What epilator to choose: a detailed review of popular models

Our reader Irina 220 applied to the site “ToKnow365.top” with a request to help choose the appliance: “Hello! Please, write an article, how to choose the right epilator. I want to try out this miracle, but in a large diversity of types of hard to decide”.

We will be happy if our article will help to find the answer as to which epilator to choose, not just our reader, but to all those who have not yet managed to acquire a helper for smooth and beautiful legs.

Quality of hair removal depends on the appliance that it was carried out. The purpose of these devices is the same – to rid the skin on the legs from unwanted hair, but the modern models also have the additional function of removing hair in the bikini area and underarms.

All epilators differ in appearance, number of attachments included in the kit, as well as the presence or absence of additional functions.

All this talk, so you know which appliance you should choose.

The basic principles of selecting

All the manufacturers are trying to equip the model with additional features, guaranteed to attract buyers who are not understand which razor to choose.

But we should remember that when selecting equipment, there is a rule — the more features, the product is more expensive. Therefore, we do not advise you to guide the choice of this criterion.

Before buying pay attention to some subtleties that should be taken into consideration:

  • Manufacturer
  • The principle of operation
  • Number of tweezers
  • The principle of anesthesia
  • Mode speeds
  • Type heads for epilation
  • Food
  • Additional options


Today you can buy epilators from various manufacturers, from branded to lesser-known firms.

Among the variety of this kind of goods most popular lamps 3 companies:

  • Braun
  • Philips
  • Rowenta

You can opt for a less well-known firms. The price of some such models is lower than the “leaders”, but also the quality of hair removal is worse. The hairs just break off, and not removed from the root, when working with good brands of epilators.

Therefore, the question which epilator to choose: brand or less well-known firms, — sympaty.net advised to give preference only to trusted brands.

The principle of operation of the appliance

Epilators is designed to remove hair together with root.

This is due to the fact that several pairs of discs or plates rotate, touching each other, grab the hairs and remove them. Depending on that rotating disk or plate, epilators are divided into disk and pincete.

Before you choose a good epilator, you should understand what distinguishes these systems from each other.

And disk and pinceti epilators have multipinnata the hair removal system, that is, the epilator at a time pulls not one but many hairs, namely:

  • Disc epilators for a one time capture of up to 32 hairs.
  • Pinceti – 20 or 40.

As you know, the more capture points at once, the faster will be the hair removal.

But according to consultants, disc epilator a little better at work, although more popular pincete with 40 tweezers. Therefore, according to the type of work it is better to give preference to a disk or 40 pienzenau, but not the 20-pienzenau the epilator.

  • “I have an epilator Braun 5180 Silk-epil Xelle”. I am quite satisfied. Works well, quickly, do not miss hairs. The difference with the 20-Pinzenyk time epilating. I have before this was the easiest Braun SE 1170 (20 tweezers), also very cool! With time only a little longer. So if the epilator, Braun. Katerina

Epilation is quite painful procedure, so we still suggest those who do not know which epilator is better to choose a 20 – or 40-penceny, choose model 40-pienzenau. Hair removal will end soon.

Disc epilators, compared to Pinzenyk, do not cause allergic reactions. They rarely leave red spots after hair removal on the skin.

But do you know how to use the epilator, to avoid irritation, so I think that this problem will not affect you.

What epilator to choose: pain management

That “it’s terrible, how painful, you know, write and speak a lot. But the promising slogan “smooth skin up to 4 weeks” attracted a growing number of people willing to buy epilator.

So often asked about which appliance to choose, so waxing was not as painful. Manufacturers, knowing about this problem, trying to find more ways to numb the pain of hair removal.

Let’s look at how to choose an epilator with a system of pain relief, and find out what “findings” are most effective.

For pain of hair removal are currently used in the following ways:

  • Cooling. Some models are equipped with gel mittens (sacs), which before the wax cooled and applied to the site, which will epilate. Judging by the reviews, they can perfectly replace bags with ice or a chilled towel.
  • The blowing cold air. There are epilators that are equipped with a special block, which is cooled, is inserted into the device and in the process of hair removal skin blows cold air. This type of anesthesia is well suited for those who have sensitive skin. Not a bad option. More common in epilator Philips.
  • Pain relief massage brushes (vibration). Rubber brush with soft bristles, which is located above the rotating disks during operation, vibrates and relaxes the skin. Pain is much lower. Braun have a particularly well thought out this function. Massage brush operates on the principle of fingers that lift the hairs.

All epilators, which has the function of analgesia, have a specific marking which is specified directly on the body of the epilator.

  • The firm is indicated by the Philips Satinelle Sensitive (sensitiv satinel’)
  • Have Braun Silk-épil (silk epil) — SE
  • Have Rowenta – Epil Active (Call active)


How to choose the right epilator, given its speed characteristics, we describe in this section.

Most models have two-speed pienzenau system. The earliest and most simple – single speed, and some epilator Rowenta is 3 speed.

  • 1st speed (slow). This is the lowest speed used for removal of short coarse hair. It removes bad long hair. They are broken and not pulled out.
  • 2nd speed (normal). Need for longer hair. The jerk at the second speed is sufficiently strong and sharp, good captures and sharply pulls on my hair. Therefore, the second speed hair removal is much faster.
  • 3rd speed (fastest). The third speed is designed for fast hair removal. Quite painful, compared with the second.

Head for epilator

From the purity of the head depends on the hygiene procedures. There are models with removable head, there is with stationary.

Removable head is much easier, as it can be washed after the removal.

I advise you to pay attention to such a model, if you do not know which appliance to choose.


Food the appliance can be performed from mains, battery or mains/battery. Benefits of a food type clear.

Of course, the latter option is the most optimal. But usually enough power.

Battery power is convenient for those who are looking for what epilator to choose to take it with you on trips or to choose any location for hair removal, regardless of the outlet. Epilators, which are battery powered, come complete with charger.

But, judging by the reviews, the battery lasts for 30-40 minutes. This is not enough time for epilating. Therefore, if to select between the first and second kind, it is better to give preference to the mains supply.

Additional options

We will look at some additional options, so you can accurately decide which epilator to choose — with “twists” or without them.

  • Backlight. A relatively new addition to the models. The light coming from the lamp illuminates the work area. Some consider this feature very convenient and necessary, others it only hinders. Without this feature, you can do if you are not going to do hair removal in a dark closet away from civilization.
  • Sets of attachments for bikini area and the trimmer. If you want to remove not only the hair on the legs, but the bikini area or underarm, note on epilators, which have included attachments for this. Such models are most widely represented in the Philips — marked marked Bikini Perfect, Rowenta — Silence Bikini.

These nozzles greatly affect the price of the appliance, but not all users stand the pain they bring when epilation of intimate zones. Often these nozzles remain unused.

  • “I bought epilator Philips Bikini Perfect HP 6375 with attachments for bikini area. Hair removal started to do “out there” and could not resist. If there are such brave people with a low pain threshold, I’m just jealous. I would not advise to do hair removal in intimate places. Rita

Tips for beginners

Separately want to mention the special tips for beginners — for those who still have doubts, how to choose a good epilator. These accessories cover a few of tweezers than decreases the number pulls out hairs. For the first time really helps. But it still hurts!

Therefore, it is not such an important element in the appliance, we should focus on those who are looking for how to choose the epilator to begin with.

So which appliance is better – you decide.

You can purchase a budget low-cost model, given the 6 points:

  • Firm – Braun, Philips, Rowenta.
  • Principle (type) models – 40-pincity or disk.
  • The head is removable.
  • Speed – 2-speed.
  • Pain relief – cooling nozzle, or even better – a massage brush. This feature is optional, but it is rare to find an epilator without one.

All other functions: backlight, gel gloves and bags, tips for beginners, trimmers and shavers is certainly convenient, but not as important for good operation of the appliance.

We hope we helped you to deal with the question of which appliance to choose. A good and well-considered shopping!

The author – Julia Spiridonova, site ToKnow365.top

What epilator to choose: a detailed review of popular models

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