What if appeared first gray hair?

Women’s website “ToKnow365.top” will tell you how to act if you discovered the first gray hair, and how to slow the appearance of his “brothers”. First grey hair is a natural phenomenon, but to us women, that does not help. None of us want to admit the inevitability of old age, and I want the opposite – for a long time to prolong youth.

Our article about modern ways to make “silver temples” less noticeable.

If you’re over 30, then you probably every morning, and carefully inspected his hair on the subject of finding the first gray hairs. Each person they come in different ages, but the average time for the appearance of these intruders is 30-35 years.

In some cases, due to genetics and lifestyle, the first gray hair may appear after the 25th or even 20th birthday.

How many years have you not appeared first gray hair, disguising it possible and necessary!

Causes of gray hair

Hair turns gray over time at all. The reason is the gradual reduction of the amount of produced melanin, which colors the hair in a natural color.

The main factor of early graying is stress. In stressful situations the blood with adrenaline, which constricts blood vessels, which reduces your body’s production of coloring pigment.

Even at times of high stress to turn gray in one day is impossible, must go through the update cycle of the hair.

Among other reasons – hormonal disturbances, lack of certain substances in the diet, particularly calcium, iron, iodine and copper, as well as the presence of chronic diseases (diabetes or problems with the liver and gastrointestinal tract).

So you had your first gray hair. What to do? Don’t panic, and read the tips Sympaty.net!

The masked gray

It’s hard to believe, but in Western countries, white hair gradually become a fashion trend, the so-called granny-hair. Of course, we are talking about painting “under the gray”, but so do even young girls. On our streets this trend has not yet seen, so we will do exactly the opposite.

Remember that in any case it is impossible to pull out the first gray hair – a sign says that it is possible to lose your own happiness. The other newevery – theory argues that in place of the silver hair will come in a strand.

If you have enough patience, something rare Seda hair can be cut with scissors at the root.

The most effective method is to paint over an early gray hair:

  • Toned toning shampoo. This method is much safer than resistant paint but it does not give consistent effect.
  • Take advantage of henna is the safest way to hide the first grey hair. Just remember that gray hair can “absorb” more paint, and then you get the opposite effect – they will stand out from the rest of the hair, only its darkness.
  • Another option is highlighting with regular paint. Especially good for blonde hair and blondes, the roots will not bother you for a long time.

Stop the moment!

Modern beauty-industry offers a means to restore pigmentation – especially for cases when the first gray hair. They are effective for owners of curls is not too intense colors. Artificial pigment in these tools, penetrates into the hair, then they are about 80% get the original color and does not look painted.

Another way to win from gray in some (and perhaps much more years of age) is caring a product called “Amla oil”.

It is produced from Indian gooseberries. Clean oil in it, of course not, but there are a lot of vitamin C. the Extract insist on oils, often sesame or coconut.

The AMLO also can be found in the powder and prepare the mask. With prolonged use, hair recover, get Shine, more volume, darker, and grey hair is almost invisible. If you ask on the relevant forum: “First gray hair, what to do?” surely many women celebrate this “bonus” effect of the use of Amla oil.

Find original oil Amla is not so easy, even if you order it on international sites or in specialized stores. So always carefully read the ingredients – it should be free from mineral oil, silicone, vaseline. It can be mixed with other beneficial oils such as burdock or almond.

What would be the way to eliminate gray hair you choose, make sure that the problem does not worsen. When the first barely visible gray hair is a clear sign that we need to adjust the way of life. Consume more foods containing copper – seafood, rice, peas, buckwheat, liver, lentils, peanuts.

In hair care pay maximum attention to strengthen, stimulate blood circulation in the cells of the scalp. Use rinse decoction of chamomile, peppermint, burdock root or nettles.

Active lifestyle, no bad habits – yet another way to prevent gray hair.

Remember that first gray hair does not necessarily mean that through the year the percentage of gray hairs will increase dramatically. Nevertheless, it is necessary to pay more attention to your diet and lifestyle.

Author – Ekaterina Maximova, site ToKnow365.top

What if appeared first gray hair?

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