What is rustic in clothing?

The website “ToKnow365.top” continues to introduce the different areas in fashion today and talk about rustic style. The peculiarity of this style is quite unusual, but easily adapts to everyday life in the city.

Looks like rustic clothing – read, see and inspire to create their own images!

The concept of style

Rustic style was originally created on motives of rustic clothes. What is particularly interesting – the individual elements borrowed from the wardrobes of rural people of different countries and even different continents!

In General, Rustik can be called a mix of several better-known trends in fashion: country, ethnic (mostly European and American), boho and cowboy.

The basic principles of the style:

  • All rustic clothes and shoes are easy to cut, comfortable to wear.
  • Materials as natural as possible, preferably a bit rough – a La rustic handmade. Linen, wool, knit, leather, lace etc.
  • Ornaments and prints, mostly geometric, in ethnic style.
  • A lot of manual work. Ideally, the whole set should look like sewn and decorated by hand. Of course, this is difficult to achieve, but even factory finished items to complement some details of handmade jewellery, embroidery, accessories, etc.
  • Ethnic elements. Appropriate clothes with folk embroidery, ornaments in ethnic style, accessories, made in any of the traditional techniques (stamping on leather, hand lace-making or weaving, patchwork, etc.).
  • Femininity. Typical attire in this style creates a feminine long skirts, ruffles, lace detail, an abundance of jewelry… But the pants or shorts in the way of rustic style on a girl are very rarely seen.

Rustic style can be similar to modern fashion and urban living conditions. For example, instead of a long skirt can be worn short, to complement a denim, to add a synthetic fabric…

Important – in General to create the right impression!

What to wear?

What things can be considered typical for the rustic style of clothing?

  • Long skirts – a layered and/or with ruffles. Of course, better suited to the skirts of dense natural fabrics: linen or cotton in summer, wool in winter.
  • Knitted sweaters and cardigans. Preferably large, home knit.
  • Gingham shirts (echo cowboy style).
  • Jackets, short jackets.
  • “Granny” dresses. If to consider thoroughly rustic style dress can be nearly anything: a slim or “trapeze”, to the ankle or mini (modernized variant), tightly woven fishnet or lace… it is Important that the dress looked a little vintage and rustic just. Not suited only to “cases”, sheath dresses and dresses with thin spaghetti straps (or without thereof, with a boned bodice).
  • Accessories – a wide belt at the waist, straw hats, artificial flowers in the hair, shawls and scarves…
  • The shoes are comfortable, sometimes even rude: boots, clogs, espadrilles, cowboy boots, etc.

The special flavor of the style lend ornaments and prints. Welcome a variety of folk ornaments – geometric and stylized plant.

On fabrics can be a variety of small prints, a houndstooth, a small flower, sometimes imitation embroidery…

Such good details, like the fringe (of leather or thread), open stitches or lace, embroidery or applique on fabric, etc.

How to combine things?

All “g” country style clothing – in the mix on the principle of contrast of textures and materials.

For example, coarse boots, a calico. Skirt with lace and knit cardigan. Easy sundress with a wide leather belt. Thick colored tights and layered skirt…

If you choose rustic in clothing, then do not be afraid to look like a “cabbage” — layering in all its variations would be appropriate!

Cardigans over blouses and skirts, long sweaters over dresses, every aceticum and vests is what you need!

A feature of the style – it’s hard to overdo it with the details, if you like complex, unusual images, and at the same time, it is possible to create an interesting image of only 3-4 “right” things!

Author – Dasha Blinova, site ToKnow365.top

What is rustic in clothing?

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