What if overeaten – calmness, only calmness!

Today women’s site “ToKnow365.top” you will find the answer to a crucial question for all of you who follow figure: what to do if overeaten?

We all know that overeating is bad… and everyone once in a while, but overeat. It’s so naturalto take the extra bite of something delicious, for a moment forgetting about the need to follow a diet! But then comes the realization of the offense and panic: how am I supposed to do, so all your efforts in maintaining the shape did not go down the drain?

What not to do

The first step is to remember what not to do if overeaten.

The basic mistakes that make almost all women, are:

  • To scold, to blame, to hate yourself. Many still believe that self-hatred is a great motivation for weight loss. But it’s not. Love for yourself should be unconditional and not depend on the amount ingested. Guilt, as proven by psychologists, only provokes overeating. And even if it is very much to scold yourself, this will not help to get rid of excess calories. Forgive yourself this little weakness. Remember that almost all sometimes eat more than planned;
  • Induce vomiting. Do women with bulimia: first, eat too much and then cause vomiting. Bulimia is a severe mental illness. You don’t want to act like a mental patient?
  • To experiment with enemas, laxatives, diet pills. All these methods nesilevich, are addictive and do not affect overeating. Moreover, they can provoke him: you will feel that you know what to do if overeaten, and that means you can overeat further;
  • To make bold statements like “I’ll never eat!” or “tomorrow starving!” After all, you know that this is unrealistic. In addition, the temptation to eat more and more, since you’re going in the future yourself a hard limit.

So, what to do if overeaten?

Calmness, only calmness! Nothing terrible has happened. Even if you ate three times more than usual, getting fat at one time is unlikely to succeed.

So you should calm down and… stop. All, stop eating.

You already know I ate more than usual. This does not mean that all is lost, and now can fill the stomach all that is necessary.

This means that you should stop, calm down and think what to do, so if you have overeaten.

No reason to panic, no. Need tomorrow to deprive themselves either.

Just decide to eat nothing, till you feel hungry. Be prepared for the fact that the feeling of hunger appears later than usual: say, for Breakfast and lunch and then for dinner. Wait for it. As soon as you feel hungry, it will mean the body has learned eaten you.

The decision was made? Great. Now it is possible to go for a walk.

To the gym to go makes no sense – after a hearty meal there is nothing to do. But a stroll in the fresh air is very helpful. Go to a nice pace, then try to slightly increase it – to make you feel comfortable.

The website sympaty.net advised to do active movement: to stretch, to catch up, peakloads in hand. Such exercises will contribute to the improvement of metabolism. But in gym you’re going tomorrow, when you will not feel bloated.

If you want to drink, do not deny yourself in green or fruit savoury tea. With weight in the stomach are excellent for herbal teas. But it is better to give up alcohol – alcoholic drinks can push you to overeat again.

Prevention of overeating

Now that you know what to do if you have overeaten, you should think about to prevent further violations of the diet.

To do this, the first step is to analyze what led to the overeating.

As a rule, intemperance in food always has a kind of “trigger” someone can’t resist the temptation, someone eating out of greed (e.g. on holiday) who used to compulsively and anxiety. Knowing in which cases you want to overeat, you can such situations be avoided.

For example, try not to keep at home foods that you can eat without stopping. If you want cake, you have yourself will buy it, but if the shower is a whole box of treats, there is a risk that you won’t be able to resist and eat them all.

Not to wrestle with the question of what to do if you overeat, learn to get rid of unpleasant thoughts, not with food, and otherwise.

Make a list of what helps in such cases: perhaps this list will intimate conversation with a friend and scintillating sex. And perhaps you’ll come up with their own ways to deal with anxiety that will be more effective than emptying the refrigerator.

Now that you know what to do, if overeaten, and how to avoid overeating, you can not make a tragedy of such incidents.

Just the next day eat slightly less and exercise slightly more than usual – and overeating will not affect your waist!

Author Maria Bykova, site ToKnow365.top

What if overeaten – calmness, only calmness!

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