What is aromamassage?

Today on the website Sympaty.net we will discuss aromamassage. Undoubtedly, rare girl will not get pleasure from such a simple and useful procedure, and the enchanting aromas of essential oils. But what specific oils, most of all be happy with your hair?

How to choose the oil?

Safely guided by their tastes and preferences. Fragrance should you like. This is the main recommendation I can give in this matter.

Just before aromamassage hair, make sure that the oil is not causing your allergic reactions. Remember the test is “24 hours”? A little oil should be rubbed into the wrist. And if within 24 hours will not have an allergic reaction, you can safely use the oil.

Also, when choosing oil, please note the color, type, condition of your hair, time of year, weather, and other factors.

Let us look at examples

For toning and invigorating morning of aromamassage, you can take essential oils:

  • sweet orange;
  • grapefruit;
  • Mandarin;
  • mint;
  • rosemary.

In the evening to relax and calm down will help the fragrance oil:

  • lavender;
  • Melissa;
  • bergamot;
  • Jasmine;
  • chamomile.

For hair treatment for dandruff oil is suitable:

  • sage;
  • neroli;
  • ylang-ylang;
  • fennel.

Finally, for a stable and good mood suit oil:

  • pine;
  • cedar;
  • fir:
  • ylang-ylang;
  • geranium;
  • cinnamon;
  • ginger.

As you can see, the choice of oils is huge. And the website “ToKnow365.top” very much hopes that the problems with choosing the right scent you will have.

You definitely need a good comb. Help in choosing combs article on our website “How to choose comb?”.

It should be made of natural materials, such as wood. It is prohibited to use combs made of metal because the components of the oils can enter the metal in a complex chemical reaction.

It would be ideal if sessions aromamassage hair you will have a separate comb and will closely monitor its purity.

How to aromamassage?

Before each procedure, try to ventilate the room for 15-20 minutes. For your hair and mood will be very useful.

Important rule to use essential oils is in compliance with the dosages. The average for a single brushing is enough and 3 to 5 drops depending on hair length. By the way, it is better to brush clean and dry hair.

Try to comb your hair calm, smooth movements. Undoubtedly, the combination of tenderness and flavor will appeal to your hair. Also not recommended to touch the scalp.

On average, comb the hair will need 4-6 minutes. But if you can’t tear yourself away from such pampering, then expand the fun to 10 minutes.

The optimal frequency of aromamassage hair 1-2 times a week. But you better focus on your desires and situation. For example, in winter to strengthen the hair procedure can be carried out more often.

Please note! If the hair after the procedure becomes heavy or faster start zaselyatsya and dirty, it is possible that you use counterfeit oil. When you use the natural product hair always stay light and well-kept volume.

Do not use before the procedure, perfume and other perfume compositions. Mixing fragrances can have a surprising effect on your health and mood.

If you feel unpleasant symptoms or discomfort, then try just to get some air and breathe smoothly. Of course, you should not use this essential oil.

Useful than brushing with oils?

Each oil has its beneficial effects on hair and emotional state.

The main thing – correctly to pick up and use butter!

Positive effects of aromamassage hair:

  • it improves blood circulation.
  • activates hair growth;
  • strengthens the body hair;
  • makes hair shiny;
  • gives hair a pleasant smell;
  • vitaminiziruet hair;
  • is the prevention of diseases;
  • in some cases, speeds healing of hair and scalp.

As well as the use of essential oils when combing:

  • helps to cope with a headache;
  • alleviates insomnia;
  • makes sleep better;
  • helps in the fight against depression, apathy;
  • strengthens the will of man;
  • helps to concentrate better;
  • organizes thoughts;
  • encouraging;
  • adds to the appeal.

Also noteworthy is the ease of use of oils and a very pleasant feeling during and after the procedure. Not surprisingly, brushing with oils is a very common method of hair care.

As you can see, aromamassage is the procedure that deserves your attention. Choose the appropriate essential oil! And let health and beauty of your hair all crazy.

A nice brushing!

The author of the Light Beam, site ToKnow365.top

What is aromamassage?

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