What is MITT Kese and how to use it?

Special gloves with which you can make peeling of the skin and at the same time to massage the face and other body parts – Eastern invention. In the baths-Hamam glove kese has long been used instead of the usual sponges. Read more about this interesting trick will tell female site sympaty.net.

Mitten, the kese: what is it?

It’s not quite mitten forms familiar to us – rather, just a bag made of cloth with Contracting the cuff. Sometimes the cuffs, but there are zavyazochki – then you need to wrap them around your wrist and tie to the hand was in the bag.

The fabric from which sew classic CES is silk.

Natural silk fiber for these mittens twist – the greater the degree of twisting, the harder it turns out the canvas and the leaves peeling this MITT.

Also now produce the CES of cotton or silk with the addition of synthetic fibers (these options are tougher pure silk).

When you buy you may find that the fabric is too smooth and delicate, and peeling it will be poor quality – but it is not so! When wet, the glove becomes rougher.

So do not just buy the hard types of the CES – start with the minimum, with a delicate silk gloves, and then you will understand whether you need a MITT kese hard, providing a stronger exfoliation. Alternatively, you may have to use hard and soft mittens at the same time but for different areas: hard useful for knees, heels and elbows, and gloves kese soft ideal for face, shoulders, legs and other parts of the body where there are no rough keratinized skin.

The working life of these products (when used, of course) isn’t, after several treatments, the gauntlet is too smooth, loses the desired structure. To keep this from happening too quickly, just don’t RUB your skin too vigorously.

MITT kese: how to use?

In Turkey and Morocco peeling gloves kese doing in the bath – once the skin is well steamed. Steamed skin exfoliation process, dead skin particles and dirt is more active, you don’t need to use force to RUB the skin.

If you rarely visit the bath, in home session exfoliation using a kese can go like this:

  • Take a shower (not cold!) or bath. The better steamed skin, the higher the efficiency of the procedure.
  • In the shower you can lather your favourite shower gel or a natural soap using a soft washcloth, but before applying the scrub all funds will need to wash off. Sometimes the stage of soaping moving on to the next – after peeling kessen, but you have to try which option is more comfortable for you. But a scrub cause you can not!
  • Put on a wet glove of Cassie and start smooth, but confident movements with light pressure move it on the skin. More actively you can RUB the places where the skin is rougher – the elbows and knees. If you do everything right, you will see that appear on the skin “pellets” — sloughed off dead skin particles.
  • The peeling glove “kese” you can finish applying to skin of any means based on oils, for example, it can be Beldy soap, argan oil, macadamia oil, etc. (what you like). Please note that soap Beldy need not be applied kese MITT, and a soft washcloth or just your hands! However, this is not necessarily the beauty of the kese MITT is that its functions it performs and without any tools.
  • “Pilling” of the skin should be washed off with water (i.e. rinse in the shower). Don’t think because of this the use of oil was for nothing – buttery components will be absorbed into mashed and steamed skin, and only wash off the surface excess.

Kessen is in principle capable to replace any scrubbing equipment for the body – it exfoliates perfectly, and you will only need to wash and apply a nourishing cream. Moreover, peeling with this gloves are absolutely safe and causes no irritation on the skin (unless, of course, do not RUB with fanaticism to the blood).

Author – Dasha Blinova, site ToKnow365.top

What is MITT Kese and how to use it?

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