasing to others! Of course – for this you need a dress! What dress to wear to March 8 – will tell women’s website “ToKnow365.top“!

How to dress on March 8?

So, our goal is femininity, tenderness and elegance with a slight hint of sexuality! What details will help in creating that image?

  • Long skirts and dresses. First, the length from MIDI to Maxi is still the latest trend. Second, it gives the woman of mystery and grace. Thirdly (fact!) – long hemline inevitably alters the gait and manner to behave: in these clothes you do not want to walk boldly and sharply to move, and another slouch to sit “awkwardly”, waving his arms…
  • Light fabric. Heavy winter materials are already fed up – I want a little bit of spring, at least in the outfit! Also (a little secret from the website sympaty.net!) – beautiful lightweight fabric such as chiffon can “pull” even the most simple style of dress, especially if it is about long, loose-fitting options.


  • Lace and guipure. Festive, feminine and airy! Do not neglect lace things or finishes (it can be the collar, cuffs, insert-yoke, a bow, etc.).
  • Jewelry and jewelry. It can be a little more elegant than in everyday life, even if you just go to visit!

Dress on March 8: what to choose?

Of course, it depends on how exactly you’re going to spend the day! I can only offer some ideas:

  • Visit your mum or grandmother to wear a dress in retro style. Retro is very elegant and dressy, but modest!
  • To meet with friends in a café – something trendy! Let them appreciate your fine ability to grasp the style trend of the beginning of the season!


  • For a romantic evening with your beloved – something feminine, but not obnoxiously sexual. For example, MIDI dress with belt. Today your task is to seduce and to deceive, and just be yourself and enjoy male attention, gifts and compliments!
  • Corporate – dress-bell bottoms! Yes, this is the day when to depart from the usual to the office everyday “cases” and to put on March 8, something that will make you see you’re a real woman!

What colors to choose?

What do you usually answer the question: “And what dress to wear on March 8 going?”? Probably the first thing I remember about the color: “Oh, I bought such a lovely blue!..”. And that is certainly correct – color can “save” many blemishes of style, but can “ruin” a perfectly fitting dress!

So what color of the solution is to bring in your way in the first spring holiday?

  • Pastel range. Clear is always nice, tender, truly feminine, allows you to choose add-ons from a wide range of jewelry and accessories in other colors! Just do not forget about your complexion: even the lighter shades have their place on the scale of warmth/coldness!
  • Bright colors. Spring, after all! Good shades of the first leaves and flowers: lemon, green, blue… maybe you missed crimson or scarlet?..

Will be certainly great, if you decide to dress on March 8, without a predominance of dark, dirty, “dark” colors and shades! They can only complement, “break” or soften something bright.

Also don’t forget about the prints. The spring and of course, floral print (for information on how to use it we already wrote). Looks very Flirty polka dots!

But, of course, strict rules of how to dress on March 8, can not be choose those things that give you the feeling of a holiday of spring, beauty and femininity!

Author – Dasha Blinova, site ToKnow365.top

What dress to wear on March 8, how to dress on March 8?

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