What is jeserys?

Women’s website “ToKnow365.top” today going to tell you about an unusual form of fitness under the strange name catarsis – effective mix of exercises of different style.

If you got a little tired of your monotonous classes, jump rope, Jogging and yoga is static, if you want to diversify your workouts along with warm up on a cold autumn – read our article.

Fitness in the jazz style will bring into your life a bit of creativity and fun.

The etymology of the word is undoubtedly connected with the word “jazz” because only this style of music combines so many musical instruments. In English this word is also used as the basis for word identical with our “cheer” or “to give energy”.

Training incorporates movements from ballet, Pilates, hip-hop, Sambo, kickboxing and even yoga. Oh yeah, this kind of fitness you’ll definitely cheer up!

History jazersize

The popular “jazz fitness” was approximately 70 years, somewhere between the era of the twist and all-embracing passion for aerobics. Today, it is rumored that he just loves Beyonce, which allows it to hold its own, quite curvy in shape.

Authentic set of exercises that originated “in the bowels” of the Chicago Studio for jazz dances, also included training with weights and belts. Oversaw world-renowned fitness trainer Judy Sheppard, Missett, which was engaged in the training of coaches and her team.

Today it’s more like a fun, lively and fiery dance, however, is very effective for the figure. One of its clear rules is a gradual increase and then decrease in pulse rate and cardiac rhythm.

You can engage in, both indoors and in the home.

So now you don’t have to choose what kind of fitness to do, you just need to meet jazersize. Moreover, if autumn depression got to you with his cold fingers rather includes rhythmic mix and perform simple exercises.

By the way, is that training is better to exercise by running any jazz composition. But, according to Sympaty.net in this case, it will be difficult to catch the rhythm. In any case, focus on the taste and ear for music ?

What else is good in jazzercise:

  • the release of endorphins
  • stress
  • training of the cardiovascular system
  • strengthening the immune system
  • improved metabolism
  • correction of posture
  • prevention of osteoporosis
  • foster a sense of rhythm

This fitness will not lead to a fast weight loss, rather, it will help keep your body in decent shape. 600 calories in 30 minutes, positive emotions and good mood – all in one workout for jazzercise, complex simple, at first glance, the exercises.


Put your feet at shoulder level, clench your hands into fists and hold at chest level. Take three steps to the right, crossing his legs, each step raising and lowering hands. At the end of the third step “drop” the heel on the knee level. This warm-up exercise flexes the knee.

“Hitting ball”

Favorite movement among working jazersize. Hands again at the chest level. Take a step to the side with the left foot and then right imitate kick a soccer ball. After bring the right foot back. You should not do it vigorously, like you’re trying to pass the ball to Messi – be relaxed and have fun! This exercise trains the muscles of the lower leg, allows you to harder.

Choose the tempo of your favorite songs – and forward – to perfect feet!

“The top kickboxing”

Exercises the muscles of the chest and arms, makes the arms look toned. Starting position – hands at chest level, feet shoulder width apart, upper body slightly leans forward. Perform energetic, direct and sharp attacks with fists forward (you can submit before him any offender – at the same time and get rid of negativity). You can breathe rhythmically (in jazzercise almost like in yoga), sharply exhaling the air upon impact.

“The bottom kickboxing”

Good fights “extra” tummy, lifts your buttocks and upper thigh. Do the strokes the right leg to the side, left leg out at right angles. Each shot accompany the tilting in the opposite direction. Hands hold fists at chest level, and feel like a real fighter.


Strengthens the muscles of the legs, making them visually less heavy and more feminine. Do a kick step to side with right foot, and the left, remaining absolutely straight, pulled up for what is right. Hands at chest level, hands clenched into fists. Three steps one way and three in another.

Despite the seeming simplicity of the exercises, perform each for two minutes (three sets) will make you pretty sweat and, of course, cheerfulness and energy. That such training lies behind the mysterious word “catarsis” – a fun, energetic and effective!

Author – Ekaterina Maximova, site ToKnow365.top

What is jeserys?

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