What if the lashes fall out

Eyelashes fall out, what to do? Many women panic, noticing that their eyelashes have lost their luxury. What falling out eyelashes and how to prevent it: main causes and prevention methods in this article.

The causes of hair loss

Eyelashes and hair is constantly updated. The life of one of the lashes is 2-3 months. Most of them quietly drop out, without disrupting the overall picture. Loss of eyelashes — a phenomenon quite normal, if not excessive in nature. If you lose from two to five eyelashes per day is considered normal. In the case when the loss is massive, and the hairs become dull and lifeless, you should consult a specialist to determine the cause of loss of eyelashes.

Loss of cilia in each individual case has its own nature. Why eyelashes fall out in women? The most common reasons are:

  • allergic reaction to cosmetics or medications;
  • artificial extension;
  • inflammation and infectious diseases of the eye;
  • an unbalanced diet;
  • hormonal or metabolic processes;
  • uncontrolled passion rigid weight loss programs and diets;
  • eye spasms of the capillaries;
  • prolonged and chronic stress.


  • Observe elementary rules of care of eyelashes and skin around the eyes. Definitely before bed to carefully remove your makeup using a special hypoallergenic cosmetics.
  • Do not hurt eyelashes when washing your face, cleaning with zeal cosmetics and mascara.
  • If in addition to the loss of cilia you worried about itching, redness of the skin around the eyes and burning sensation, totally abstain for a while from the cosmetics.

Count how many a day you fall out of eyelashes. If too many of them, be sure to consult your doctor! The reason for the mass loss of the cilia could be the consequences of serious violations in the body to cope with which can be not under force.

Complete loss and cessation of hair growth is extremely rare. The cause of these phenomena may be radiation or chemotherapy, as well as eye burns of various degrees.


Find out why eyelashes fall out, pick up treatment. If the problem lies in the fact that your lashes are not receiving adequate care and nutrition from outside, just follow the simple but effective set of measures.

  • Vacation for the eyes. Discard cosmetics the day and before bedtime, apply on the eyelashes and eyelids nourishing mask on the basis of castor, olive, burdock or linseed oils, contributing to the strengthening and growth of eyelashes.
  • A vitamin therapy. A great remedy is vitamin E in oil. Ampoules can be purchased at the pharmacy. Vitamin mask has a deep nourishing effect and prevents the loss of eyelashes.
  • Strengthening. Before bed make a kind of eye exercise. Lower face in a basin filled with water at body temperature, and start rapidly blinking.
  • Protection. In the summer of lashes are especially vulnerable. Under ultraviolet light, they become dry and lifeless. Wear sunglasses and try not to be exposed to direct sunlight for a long period of time.

No less effective and popular tools from falling out of the eyelashes. Make a herbal compress. Decoctions of chamomile, cornflower or mother and stepmother will help to relieve inflammation, redness and eye fatigue, and strengthen the follicles of the eyelashes. Soak in a warm decoction of cotton pads and apply them to the eyelids closed eyes. The compress can be removed after 10-15 minutes. Repeat the procedure every day after you Wake up.

From falling out of the lashes well helps mask of olive oil, aloe juice and parsley. The mixture is applied on the eyelids and doing a light massage. After 10 minutes wash off the mask with warm water. The rate of application is 10-15 masks.

High efficiency also have physiotherapy treatments (ozone therapy, vacuum massage, electrophoresis). They stimulate metabolism and capillary microcirculation in the skin of the eyelids and strengthens lashes and activating their growth. Massage you can do yourself, after removing makeup with a special hypoallergenic beauty moisturizer for sensitive skin.

If taken therapies have not yielded positive result and loss of the cilia continues, it is imperative to consult a doctor. It is likely that loss of hairs is the result of serious diseases of the body, which needs to be diagnosed at an early stage.


Often in the struggle with loss of eyelashes most women on nourishing masks and lotions are not goes. But in vain! It is important to nourish lashes not only outside but inside.

Quite often the cause of loss of eyelashes in women is the imbalance in the diet. The hair, the eyelashes and the skin always looked amazing and young need to enrich the diet with foods rich in vitamins a, b and E, fatty acids and trace elements. It carrots, fish, cereals, butter, eggs, meat and dairy products. To complement the course of recovery will also help special vitamin complexes from the pharmacy.

Adhering to our tips you will always know what to do if eyelashes fall out and how to give them a healthy and irresistible!

What if the lashes fall out

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