What is fabbing and how to fight it?

Women’s website “ToKnow365.top” will tell you what fabbing than it is harmful, how and why need to get rid of this bad habit. This word, like most neologisms, it originated from “crossing” a few words – partner phone snubbing, which literally means “the neglect of a partner in favor of the phone.”

Did you get annoyed when the person dealing with you, constantly watching the screen of a smartphone? Maybe you do have such a custom?

Alarming symptom

The habit of constantly distracted by your mobile while live communication is called a sign of beginning of monophobia psychological the fear of being without electronic gadgets and network.

To check incoming calls, SMS, notifications, messages, FB, email, battery life, number of kilometers traveled, the pedometer – it all becomes important even in the midst of chatting with your best friend.

Or friends in the company, coming together, connecting to wi-fi, communicate without looking at each other with their noses buried in glowing screens. All examples of fabbing in its purest form.

Global resistance

The first sounded the alarm Australians and created the movement called stop phubbing! Its initiator was a young man named Alex Haigh. Although, I agree that it is strange that the group on countering fabbing was born in the social network ?

Today to promote live communication connects large corporations in their social projects, for example, “Coca-Cola”. And in the restaurants and cafes in Europe are increasingly found the announcement “No, we have no Wi-Fi, talk to each other!”.

If this problem is familiar to you, then it needs to be addressed, not ignored. Sympaty.net not gonna advise you to drop it in the trash. Is a convenient tool that makes life easier. But how to learn to use it moderately and control your habit?

Reduce the dependence on social networks

This files most often during fabbing we check messages from friends. Try to gradually translate the communication to field phone calls, and eventually – in a live chat.

Corresponding with friends or complete strangers on the Internet, we can take pause to think of a witty comeback, and not necessarily to look good ? It is quick and easy, but talking in person is always more colorful and more emotional.


To get rid of this obsessive behavior, psychologists suggest the maximum to distract from the gadget. Check the news feed and messages in social networks only in the morning and evening, and the rest of the time tell live communication, attitudes and smiles.

Stop phubbing in the company

If the problem of fabbing widespread in your company, during the regular meetings offer competition. Let everyone lay out the phones in the center of the table, and the first one not stand or unknowingly unlocks the gadget will have to repay the expense or order pizza.

Just the right tools

Possible to “unload” the lock screen of the smartphone from apps that send push messages. Then, to check for “important messages”, you have to run the program. Use special apps that allow you to block certain websites for a short time, for example, at a meeting with friends or a date. And you can just not connect to the wi-fi in cafes ?

How else can you deal with fabbing

  • Think about what apps you really need and which you can freely refuse.
  • If you’re waiting for someone, or transport, try not to get a smartphone, and, for example, people watch, read the funny inscriptions or other ways to develop their imagination.
  • If you go for a short walk or to the store, an experiment and leave the phone at home. You see, during this time, nothing new/scary/interesting happens. Don’t let Fabinho no chance and eventually increase the time of its “breakup” with the phone.
  • House let, the device stays in one place, don’t carry it with you.
  • Often go there with friends, where the bad connection.
  • Train. Give yourself a word that you will not get the phone out of the bag until you get to work or home.
  • Think about what void are you trying to fill (what emotion to hide, what to impress) her eyes on the glowing screen of the mobile.
  • Scientists and psychologists call fabbing the lot of modern teenagers and we’re adults. Let the smartphone will become for you a means of self-improvement, not an end in itself, a toy, which you need to pay attention to. Be healthy and free!

    Author – Ekaterina Maximova, site ToKnow365.top

    What is fabbing and how to fight it?

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