What hood for the kitchen to choose?

Men consider the kitchen a place to prepare meals, and we women, a place where our best years. A joke is a joke, but in the kitchen woman spends great part of his time: there are family councils, and intimate conversations till the morning conducted, and, finally, to eat it cooked – or, as the epicenter of the home, the kitchen!

Today on the website “ToKnow365.top” we will talk about what parameters to choose for the kitchen hood to the air there is clean, and the walls without soot and grease.

The selection parameters

The problem of the struggle with the smells in the kitchen existed since long as the person had a roof over my head, and the stove from the streets and moved indoors. Good that modern Housewives have the opportunity to choose the hood for the kitchen – a great assistant in the fight against odors, it is no wonder it is called the orderly in the kitchen.

The correct hood and the air in the kitchen clean, and odors are eliminated, and wall from grime and grease will save.

Therefore, it is important to know what type of hood for kitchen to choose, so she functions their performed great, and the price went, and in the interior of the kitchen fit. What to look for when choosing?

Asking yourself the question: “What kind of range hood for kitchen is better to choose?” men are more likely to seek information about the technical side — what is the capacity of the device as mounted, which is made from filters and women are interested in the aesthetic side of the question – whether will fit the hood in the kitchen, how to care for the hood, will it third-party to absorb smells?

Most interesting is that both men and women say about the same, but in different languages. Now we’ll prove it. So, what are the settings you need to choose the hood for the kitchen?

  • The power of the device depends on how well the hood will absorb the odors.
  • Fit if the hood in the kitchen depends on the mounting method and the mounting method depends on the mode of drawing and its size.
  • From cleaning filters depends on many things – and care for the hood, and lifespan, and quality of third-party absorption of odors.
  • Let us dwell on the characteristics of the main and additional selections.

    The capacity of the device

    Power (performance) drawing is the most important feature when choosing. The principle which is characteristic of most domestic appliances “the bigger, the better”, if the hood does not work!

    Suction power is calculated based on the size of the kitchen.

    • If you buy the hood with too low power, then all the smell will settle in the apartment.
    • If you buy a powerful extract, hoping that surely it will absorb all the smells, all the neighbors will know that you have prepared in the kitchen, or smell, again, will get back to you in the room, not finding out.

    Before you look for what extract choose reviews read, they have a lot of useful information:

    A neighbor bought the most powerful hood, which pumps out 6 cubic meters of air. And our duct in house can only accommodate 3 cube. Therefore, 3 cube air is pumped, and the remaining 3 “fly” to us in the apartment. We now know that the neighbor is preparing for lunch and dinner. Cyril.

    How to choose a cooker hood for your kitchen? Especially this issue is of concern to those who are looking for how to choose a hood for a small kitchen?

  • First, the kitchen area must be multiplied by the height of the walls. This is the volume of the room.
  • Second, multiply the result by 12. This rate of air exchange per hour.
  • Thirdly, the obtained data multiply by 1.3. This “reserve” — it is necessary to account for bends, twists and turns, which reduce air circulation. Usually standard meals is recommended the hood with a capacity of 300 cubic meters.
  • So, with performance understood. Next, let’s talk about the appearance of your assistant: what shape to choose for the kitchen hood?

    The method of installation and mode of operation

    Considering the drawing, on the market today, you can see that they come in different designs. Depending on where and how to get out of the processed air, as the hood will be attached to the surface, you can choose different shape hoods.

    • Wall (flat) hood – fixed to the wall.
    • Island – mounted to the ceiling. Is the top pipe for the air outlet to the vent.
    • Built-in extractor fan – housing unit is hidden in a special box that fits perfectly in the kitchen interior.

    A very important parameter selecting – operation mode. As the extractor will cope with polluted air?

    • For flow mode (removal mode) stale air removed from the premises completely. That is, it gets in the ventilation pipe in the room is not refundable. The only drawback of the hood flow-through mode that on top of the hood is ugly corrugated pipe, which is difficult to wash from the dirt and looks like she’s in the kitchen is not very aesthetically pleasing. Although modern repairs pipe perfectly hiding.
    • In the circulation operation, the air passes through filters, cleansed and fed back into the room. These hoods are very often installed in multi-storey buildings when there is no possibility to make a direct conclusion of the air in the ventilation shaft. Looks like this hood is very aesthetically pleasing, there is no pipe across the kitchen, but sometimes can not cope with the air circulation in the kitchen could smell it.
    • Extraction of the combined type. They can also work in the removal mode and circulation mode.

    Here are some tips you can meet users.

    I check how the extractor. Include it on the minimum mode and apply the paper. If it is, then the hood works well. If starts to fall away, it is time to clean the filter. Elena.

    Next, let us examine how to choose filter for the kitchen hood?

    Filters for kitchen hood

    Let’s start with the reviews to the readers of the site sympaty.net understand how important it is to pay attention to the filter, which is equipped with a hood.

    • So not wanted in the kitchen was a pipe from the hood, so I decided to buy without any challenge, with a charcoal filter. Chose the Bosch, but as it turned out, the filters on the hood of this company we don’t just buy it! And if they find in a specialized center, the price is exorbitant. And need to change them at least every 3 months. Here’s the economy. Olga.
    • In order not to bathe with activated carbon filter, buy the hood with the exhaust and filters it is possible to remove and wash if dirty. Sasha.

    As you can see by reading the reviews of kitchen hoods to choose who we learn, the filters can be of two types:

    • The coal (fine filtration).
    • Aluminum (metal).

    Drawing with a charcoal filter placed in the hoods with recirculating mode of operation (circulating air and return it filtered back into the room).

    Aluminum (fat) filters are removable and washable. They are more practical in everyday life.


    The size of the drawing to determine whether it will “pick up” and filter all the polluted air, or the remnants will hover throughout the apartment. Here the rule: more is better than less.

    • Valid option – the size of the hood equal to the size of the cooking surface.
    • Invalid option – the size of the drawing smaller than the size of the cooking surface.
    • Preferred option – the size of the drawing slightly off the cooking surface.

    The hood I had a good Kuppersbusch, but when buying we got a rate of 50 to 50 exactly the size of our plates. And it worked fine, but still smell in the kitchen was present. Well, at least mom decided to buy a hood. We sold his, bought 10 cm longer than our plate. The smell was gone! Julia.

    Hood: what else to pay attention?
    Noise at work

    For those who are looking for what hood best buy, it is important to pay attention to the noise of the appliance during operation. Choose those in which the noise level does not exceed 60 decibels at the maximum operating mode.

    Control method

    On the control panel are standard buttons: switch circulator (fan) button to switch the speed controller lights (illumination).

    To operate the buttons have the following options:

    • Pressing – mechanical activation.
    • Touchpad.
    • Lagernoe control (moves the slider which regulates the power and intensity of work).
    • Electronic control. The mechanism chooses which power to operate the hood. For example, when it is hostess to the plate, the lighting is automatically enhanced. When meals come from the strong flavors, the fan starts to spin stronger.

    Of course, the perfect last option, but these hoods cannot be considered a budget option. Those who had left reviews, what is better to choose a hood, often advised to choose a device with a push-button control. Touch buttons are easy to care for, but the runner is often broken.


    Light bulb for illumination can be led or conventional. More profitable to buy the led: they consume 10 times less energy than normal bulbs impaling.


    On the market are the extract brands of home appliances, which are increasingly positive: BOSH, Gaggenau, Siemens, Kuppersbusch Miele.

    German Siemens LC67BA520 copes with its task. One drawback – a little mark.

    Very good drawing firms Elicor, Jet air:

    • For my money, these hoods apart from the competition. Egor.
    • The best hood Elikor “Integra: quiet, inexpensive, space-saving, challenge. Elena.

    Thus, for those who are looking for what is better to choose for the kitchen hood, to summarize:

  • Design (flat, island-style recessed) choose at your discretion.
  • It is better to choose a model with push button (mechanical) or touch controls.
  • The size of the hood – a little more of your plate.
  • Power calculated by a specific formula.
  • Mode of operation – withdrawal. If it is not possible to install the hood with direct discharge, immediately ask, what is the price of replacement filters, and whether they are available.
  • Buy a hood with two modes (challenge and circulation) makes no sense.
  • The choice of a firm at your discretion. Better first study the reviews of real customers.
  • Of course, today on the market are fancy models, but we tried to give practical advice on how best to choose the hood, focusing on low cost options.

    The author – Julia Spiridonova, site ToKnow365.top

    What hood for the kitchen to choose?

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