What is myofascial release?

Myofascial release gradually from the medical practice began to move in the modern fitness clubs. Today, “ToKnow365.top” tell me how a modern fitness instructors are able to combine massage techniques for deep tissue with cardio , power training and stretching!

Myofascial releasing hormone: what is it?

For a start we will understand the terminology:

  • “myo” in Greek means muscle;
  • “fascia,” or literally from the Greek: “bandage”, and if you go back to the anatomy, the shape that you cover all the muscles and tendons, internal organs, and the neurovascular bundles.

Read more should talk about the fascia, or in more simple language, of the connective tissue. In the past this system was given undeservedly little attention.

However, fascia is extremely important, because it:

  • collagen fibers, which themselves are hard, poorly stretched;
  • elastic fibers, which are soft and well stretched.

The fascia of the body is a laminated layer of connective tissue. And covers this fabric is neither more nor less – the whole body.

Features of methodology

Myofascial release and massage, if properly combined, are effective ways of dealing with various problems:

  • disorders musculoskeletal,
  • excess weight,
  • the flaws in the figure.

More on the website sympaty.net will discuss with you the different variations. As knowledge about the fascia are used by chiropractors and osteopaths, as well as a modern fitness instructors use them in drawing up their programmes.

Massage techniques myofascial release comfortable

  • pressure,
  • palpation,
  • gentle stretching of the tissues.

In comparison with classical massage technique is radically different.

Specialist affects tips, phalanges fingers, fist, forearm, elbow. In the course of action you should not feel pain. Massage movements smooth and painless.

Over each section of the fascia, you can work about three to four minutes. Stretching is very soft.

Myofascial release and massage pass rate. First – soft, more superficial impact. Then, as the training of body load increases. The number and duration of sessions depends on individual circumstances. To massage can last from hour to one and a half.

Fashionable fitness trend

When the schedule for the fitness club you meet myofascial releasing, what is it in this case? From personal experience – the method is absolutely unique, as it allows for 1 hour:

  • to relax and stretch almost all the muscles and fascia,
  • to pump almost all the muscle groups
  • to increase the mobility and flexibility of joints,
  • with the right exercises (!) take the stress experienced by the body due to a sedentary lifestyle.

In the middle of training are the most hard and difficult exercises.

But then, if all approaches are included correctly and properly and in the correct sequence, there is no feeling of fatigue and extreme fatigue.

So after classes the programme at the end you will not feel pain in the head or back, there is also sleepiness or severe irritability. Only a burst of energy and a desire to “flit”!

I want to repeat – but only if you fulfill all, says the instructor, and not to come to the workshop itself tired, exhausted, sick.

In principle, contraindications are the same as for any other physical activity:

  • signs of a cold,
  • exacerbation of chronic diseases – any
  • Oncology,
  • injuries
  • mental disorder.

In the framework of the training apply techniques of self-massage are cardio, some trainers offer exercises from yoga. The facility can and should also include exercises to develop flexibility, strength, endurance, and so often, this intensive training refers to programs Mind&Body.

Aerobic and weight training, which constitute the middle of this complex will be much easier if the process is not to think about how you are hard, no slacking, and to imagine how beautiful will have you back, smart ass, raised his legs.

So, myofascial releasing – what it is:

  • warm-up – the-massage the feet with a tennis (or special medical) balls – first between the thumb and second finger a few moments presses, then rolled the ball gradually on the inner edge of the foot, the first toe to the heel, then back to second, back to the heel, to the third and so on, then on the outer edge of the foot;
  • the ball under the heel, transfer weight to it, can be a little painful;
  • same thing with the other leg;
  • the complex stretching exercises, cardio, strength training – squats, different variations of crunches, plank pose with a combination of turns, etc.– in the course of this intensive training worked out all muscle groups;
  • the final part is the self-massage of the whole body with the use of rolls for Pilates starts with the cervical spine, then the back, buttocks and thighs, and their lateral surfaces, the front side;
  • hitch – breathing techniques in the Lotus position.

In other words, myofascial releasing is a combination of various techniques of influence, the fashion trend today.

Author – Eva the rainbow site ToKnow365.top

What is myofascial release?

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