What if you got bugs in your bathroom?

Seeing them, some screaming in fear, others disgusted, and still others are grabbing into the hands of handy tools (as practice shows, most often it is sneakers) and come into the fight with uninvited guests! Who are these guests?

Of course, insects in the bathroom – nasty nasty centipedes and silverfish, woodlice repulsive and disgusting flies. There is hardly those who have insects in the bathroom cause some other emotions.

So today on the women’s website “ToKnow365.top” we’ll declare war on the bugs, learn the enemy’s face and look for the most effective methods of struggle with insects in the bathroom.

The enemy must know in person!

First look into what kind of bugs can wind up in the bathroom.

Enemy No. 1 — Silverfish

If you are attacked are small wingless insects that run around the bathroom like trains (quickly and smoothly), have a bright color is a silverfish. They have an elongated body (about 1 cm). At the end of a long stick three whiskers as antennae.

These insects feed on leftover food, wet paper, and bath and toilet room, they find mildew and debris under moist litter.

Silverfish is considered as the most harmless insects in the bathroom. In addition to the unpleasant emotions, silverfish no particular harm to human health brings. If you are afraid of white insects in the bathroom, it’s most likely recently dead silverfish. As silverfish live in damp rooms, it is often confused with the woodlouse.

But chickweed has a different appearance and is not as secure as silverfish.

The enemy №2 – Common chickweed

To be precise, the woodlouse is not an insect, of the genus of arthropods (it has more than 3 pairs of legs and even has gills). But since we’re talking about the smallest inhabitants of bathrooms, and chickweed resembles an insect, I will tell you more about it.

Chickweed is too small and can not dwell only in the bathroom but in other rooms, even with low humidity. Unlike the silverfish, woodlice has a convex body, covered with armor.

Most often in our baths is found woodlouse–battleship. If she senses danger, it quickly rolls up into a ball. In both! The ball pretty solid. It’s not easy to crush with improvised means – Slippers and Newspapers, we think. You have to slam on twisted wood louse several times until her wet spot left.

Remember, we talked about the fact that the silverfish moves quickly, like a locomotive? So, a woodlouse moves slowly.

She doesn’t need to escape quickly when she noticed, she rolled into a ball. Naive. Thinks this is enough for those who are taking extremely serious measures, and seeking all ways, as from insects in the bathroom to get rid of. And color chickweed is most often brown or greyish.

So, if you see white insects in the bathroom that fast is a silverfish. If you noticed a brown insect in the bathroom that are not in a hurry and curl up in a ball is a wood louse.

Although the same sow bugs after molting, too, can be a milky color due to the fact that the armour they have immature.

It would be much easier to figure out where the silverfish, and where common chickweed, if not for the rough woodlouse is an insect in the bathroom. Get acquainted with another enemy.


Enemy No. 3 – rough woodlouse

Unlike their relatives (marine woodlice-armadillos), rough woodlouse got brigandine armor. She can’t curl up in a ball, and Vice versa, if you dare and take it in your hands, it will bend back.

You will be able to count all 10 of her legs, which she will be intensely swinging, and then you will be able to determine that before you chickweed rough.

Only now does it make sense to distinguish between what strange insects appeared in the bathroom – silverfish or woodlice – after methods of dealing with them is the same. About them sympaty.net will tell later, when you learn more of their readers with other insects that can settle in the bathroom.

Enemy No. 4: the centipede

“Hey, centipedes, run along the path, call the musicians let’s dance!” Usually in children’s stories and cartoons centipede – charming little creature with a lot of boots on the legs.

But if you have a bathroom infested with centipedes, no emotion they evoke. On the contrary, noticing on the floor an oblong creature with long antennae and many legs, we are disgusted.

One happy that centipedes are insects in the bathroom most often not dangerous.

But, unfortunately, there are those that can cause irritation to the skin. And as these insects reproduce very quickly: the room with high humidity and poor cleaning and centipedes becomes a lot!

By the way, centipedes 40 legs, as it may seem. They may be 15, 51 and even – 191 (different types, different number). It is interesting to know that the feet of the centipede never has fresh amount. But no matter how many legs, neither was the centipede, we need to find ways to combat insects in the bathroom, if they wound up there.

Enemy No. 5 – babusnica (drain fly)

You can easily tell babusnica (the fly, which can also grow in the bathtub from damp), from other insects. Most often these insects sit on the bathroom mirror, probably admiring its beauty — because only these flies have wings, framed by a beautiful fringe.

Multiply baboonery in sewer pipes, drains — areas where the accumulated condensate, that is, wherever there is dirt and moisture. Glad that these insects in the bathroom, not much happens. Found 1-2 individuals. And in order to bring the flies-insects in the bathroom, it is not necessary to use special tools.

You have enough cotton sneakers at the meeting is the most effective method of dealing with insects in the bathroom in this case.

Enemy No. 6 – Flycatcher

If you have a bathroom infested with silverfish, woodlice or baboonery, it is quite possible you will meet another resident, which may startle you – Flycatcher. To wet room it is not tied, but dwells there, where there are above insects. She eats them. So the flytrap is also possible to detect in the bathroom.

We told you about insects that often live in damp areas, and now let us see how to deal with insects in the bathroom.


Looking for funds

The first thing you need to do after you get rid of unwanted neighbors-insect to ensure that the premises was clean and dry. But before you deal with prevention, let’s look at some ways of dealing with insects in the bathroom are considered the most effective.


The easiest way to go to the shop and purchase any products that have insecticidal action.

  • Well killing all insects aerosol Raptor, Carbopols, Dichlorvos, RAID, combat, Hangman, Lambda Zone, etc. These drugs are used to combat all types of insects in the bathroom.

Aerosols treat the room and after a couple of hours well air it.

  • You can also buy a very effective and inexpensive drug Botox 50, dilute it according to the instructions, treating the environment, and all the insects that bred in the bathroom will disappear.

Folk remedies

If you for any reason do not venture to combat insects aerosol means (for example, you have small children, animals), you can use folk remedies.

  • The most effective means to combat insects in the bathroom, home-cooked, are the drugs, which contain chlorine, boric acid, copper sulphate.

Many speak well of a mixture of chalk and boric acid.

  • Take 4 parts of boric acid powder, mix it with 1 part chalk and sprinkle received by means of all the places where crawling insects: near the baseboards, in corners and crevices. This method has one caveat – you need insects to close access to the water.
  • A week later, again, repeat the procedure to kill the new insects, which during this time can be expelled from the eggs.

You can use the other ways of dealing with insects in the bathroom, which suggest the people.

  • You need to take quicklime, dilute it in a bucket and put it in the bathroom close the Room for 3 days. Through this time the insects from the bathroom to disappear.
  • You can dissolve alum (100 g) in 0.5 liters of boiling water. All the places can be inhabited by the insects in the bathroom, it should be sprinkled with the resulting solution.
  • Recommend also mix red pepper, shredded tobacco, and soda ash in equal proportions to dissolve all the water, and handle corners and baseboards in the bathroom. To leave everything for the night. After that, wash the bath with water with Domestos or bleach.

Eliminate the cause

Small grey and white insects in the bathroom appear from moisture. Contributes to their reproduction enabling environment:

  • The high humidity.
  • Darkness.
  • The presence of cracks, cracks.
  • Increased temperature in the room.
  • Fungus and mold in the bathroom (how to deal with them, our site is told here).
  • Leaking sewer pipes and sinks, etc.

To make conditions uninhabitable insects, it is necessary to remove moisture, dampness and dirt – conditions that promote breeding of insects in the bathroom.

  • It is important in premises to provide ventilation.
  • Use the dryers or dehumidifiers for the bathroom.
  • In prefabricated houses should insulate the walls to avoid dampness.
  • The door to the bathroom must have ventilation slots.

Although many insects are harmless to coexist with them unpleasant. But, most importantly, their appearance in your house suggests that you have damp, and it is imperative to take care of reducing humidity. Because high humidity and dampness in the house is more dangerous to human health than noticed small insects in the bathroom.

The author – Julia Spiridonova, site ToKnow365.top

What if you got bugs in your bathroom?

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