What hairstyle with what kind of dresses are appropriate?

Irreconcilability hairstyles and dresses is probably the most frequent mistake that girls, trying to create any image. For special events, many of us carefully select the dress, handbag and shoes to him, and almost off the cuff… make the selected hairstyle.

What hairstyle with what kind of dresses are good – tell female site sympaty.net.

What hairstyle with what kind of dresses to wear?

First some generic advice from a “Beautiful and Successful”. They should remember, regardless of your hair length, tastes in hairstyle and clothing, and other personal preferences.

  • The more expensive, more colorful and more spectacular dress, the more carefully you need to style your hair. Optional hair should be very difficult to implement, but if you wear a designer dress – laying should lie “hair to hair”.
  • If the dress is asymmetrical or casual decor, you have to do a symmetrical hairstyle, or carry accents in her hair and dress at different parties. For example, when dress with drape one shoulder, the hair (tail, braid, etc) must lie on the other shoulder.
  • If the dress is backless, or with some special decorations on the back and/or neck and shoulder blades – it is necessary to do “high” hairstyle, which opens this interesting element of the dress. We can talk about the lace, corset lace up, large back cutout, etc.
  • The more decoration on the dress, the less decorative accessories in the hair. Exception – folk, theatre, dance, etc. costumes, and the images in the ethnic and boho style. However, if the dress has no decor and it’s solid, it does not mean that necessarily the right accessories in your hair.
  • “High” hairstyles wzrost.
  • The older a woman is, the less appropriate loose hairstyles for long hair under a long dress, especially evening.

How to choose a hairstyle to dress in style?

Hairstyles, like clothes, have their own style. No “beautiful hairstyles” — visit hairstyles hippie, boho, retro, casual, formal, business style, etc. Style dresses and hairstyles must be combined!

  • Summer dresses with floral prints can be worn with free flowing hair with curls and different braids. Under these feminine, but lightweight outfits are “sloppy” hairstyles – deliberately distracting strands, fluff braids, etc.
  • Cotton and linen summer dresses and tunics with good hair style hippie – flowing hair with “Greek” dressing, tie or ribbon across the forehead.
  • Fitted dresses with skirts mean a hint of vintage style. They require careful curls, chipped behind the ears or at the nape. If the goal is to exactly reconstruct a retro hairstyle, you will need to make the bouffant forehead.
  • Hairstyle to the dress to the floor can be difficult, but always – very neat! Evening wear dresses and long hair, but then you have to stack them carefully.

What hairstyle to make under the dress of a style?

Cut of the dress may also influence the choice of hairstyles. If some styles of dresses allow a virtually unlimited number of options for hairstyles, each of them relevant, some of the dresses are clearly dictate the silhouette styling.

What hairstyle under the dress of one form or another?

  • Dresses with a high closed neckline or American armhole require a high hairstyle. Long hair in this case do or smooth beam”shell” or any other high beam. If you wear short haircut, it is best to focus on the front – tuck asymmetrical bangs, curl the face framing curls, etc.
  • Hairstyles for dress with open shoulders — also stabbed upward hair. If it’s not about evening dress, summer sundress, you can pay attention to hairstyles with weave of the French braid, etc. will be Appropriate low beams and various “cushions” above the neck.
  • Dresses with a collar or shirtdress can be worn with a high pony tail, high beams, and with braids. If there is not enough length of hair, or you basically don’t like to put their hair in all sorts of tails and nodes, then at least release the front part with a closed neck face should not be “curtained” hair.
  • Tight dresses require the volume to the hair. It can be flowing hair, curly hairstyles from curls and “waves”, etc. But the tall “towers” to do, is already out of fashion!
  • If on the shoulders of the dress there are some accents (embroidery, “epaulettes”, draping, etc.), the hair is better to collect back to make a tail, a braid or a bun.

Of course, there are dresses that allows you to make the choice of hairstyle exclusively according to your taste and mood. This dress with small cutouts on the classic “cases,” different summer dresses of a simple cut. And, of course, do not blindly copy other people’s images and combinations of dresses and hairstyles – after all, what is a woman, the other is not to face!

Author – Dasha Blinova, site ToKnow365.top

What hairstyle with what kind of dresses are appropriate?

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