What is mediasets?

Who would have thought that to belong to himself is almost the main value of the new digital civilization. Think what you want to do, what to like and not to go on about endlessly poured on the head of the information – that’s a real luxury.

And for her, more and more people become ascetics. Exercising your will-power, they refuse social networking, blogs – the Internet and different gadgets. A new movement called mediasites or digital abstinence. Digital Asceticism, Digital Diet in the West. This phenomenon will tell sympaty.net.

What are we talking about? Mediasets under the gun “Beautiful and Successful”

According to statistics, social networking uses 99.7% of the average daily audience of Runet, or 30.9 million people, according to Comscore. But if you belong to the category of ordinary Russian user, it is likely that spend on social networks 12.8 hours per month. A bit too much, isn’t it?

With the phone we spend all the time that you are awake. Wi-Fi on your phone or tablet by default.

Coming to the school, a third of people will check the signal level, and then connect to check if it passed something important without them. Someone take a picture of the ordered pizza and succinite. Someone here writes that spends great time with “@Masha Petrova”. And then when he got home, doommetal came to the comments and give gratitude for the compliments and wishes.

And then the time will come when “I sat for 5 minutes, and came out after 2 hours”, infinite scrolling tapes, journey through the links and group instruction, who married and who begat, gossip and gossip, “objective” news, conversations “for life” and politics, hangs in thematic groups, where without your opinion “well no!”.

Vacation many different from work life place and the gadget where they sit on the Internet and the sphere of personal and intimate narrows to… and actually, what is there in life that does not exist on the Internet?

Endless advertising leaves us no choice. And even when we seem to think we are somewhere sitting marketers and smiling, seeing as we are on the road with them. Then formed our ideas about fashion, about beauty. What is good and what is bad. Here we begin to envy those who are married and hate those who in the election have put a tick in the adjacent box. Here we go want to vacation in Bali. Here we are forming their views about the country, city, people.

And all anything, if all this pawnshop already processed by someone ideas and we spit out the tape didn’t take so long.

Didn’t take us to their desires. Do not deprive us of his life. Not forced in another way to go time (you know what time the Internet is much faster?), didn’t make us degrade (after reading short tweets and posts to overpower the book or article becomes extremely difficult – “mnogabukav”), not forced to replace the real needs into products (instead of human affection correspondence Vkontakte).

And then what?

You know, if a long, long time, Chinese noodles, and look at the picture fragrant puree with the chop, sooner or later the head of the question: “why am I eating this stuff?”.

Something similar is happening in the minds of media ascetics. Those who are smarter, accustom your stomach to the new, real food gradually dosed. Those who are spoiling for a fight, goes ahead, will again and again return to the old noodle, as something familiar and understandable, and may not immediately appreciate the advantages of mediasets.

It is not fashionable

Yes, lately it has become fashionable to remove their profiles from social networks, to leave, slamming the door, shocking (for everyone to see!), experiments on the theme “a day, a week, a month without Internet or with the Internet, but only a little.” I’m sorry these people categorical and will find in it rational grain.

They were the precursors of mediasets, only to rush to extremes, so not the fact, what happened in the end they have something worthwhile.

Media ascetics do not abandon the Internet, phones and computers, they are trying to control the Internet, information and gadgets themselves, to break himself from the web, in which we control nothing.

They want to belong to themselves, to become masters of his time, his head, his feelings. Not depend on the number of likes and views. I want to experience love in a kiss or pats on the shoulder, and not in the form of Laika, class, comment or virtual gift. They do not hang in the Internet for hours. They have already managed to find out what books and how great it is to draw a walk. Managed to understand that the hastily prepared dinner tastes better than vysotny in the social network, but never cooked.

How can I do it?

It seems that over time MediaStream will be more supporters — more and more people begin to realize what we give up by pressing the power button on the computer or connecting the Wi-Fi on your phone/tablet. And while it would be superfluous to throw out all the garbage, freeing up space in my head and in my life for their own things, not someone carelessly scattered.

Cleaning subscriptions

Social networking now, as chips. With the taste of happiness did not. You need them all? Certainly there are those eaters of time and freedom where you check in and go once a month to see “and that there might new something is.” Safely get away from there. Leave only what you regularly use.

Ask yourself the question, why leave everything else and remove what you will not find an adequate answer.

Clean subscriptions within social networks

If your feed 200 friends and 300 groups, it is not surprising that you go to bed with the dawn. Do you need to know what is happening at all in life? Whether you want to track the posts in all the groups three times to read the recipe the same meatballs and smile at the same joke?

Certainly, there are communities/people that you like more than others. Let them take off from the news the rest. Wait so at least 3 days and you will see what I can easily do without the remote garbage. So it can be removed completely.

Remove something that regularly bothers you

Do you have trouble sleeping after reading a political debate? Depart. Believe me, outside of life. Same thing with other “troubled groups”. A Holy place is never empty. But there is a chance that the place will come something worthwhile.

Other forays into reality

Do not have to shout about that week you will be out of the Internet. Simply promise yourself over the weekend not to go online. So, you will experience how nice it is to live in the present and what’s good to eat in mediasense.

You in real life tightened a good feeling, not will power, a sense of duty or fear is not to fulfill the promise. Not against the war. For the world.

Looking for a replacement social networks

Saying that “I’m only there for the music/radio listen”, you are evil. Or jeopardize the time, because no, and pulled the hand to check the news and go to bed, seeing the little envelope next to the word “Messages” at all unrealistic. Listen to radio in other place. Read news on other websites, choose what you like, not something that slips. Watch videos on other sites.

It’s like a supermarket. Going for bread, buy a chocolate bar and soap. And if you go in the bread, buy what you need.

Constantly ask yourself the question: “What do I want?”

For a man who knows what he wants, trash the tape in social networks – a perfect place where he can hide from himself. And if you constantly ask yourself what exactly you want, the more likely that the time spent in the Internet is associated with improved quality of life.

Want a new dress? Went and looked at a group of clothing, the site clothing. Keeping this desire in mind, you (hopefully…), please refrain from viewing recipes, costume jewellery, city news, funny pictures and inspirational quotes.

Get with it

When you have arranged a personal life, have a normal job, weekend plans, and vacation, have Hobbies, dreams and desires, you do not need to hide from life behind the screen and under the photo in the social network.

It’s not about me

You do not need to become a media hermit, if you less than a minute scrollie the tape in social networks, able to check email a maximum of 2 times a day, was high in one social network. But these people, plus or minus 0.03 percent. Everyone else in the group, the risk of dependence on telephones, the Internet, and that means you need at least to be vaccinated against the disease. Mediasets possible cure. Don’t throw everything at once.

Simply media to become an ascetic to train will power and determination to live of sway a head.

Remember: the world turned upside down!

If before “online” meant that I’m here, I’m ready for communication, now the point of this is directly the opposite. You don’t in life. You did not see or hear children. You can’t cuddle my husband. You can’t cook a delicious Apple pie, or write a beautiful still-life oil. You can’t smell the roses, blooming below the house. You don’t have. You are in the network.

Think maybe MediaStream is the only way to return to real life?

Author – Love Segalove, site ToKnow365.top

What is mediasets?

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