What is piloxing?

Women’s website “ToKnow365.top” today will tell what useful piloxing and what elements combines the fitness hybrid. Invented in Hollywood, the new fitness program was a breakthrough in the modern world of sport and beauty.

The method conquers its fans with just a superfast pace, among them, increasingly, there are stars of show-business world.

Who knows, maybe they will join you?

This kind of fitness combines elements of Pilates, Boxing and dance moves. The program runs for 30 minutes, will help to get rid of extra pounds and tighten the body. For good reason the slogan of piloxing are the three adjectives “Strong, slim, sexy!”.

The history of Hollywood fitness hybrid

Founder know-how has become a Swedish professional dancer and a boxer named Viveca Jensen. In her career, everything was going well until then, until she received a serious injury (torn ligament) and has not undergone a serious operation.

To restore the form, Vivec took up Pilates. Because of the professional career she had to forget, this sporty girl has decided to create its own training, which would be absorbed the most useful exercises from the sports, which she had to work.

So there was piloxing, which reviews are saying that the extra volume of melt away and the muscles become strong and sculpted.

Today Jensen teaches this kind of fitness in the headquarters in California and “rides” up a sweat Hollywood stars such as Avril Lavigne and Hilary Duff. In America and Europe now, there are about 100 studios.

Benefit from the classes piloxing:

  • the development of the reaction, coordination of the work of the vestibular apparatus
  • improved posture and balance
  • load on all body muscles, especially the obliques and back
  • strengthening of the cardiovascular system
  • increase endurance and confidence

The inches on your waist will melt at a speed of 900 calories per half hour, and the ability to take a punch is to increase with each workout.

To warm up, it is recommended to skip rope, and then proceeding to the main exercise. Better to train barefoot.

For a hitch you can perform several exercises from Pilates or just stretch.

Piloxing: effective exercises with dumbbells

Take in hand pound dumbbells, hold them at chest level, right leg put forward. Then jump to change feet sometimes and at the same time make a lunge forward with the opposite hand. Do this exercise rapidly, and it will provide you a beautiful relief of the hands and back muscles. At the same time it will be a good cardio.

Sympaty.net recommends at least 30 jumps.

Dance exercise

Spread your legs apart at shoulder level, get your hands on the dumbbells, keep the weight on the right leg, bend left knee foot touch the inner thigh at the knee of the right leg. When you do this rotational movement of the brushes around each other. Leg need to pull as high as possible. Repeat standing on left leg.

Despite its apparent simplicity, this motion from piloxing, judging by the reviews, well developed arms and abdominal muscles, and improves balance and balance.

Elbows to the knees

Raise one knee, bringing hands together, touch elbows to raised knees. Stay in this position for five seconds. Repeat with the other leg. Actively pull the elbows to the knees. Body tilt, but the back must remain flat.

In this exercise, very active tenses of the press. Follow the movement at least 15 times, preferably in three sets for the whole workout.

Piloxing: a ballet exercise

Stand in a comfortable position, hands with dumbbells dissolve in the parties. Sit down on “toes” (as in ballet) while lifting and stretching your arms upwards. Go back to the original position.

This exercise should be performed five to ten times.

Stretch arms and legs

Stretch your arms forward with the dumbbells and the right foot. Pull your hands to your chest and simultaneously bend the leg at the knee. Repeat the exercise eight times on each leg.

Contraindications and useful tips

As you can see, load in this training are not very high, but it has its limitations and contraindications. If you have back problems and pressure, you should do a piloxing in the not-too rapidly. Serious contraindications to the exercises can be significant problems with the joints.

If you do with dumbbells you will be hard at first, then a couple of weeks of practice without them, or use gloves with weights (weighing 500 grams) to get into shape.

Combine exercise with proper breathing – inhale on the strength element, and a relaxing exhale.

In our country, piloxing is still underdeveloped, so find a coach and the center will be difficult. But if you want, you can always do at home, especially because the network has a video training with Vively Jensen.

Author – Ekaterina Maximova, site ToKnow365.top

What is piloxing?

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