What is a professional deformation of the personality and how to avoid it?

After the chief said: “Warn customers that a possible iteration on our side”, having in mind that we again and again turn, and the other in normal conversation, reflecting on high, threw something like a “socialization of information in society integration from the point of view of civilized approach”, I realized that with me something not so.

But then I found out that there is a phenomenon of professional deformation of the personality. And I realized that is not with me. This phenomenon will tell sympaty.net.

What is a professional deformation of the personality

Smart Wikipedia and numerous scientific studies in response to this question told us that for the first time this term was introduced by Pitirim Sorokin (Russian-American cultural anthropologist and sociologist).

He wanted to indicate these complex words?

Just what professional activities may have a negative impact, to deform the identity of the person, to put in certain traits, behaviors, professional slang and behind all this by creating a certain way of life.

As in life

Have you noticed that people of the same profession – look like? They have the same humor, they understand each other.

That’s great! But there are also “but”. Today we talk about one of these “but” professional deformation of the personality.

Leadership is too drunk on power and transferred their dominance to the “other” life. Programmers see bugs in normal life situations, all trying to lead to a clear algorithm. Specialists call centers, doctors sometimes don’t like dealing in situations dealing with thousands of similar cases. Traders sometimes the consumer to relate to people even outside of work. Teachers are too “functional”.

In other words, the qualities required at work are transferred into everyday life, where friends, husband, children, parents, neighbors. And thereby spoil our main component of life.

Of course, this is for those who do not live at work.

Actually, a bright example is the woman leader. When professional deformation of the personality it becomes the head everywhere: in the family (or without it for the same reason), on holiday with friends, with children. This type is probably familiar to you.

Who is at risk

The researchers note that the most exposed professional deformation of the personality, the military, doctors, security officers, law enforcement officers, judges.

Also at risk all professions connected with dealing with people: personnel officers, teachers, psychologists, executives, managers.

All professions (including the above) is limited by the rules. These rules initially cause stress, the body tries to oppose them, but then gets used.

Performing day-to-day a similar job, the same rituals (build military, briefings from teachers), we begin to find this comfort, because it makes our life stable. Accordingly, it is perceived as a blessing and quietly tolerated in non-working life. Military homes start building, the teachers, the children complain of the eternal counsel, but the leaders generally a separate conversation.

What are the implications of professional deformation of mentality and personality

  • Life’s a dead end. Every work has its own dead end. When you reach a certain level quantitatively (post, money), something has to change qualitatively. It’s stress, a change of world view.
  • Emotional burnout. Work rarely yields long-term emotions. If long time work blockage, and the emotions nowhere to take more, then the person fades.
  • The decline in intelligence. One-sided thinking, very often characteristic of the main work, leads to the fact that we develop only in one plane, and often understand things “outside” is difficult.
  • Various diseases, also referred to as professional. And the other invisible: stomach problems due to frequent abuse at work, etc. some would call it psychosomatic, but it is actually physiological.

Prevention of professional deformation of the personality. Advice from sympaty.net

No, we do not insist on that at all and is always professional deformation of mentality is inevitable. But people are passionate about or a long time engaged in the same business adjustment to work is almost always. It is not always bad and not always it prevents.

But not always can we correctly assess the situation: we a used to.

Better ask relatives, how often they come to chat with you, and with “HR Manager” in your face. If you don’t know where skip the line, ask them to slow down on words, intonation, manners, behavior.

Play the game “Stop”: wakes the Manager and your family tell you just “Stop”, so you could assess their behavior.

Identify “hot spots” and watch for them

“Hot spots” you will find if you play “Stop!” with loved ones or just for yourself we will pay more attention to their behavior, treat him critically. It can be professional buzzwords, habits: often to check the mail, to look at the phone, it might be intonation.

Harder to notice (but most important) behavior: fast poreshali all built, or appreciated the man and immediately gave him a “diagnosis”, etc. Minus the work, plus life.

Expand your world and step out of the comfort zone

If your world has shrunk to one profession and it gradually distorts your personality, try to expand it. Start doing something that you do not tend that will take you out of your comfort zone. Go to where you don’t control anything.

Accountant with programmers can go to a master class in drawing. Women leaders – on tango. The military are in a tourist trip to the country whose language I do not know.

In other words, if something about an activity, you said “No, not me, never”, then it is your.

Find out yourself

As funny or pathetic as it may sound, still.

How well do you know yourself? What you like, how you want to live your life? Or do you know yourself only in the context of work? Lunch break on the third you like a roll with raisins and tea with lemon. Which is a better job to buy this bag, because there documents.

How much you have in your life NOT working? Think whether you have Hobbies, pet clothing? What will you do, if you do not have this work?

Enjoy more that part of my life. If you do it right, you will see how the work is falling by the wayside, as it really less interesting.

Develop rituals to “Turn on” and “Off”

Professional qualities are important and often help us in life. But only sometimes.

So, when I finished the previous paragraph, you can safely turn off a worker, not afraid to be left with nothing.

And when you will need to show again the determination, at work, or your creative ability, you just say to yourself: “Insert “Director”.

After work “switch off” yourself, think of a ritual: it can be done, hanging the robe in the closet, turning off the computer, closing the door, etc. With timely switching you can protect yourself from professional deformation of the personality.

Professional deformation of mentality and the personality happens only in people who work pay more attention than everything else. Why? Because here it’s often easier to “build my life”: here everything is simple and clear, no need to think who you are and why you are.

It is easier, because there are rules and do not think about their principles and attitudes. But everything has a price. In this case, too expensive.

Life is not work. And it’s time to understand it.

Author – Love Segalove, site ToKnow365.top

What is a professional deformation of the personality and how to avoid it?

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