What is intuitive eating?

Women’s website “ToKnow365.top” invites you to think about how you are friendly with your own body. Unfortunately, increasingly it is perceived by modern man as something utilitarian, necessary to effectively function in society: to bear physical and mental stress, while conforming to certain standards.

Not surprisingly, exhausting yourself with diets and fitness, people can not sometimes to achieve a desired harmony, or health: the body protests against the consumer attitude towards it, it wants to considered!

Completely different perception is the basis of an interesting technique known as intuitive eating.

Practitioner her come to a realization: the body has its own memory and responds differently to everything that happens to us.

Being able to recognize its signals, you can fully meet all the needs of the body, and it in return will please its owner with health and harmony.

What intuitive power

It is on attentive attitude to the needs of your body based method proposed by Dr. Stephen hawks. At the time, he had tried unsuccessfully to deal with being overweight, until I realized that the body was beautiful and healthy, we need not fight, and “cooperation”. Just make friends with them, you can achieve tangible and sustainable results – this is the main idea, which is based on the intuitive power of Stephen Hawkes.

By the way, the doctor himself, in keeping with this system, have lost 22 unwanted pounds.

A later study conducted by California scientists, have confirmed that people get rid of excess weight more effectively just by learning to recognize the signs of hunger and responding to them. However, they did not exclude any products, didn’t watch their calories – they just eat when you really wanted to.

In the basis of intuitive power lies respect for their own body and its needs. The rules of this system can be reduced to several fundamental principles.

Respect your hunger

Many who begin to practice intuitive eating in the weight loss, I’m afraid your feelings of hunger – because it proves that the body and its needs it is impossible to control fully. Yes, it is. But terrible in it anything is not. Hunger should be perceived only as information, a signal to the body that he needs energy in the form of food.

Therefore, starting to eat intuitively, it should abandon the diet, nutrition, schedule and counting calories.

The only criterion necessary eating and portion size should serve as a natural hunger. There are necessary when you really want, and what you want in the moment. The body itself will tell you what you need.

Search satisfaction

Hence the second fundamental principle on which to build a system intuitive nutrition: the meaning of food is not to mechanically “fill the stomach”, it is important to pick up a product that would your body.

Of course, to wait for a specific “order” difficult, although it happens sometimes. Experts advise to try to get a feel for whether you want:

  • cold, hot, or warm;
  • soft or hard;
  • sweet, salty, bitter or sour?

Based on these internal sensations should pick up a dish.

Maybe you will decide to try new recipes that you will find on our site sympaty.net. Or maybe you will try something completely unusual, such as cucumbers with honey or cheese with chocolate.

Don’t be afraid: the method of intuitive eating suggests that thus you find a common language with your body, learn to listen to him and to satisfy his desires.

In no case do not need to “think a head”. Then you will definitely get the idea that it is necessary to eat one or the other product because “it is useful”, “it’s in the fridge and can go bad”. To deny yourself something because “it’s bad”, “better” or because of other reasons also not required – you can have it all!

Respect for his sense of satiety

Without this principle it is also impossible correct intuitive nutrition. There is a need as much as you really want. Therefore the followers of this direction of eating slowly, pausing during meals, listening to your body “is Enough? Or need another?”.

At first you put in the dish as long as you wish, and is within 5 minutes. Then pause to do other things to distract myself from food, promising yourself that you can return to the dish in half an hour.

To listen to your body – useful habit, which is produced from a practicing intuitive eating, reviews indicate that soon the man realizes that he is about third of a normal serving.

It is clear that in this respect the food may not be out of the question to feed on a schedule or have a certain number of times per day. And the serving size, and its content, and frequency of food intake is determined only by your inner sense.

Practice intuitive eating and lifestyle

Make friends with your own body can be properly taking care of it. Of course, this means not only to apply the method of intuitive eating for weight loss. Changing the whole way of life.

To listen to body signals and follow them for a person becomes habitual and natural. Important is what you do for yourself, not to look attractive in the eyes of others.

Body care is and enough sleep, and the ability not to overload yourself, make a pause in work and in communication, when it is really necessary.

This ability as quickly as possible and more fully respond to each bodily signal: perhaps, in the moment you want to dance, lie down, or go get some air? A healthy body feels the need for movement, physical exercise, and this, too, should not be neglected.

And, of course, true health is impossible without the care about the soul.

Perhaps you have a desire to learn the meditation techniques can be, you will want to attend the Church services, prayers or mantras. And sometimes it is not superfluous sometimes going to therapy to understand their inner feelings – all these spiritual needs should not be ignored, because without peace there can be no genuine harmony with your own body. It was the harmony – the basis on which to build the principles of intuitive nutrition.

The author – Elena Matusak (Lanberri), site – ToKnow365.top

What is intuitive eating?

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