What feminine wiles to men the most effective?

If men looked at women’s website “ToKnow365.top“, the title of this article they would probably have revolted. Well, really – what are these feminine wiles with men, huh? It’s not about hypocrisy or deception… No, of course – anything our readers we do not intend to teach ?

But I want to talk about how to communicate with man, to understand each other based on the difference of male and female psychology to find a common language and to arouse the sympathy and respect the guy! There really can not do without the knowledge of some psychological feminine wiles in dealing with man!!

Women’s tricks in dealing with men

For many it is no secret that men and women think (and accordingly, and to Express their thoughts) a little differently. What is the difference and how to communicate with men so that they will always understand?

  • Avoid the subtle hints. Honestly, men rarely understand them and often greatly distorted. In addition, many men often offended by the allusions because, in men’s understanding, generosity, and honor are all to speak straight and not roundabout. Want a fur coat as a gift — and say, “there was in a certain store, there are have chosen this awesome coat, it costs so much – if you want to please me on my Birthday, it would be super-duper gift! But if you have other ideas or if this will cause irreparable damage to your wallet – it’s all right, I will not be offended!”. Man you will understand and will respect for being honest. It is much better than languidly sigh, talking about how the coat came a colleague or you went to a fur shop in company with a friend.
  • Learn to formulate statements (statements of claims) directly and literally. Not “here again I see you have company…” and “there is all the dishes after dinner, could you wash?”. Hardly a man is a joy to constantly decipher what the true motive for your dissatisfaction.
  • Avoid generalizations. Like “you ALWAYS do everything wrong!”, “you NEVER come on time!”, “you’re like ALL men are lazy” or “ALL guys are not bums, but you…”, etc. Instead, “next time, don’t scour Teflon pan with a metal brush”, “You’re late today, and I’m so cold standing here!”, etc.
  • Don’t use the argument “I’m a woman” to excuse myself and “You the man” — as motivation man! Actually forget about these phrases! There are many other objective factors, why you want or don’t want to do something, why ask man, etc. for Example: “I like to look good, so I bought a new cream”, “it’s hard for Me to lift this bag – but you are strong, help me!” Otherwise, the argument of gender as such will sound offensive to men – say, “I was born a woman, and therefore to me more, and you’re a man and therefore must, and be patient!”.
  • Don’t be afraid to admit that something you don’t know. Much better in the eyes of men looks modest girl, who sincerely confesses his ignorance and asks her to tell what and how, what a brazen person, which on-the-go picks feminine wiles with a man and talking nonsense just to pretend that she knows and can do. Do men like smart strong role of the mentor for the cute “dunno” — so use it!

As you can see, the main trick in a relationship with a man not to cheat! Guys are much more appreciate honesty, rather than pretend “kindness” and excessive flirting.

Feminine wiles, or How to seduce a man?

When it comes to seduction, it is important factor is the non-verbal signals that a woman can serve a man! Non-verbal means “non-speech”: using facial expressions, gestures, body movements,… If you learn this feminine wiles with men to serve non-verbal signals, you will almost no matter what you will speak.

Keep talking though quantum physics is still a man feels that you are trying to draw attention to themselves, and not with the purpose of joint development of the hadron Collider!

So, the main non-verbal feminine wiles in a relationship with a man who speaks eloquently about the desire of the girl to seduce her counterpart:

  • Touching the hair. This can be, for example, wrap the curl on his finger. Hair, especially long in a man’s eyes, is the symbol of femininity! In addition, the hair is such a part of yourself that people in normal circumstances do not like to provide to strangers, all are protecting them from accidental touches, etc. And if a woman deliberately shows her hair to the man – she kind of gives him the right to possess her feminine essence! No wonder in most cultures, married women wore hats and carefully hidden from their hair (not to seduce strange men), and young girls, by contrast, walked with her head uncovered – to the beauty of their hair to seduce suitors!
  • Touching your own body (especially thighs, chest, stomach) is more expressive feminine wiles to seduce a man. Talking about light, fleeting gestures – for example, once “absent-mindedly” to hold fingers from the shoulder to the lower abdomen, through your chest, and put a hand on his knee. Or sitting on a chair, the palm of his right hand slowly, “thoughtfully” Pat yourself on left hip… This non-verbal signal means “I want to now did you! Pet me!”.
  • Licking of lips touching the lips with your finger. If a woman draws attention to her lips, then, not against kissing…
  • Any touch to the partner is already a signal that the woman is experiencing a certain level of trust, and maybe something more… will Fit all a Pat on the shoulder, high five, various “accidental” touching during the walk around…

Of course, much to intrude don’t, just remember – any the touch subconsciously interpreted by the man as a willingness to seduce and be seduced!

I think these feminine wiles with men available for all the girls!

Author – Dasha Blinova, site ToKnow365.top

What feminine wiles to men the most effective?

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