What hat to wear with a coat?

Coat outerwear, which is probably every woman has. Repeatedly noticed that in the promotional photoshoot of a model photographed in a coat and without a hat – but in reality it turns out not in any kind of weather! So you need to think – what hat to wear with a coat that was warm and effectively?

The website “ToKnow365.top” offers you a solution to this problem!

How to choose knitted cap to coat?

Standard knit cap — though familiar, but rather cunning hat. It may be a neutral, purely functional addition to a coat, and a bright highlight image, and… unnecessary and inappropriate object in the ensemble.

Youth models coat may be suitable:

  • Bright knit beanie, with fold.
  • With a fur POM-POM one or two.
  • Knitted hats-“beanie” (this is a fitted head model) with any decor, if it is combined with a coat.
  • Cap-“socks” — long, free “crown”.

More “adult” version of the – knitted hats-berets, they come to a classic coat styles.

However, wearing a coat, it is better to do without the cap sporty and unisex, they are more suited to jackets, parks or diflcuan.

Hats and caps with brim – perfect for a coat!

Feminine and beautiful headdress coat – hat for the season. Wool and felt hats-“the bells” is completed as slim and straight coat, creating a hint of retro style.

But in addition to hats, you can wear it with a coat knitted hats with small fields – they are comfortable and warm even in winter. This headdress female site sympaty.net can advise the girls who don’t like to hide under a hat all the hair (especially wavy curls).

Women’s beret with visor – as an alternative to the hat, the main thing to think about materials compatibility headdress and coat.

Coat and fur hat – elegant combination

Fur hat goes well with the coat even better than a fur coat.

First, there is no fur too much stuff in the way, secondly, a cap will be allocated, “solo”.

A classic example of how a fur hat to wear with a coat – the image of Nadia, the heroine Barbara Brylska in “Twist of fate…”. This model cap hats – bulky, with long soft bristles, can be worn in our time – with the same slim coat.

Extremely feminine, which goes very much!

What hat to wear with a coat if the coat has a fur collar and/or sleeve detailing? The correct answer is fur!

But then be sure to pick it up so that the fur were the same color and quality, otherwise it will just look silly!

Even if the collar is no – follow, what other elements with the fur trim can be trimmed gloves, cuffs shoes, decor, handbags – all of which should be combined with a cap.

Youth models coat may be suitable fur volkolak (this “beast” we have already told), or women’s fur hat made of natural or artificial fur.

Author – Dasha Blinova, site ToKnow365.top

What hat to wear with a coat?

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