What hairstyle under hat a comfortable winter?

The cold season is a nightmare for those girls who are picky about their hair and always want to have beautiful hairstyles. After all, wearing winter hats can destroy the whole carefully created beauty on the head! Come up with a special hairstyle under the cap… this will help you with ideas for original female site sympaty.net!

How to keep your hair under the cap?

Braid, stab or curl your hair may be different, but in any case, you still have to solve two problems:

  • Static electricity on the hair. Dry hair that chatter is a nuisance, which often face the winner of the caps of synthetic materials.
  • Bumbling or carefree characters individual hairs (usually it occurs at the hairline and crown).
    What to do? To minimize the problem of static electricity, moisturize hair: after shampooing use a moisturizing conditioner or balm. And just before you put on your hat, you may need to sprinkle the hair moisturizer spray.
  • Let all this beauty is not as miraculous as they say in advertising, but the mechanism of its action is very simple – if moisture penetrates into the hair structure, it can no longer “pop” and “spark”.

    Actually, you can replace the spray with plain water (i.e. slightly wet the hair), but the water will dry quickly, nor will you constantly walk around with a wet head?

    As for distracting hairs, then this problem can be minimized if you know how to wear a hat so as not to spoil the hair. It depends on the type of hairstyle that you wear.

    So, if you braid the hair in a braid, tied in a ponytail or in a bun kill, any cap, especially the narrow, worn movement from the forehead back to the nape of the neck – that is, in the direction of hair growth. In that case, when the cap is put on flowing hair, separated by parting – it is necessary to put the movement from the top down.

    What hairstyle under a hat?

    Don’t know how to choose a hairstyle under your favorite hat to get a harmonious way? The website “ToKnow365.top” prompt!

    • Under-fitting little hat – long hair, hairstyles with braids, low pony tail or two tails.
    • Thick knitted hat or beret suits any hairstyle, but it is desirable to make the front piece: let out short bangs or front strands of the haircut.
    • Under a hat, Snood, sphereshape, cap-hood – bun, braid or ponytail. Loose strands under the cap will get confused and stop.
    • Under the bonnet – beam, a “cushion” above the neck, and other options of hairstyles with matched to neck hair.

    Hairstyles under cap for long hair

    Long-haired girls were given the greatest range of choice of hairstyles under winter hat. Conventionally, all variants can be divided into 4 groups:

    • Ponytails. Under the cap is comfortable to wear “low tail”, knotted under the neck.
    • Braids. The tighter the braided hair in a braid (or multiple braids), the less they will be disarranged. Therefore, a good solution for the winter – all kinds of “French” braids, “ears”, the spit of the five strands, braids, bundles, and other options of weaving. If learn hairstyles for the French braid, which allows to braid the hair across the head, then consider the “nodding” problem does not concern you! For these hairstyles you can wear even a fitted cap!
    • Tight bundles. The beam under the cap right wear: it is made in the place where the cap tip. Especially convenient bundles to hide in the hat”socks”, having some free space inside.
    • Flowing hair. If you choose this option, we should think about how it will look like the ends of the strands peeking out from under his cap. If you wear a thick knitted or fur hat – it is not necessary to do complicated hair, just enough to smooth out the hair irons. In other cases, the ends of the hair can be slightly curled or to make a light “wave”. Steep curls is not mandatory, daily styling should be natural!

    Hairstyle under hat for medium hair

    Medium length hair (just below shoulders) are also available to do hair for the French braid. But to collect hair in a ponytail under a hat is not necessary. Small “stubby” beams under the cap also saved bad. Much better to just comb through your hair, by the need to align the flat iron, spray it with spray and wear loose.

    No matter what the length was your hair if you have bangs, it is slightly to release from under the cap is very animates the image.

    For girls who are ready for the extreme experiments of his way, it is possible to recommend as a hairstyle under a hat dreadlocks or cornrows – that’s for sure solve the problem for at least three winter months!

    Author – Dasha Blinova, site ToKnow365.top

    What hairstyle under hat a comfortable winter?

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