What goes skirt-skater?

Short puffy skirt at the waist for several seasons happy fashionistas. It is called skater – similar to the skirts female skaters (though, of course, modern skirt skater does not relate to sports clothing for skating).

Maybe you just think, is it worth it to buy, or already bought, but want to find new ideas, what to wear with this skirt in both cases, you will help the site “ToKnow365.top“!

What can you wear with a skirt-skater?

A huge number of options!

The most obvious options is t-shirts, blouses, shirts and t-shirts: they will come to the lush mini-skirt.

More extravagant combinations – skater, worn over a bodysuit, or a skater with a crop top, which opens the abdomen. Fashionable to wear short tops with buttons and ties in the front (Western style) – this thing is stylish and will complement a short skirt of a-line silhouette.

Optional to wear with the skirt or a fitted inside to refuel up.

You can safely wear loose, oversized garments, as long as they are not too long, not to cover a significant part of the skirt. This can be a direct sweater sweater silhouette balloon print sweatshirt or a spacious top.

From outerwear to skater skirts go short jacket – leather, denim and bomber jackets.

If you need a more strict way, then wear a short jacket with ¾ sleeves can be worn open.

For youth recreational image, a good addition would be a short denim vest. Interesting option – skirt skater, top or blouse, and top it with a long knitted cardigan without fasteners.

Whether to tuck the top into the skirt skater?

This is the right decision in most cases – because in this way you will get silhouette with pronounced waistline. Safely refuel in skaterboy skirt such garments:

  • Shirt (not long, of course).
  • Spacious cut blouse.
  • Mikey.
  • T-shirt
  • Thin turtlenecks and sweaters.

It is not necessary to fill in only a knitted sweater, sweatshirts and, of course, sweaters and jackets with buttons or zippers.

What shoes would I wear this skirt?

Skirt skater has a wonderful feature – it makes any legs visually longer and slimmer! That is why it is appropriate not only shoes and high-heeled sandals, and sneakers, ballet flats, espadrilles and other footwear on a flat sole. Sports shoes, incidentally, also looks great with a bright skirt-skater.

A classy winter look is lush high boots and skater skirt!

In addition to the substitution of shoes, do not forget about the wonderful opportunities to try on different pantyhose: with any print with glitter or contour – important to the rest of the outfit and the skirt itself was not too bright and overloaded with decoration.

Another option – high socks combined with shoes or sneakers: this is a reference to the sporting style, and it is appropriate if short summer skirt worn with a simple t-shirt or tank top.

And the finishing touch to the skirt-skater is a thin belt on the waist: it can match the color of shoes, purse, jewelry or any more accessory.

Author – Dasha Blinova, site ToKnow365.top

What goes skirt-skater?

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