What if the husband insults and humiliates?

Unfortunately, too many women are subjected to humiliation by their husbands. And often the situation when a woman is suffering through this for years, inventing excuses for such a situation… What to do when her husband insulted and humiliated, tells the website sympaty.net.

What not to do if your husband constantly insults and humiliates?

If the husband insulted and humiliated (physically or morally) and it becomes a regular behavior, it is absolutely useless:

  • Try to wait when my husband will be a period of life.
  • To be kinder and nicer to my husband, more to please him to have it changed.
  • To respond to insults the same.
  • Reclaim her husband.
  • To make any changes to your married life to have a child/get a good job/to quit a good job, etc.
  • To convince yourself that it is in order that this is karma, and women always heavy, etc.

First, such behavior does not arise from a normal person just like that – excuses constant conscious to let anyone be bullied, especially over a woman, simply no, it can not be!

Why husband insulted and humiliated? If a man behaves – then he is either mentally ill (in a purely medical sense!), either absolutely loves and respects his wife.

When a woman repeatedly becomes the object of humiliation and abuse, it clearly means that man she needed him with her himself, and he does not want, that it was well with him.

And another possible option: the wife really horrible bitch and we got the guy very much, and his insults, the response to her behavior. But in this case it is not necessary to him, these two people together feel bad and uncomfortable!

Yeah, probably, it is temporary, at the husband a difficult period in life, he was nervous etc, affectionate and feminine softness, you can stop the insults in his address. But! This is only a temporary measure!

Difficulties in human life will occur again and again, and even the good manners her husband will soon become to seem to him everyday. If a person once elected the humiliation of the woman as a way to relieve their stress, then it will certainly happen again, sooner or later!

Besides, usually the nature of people deteriorates with age: even if now my husband begs you for forgiveness and promises that never will do, then who knows how he will behave in 10-20 years?..

My husband is constantly insulted and humiliated: what to do?

The only right decision – to leave as soon as possible. Yes, it’s complicated. Yes, many women do not believe that isolated cases of abuse from the mouth of the husband can become systematic.

But life shows that the patient is a woman, the longer she stretches the relationship in which it is necessary for men to sacrifice personal human dignity – the more impudent man.

If the husband insulted and humiliated, but still determined not to leave him, turning on heel – what to do?

  • Clearly to put the man before the fact that you are very hurt by this behavior, and if he ever repeat the like – that you really will leave him. It should be said not in the heat of hysteria, not the heat of the moment – and calmly and confidently. These words do not need to be repeated at every little disagreement – otherwise the husband will understand that his wife is bluffing. If he’s anything like a value, should always feel where that line, after which you will not forgive!
  • Set a trial period of your relationship (e.g., several months). Husband about it to say no! Act normal, don’t play my best “sweet honey” — be yourself! If these past few months, the husband really did not do anything for you it would be a shame and hurt, then maybe the chances of your marriage are still there…
  • Enlist the support of someone close to you (girlfriend, mother – someone with whom you have a trusting relationship). This is the case when the “dirty linen in public” we have to endure, not to endure the humiliation alone! By the way, sometimes it knows better what is happening – at least, you’ll get advice from someone who doesn’t look at your husband through the lens of all your past romantic relationship.

Importantly – in any case do not tolerate, if the husband insulted and humiliated. Love and respect themselves first and foremost – if your husband truly loves you, he will never allow you to be with him and tolerated his antics contrary to the self-esteem!

Author – Dasha Blinova, site ToKnow365.top

What if the husband insults and humiliates?

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