What is the Female Enchantment: Chapter of the Novel Fada

We have repeatedly appealed to the books of Roman Fada, and today the publishing house “Peter” gives a Beautiful and Successful one more glimpse into the fascinating world of magic. His “Big book of the Magus” is dedicated to completely different topics, but we, as usual, got the “wonderful head” — about a woman’s irresistibility. Now let’s read!


About what love is, we have already talked about in the book “Magic of love”, but what is feminine attractiveness and where it comes from? Why sometimes a beautiful girl can not find a boyfriend, and ugly is charismatic and attractive? How often on the street you see a pair of seemingly completely wrong for each other, where one partner is handsome, and the other, on the contrary, unattractive? “What does he/she see in him/her/?” — we then hear and wonder.

The reasons here may be several.

First, to date, scientists have proved that every man has his energy, his aura. This can be seen either using special devices (a photograph of the aura), or your own eyes, if you have developed technique is similar to the vision. Mages, shamans and warlocks can see the aura without the aid of technical devices. Bioenergetics of each person is individual and unique just as the structure of the retina or fingerprint. People with strong energy have the ability to influence others and change the destiny. These people are attractive. Their always surrounded by many friends and acquaintances, because they are easy and interesting. They attract on a physical level and in terms of intellectual.

Very often, to attract free people, able to ignore patterns of behavior and to break patterns of behavior.

If a girl is confident in her attractiveness and irresistibility, it will behave as a Queen, consciously or unconsciously attract to her views and interest. If she will wear glasses, long skirts and Granny’s scarf, it is unlikely to find a gentleman. Frightened and zashugannyh “mouse” has not so many chances to find happiness owing to the fact that is afraid of everything and trusts no-one. Love is impossible in a situation when one is trying to give something and the other says, “Thank you, I need nothing”. When you do not need, you do not get in the end. You announce to the Universe that you do not want, and she responds to your signal and your direction.

Our world is created by love. It is created from love and for love. But what is happening around? Have we learned to love and cherish this divine gift? That gave us a century of civilization? Love, happiness, serenity? Or war, hunger, fear, despair, hatred, destruction? Why? God created the world perfect and beautiful. Those who know how to love him unselfishly, see and feel it, because the world is responding to them. Rest assured that the world is ruled by cool calculation, greed, avarice…

Man is given freedom of choice, freedom of knowledge, but he often uses it not to benefit others and themselves because they are ruled by fear. Most of the action lies the feeling, devastating, burning, eating its carrier. We are afraid of becoming the black sheep, become not such as everything, to be different. Afraid to stay in poverty and loneliness. Afraid to live, afraid to die. We’re not happy all my life, and hell on earth — the work of our own hands. Rather, our mind. It is a product of the collective mind.

Have you ever thought about the miracle of new life? How born, nurtured and is born a new life? Difficult incredible miracle. And what happens then?
Then the parents begin to educate their child, instilling in him the experience of social life, life in the team. They make mistakes and vent their pain, fears, lack of implementation on your child. The credulous little creature, happily smiling parents, gradually begins to realize that even his “gods” can hurt, hitting, hurting, destroying…

The child has to learn to survive among the closest and dear to him. He learns to flatter, to dissemble, to deceive, to hide the fear, hide feelings. He slowly builds up a protective shell and hopes that someday he will become a solid and impenetrable.

A girl or a boy, growing up in this family, are doomed to failure in family life, because they are accustomed to the fact that the family is the abuse and resentment, pain and betrayal. They are not able to change the status quo in the power of habit imbibed with mother’s milk plant.

How to change the situation, if it is so?

First, use the techniques that I give. Are the codes of the subconscious, Vedic spells, incantations and mantras.

Beacon of attractiveness can be supplied with Vedic spell (see Chapter “Vedic mantras”), but it is better to put it professionally, so the effect will be much stronger

But the main thing in this situation is to understand that this is the beacon should always be inside of you! He’s like a little shining ball, extends its energy into all the chakras and strengthens your aura, making her irresistible. That is, we come to the fact that the main irresistible energy that nevertheless does not exclude the care of the physical body and wardrobe.

Second, is the need of meditation and affirmations. They will help you gain self-confidence, dispel fears and doubts, strengthen faith in their own strength.

Thirdly, it is necessary to check whether there is at you the corruption, family curse or the crown of celibacy. It’s possible that you need regressive hypnosis, or simply scan your situation on an energetic level with retracting the breakdowns in the aura. You can try to do the aura and see these breakdowns with my own eyes. If the General level of your energy is too low, so she’s constantly flowing through the “hole”, leaving no forces its owner to something other than sustenance, it is highly mediocre.

Fourth, let’s see what for you is love. If a woman is confident that all exist only in order to please her, if she’s only willing to take, without giving anything in return, it is unlikely to be happy. Spider, sucking the blood of the sacrifice, try to avoid. This is normal and logical, it is the instinct of preservation of life.

Love, true love — the feeling of unconditional, devoid of possessiveness, selfishness and dishonesty. But we always little. We want to assign the whole person to belong solely to us and nobody else. We feel jealous to work and friends, and sometimes even to innocent hobby. The man goes from one woman to another, if the first family he feels distrust and is constantly accompanied by scandals and allegations, and secondly, it develops harmoniously, and is based on love and trust. Here is in vain to murmur for a non-existent spell, which was not in sight. How much would you spend on the cuffs, trying to get my husband back, the result will be zero.

Think about it: how often have you tried to understand the reasons for the actions of loved ones? Or just offended at the answer? Not trying to question: how and why, not to cast insults, was not the first meet? Scared of rejection, scared to realize that we no longer needed, we threw it in the trash like an old rag. Isn’t it?

When people swear, in the basis of their claims is always a fear. Cope with fear, we can become freer and happier and find love. That is why we must first cure the disease of fear, of leprosy, affecting our mental body, our soul. This process is complex and difficult. Fears have grown in us for years. We nurtured them, cherished and taught the children. But we want to be free, loving and happy, and we can become them, if we were to collect will in a fist, urging the wisdom and calm and we move slowly towards freedom and harmony. Our way will be long and arduous, but even this way is wonderful, because, having been enlightened, we learn to see the beauty of the surrounding world, the beauty of people, animals, birds.

Love the cosmic beginning. This unity of physical and spiritual. In this unity no impurity, no sin, no fall. The world itself is pure and perfect. Paradise and hell are nesting exclusively in the human skull. To whom and where — to choose you, my dear, and don’t need to shout that from you nothing depends. Depends very much, or rather everything.

From book to book, from meeting to meeting we’re talking about here is that the world is imbued with cosmic energy that the thought is material, and the creation and implementation intentions — just a technique available to everyone. I get hundreds of letters stating that the codes of the subconscious, charms, spells that I’m giving you work and you change your life for the better. I’m happy for you, but it’s time to move on. It’s time to learn to love the world in which you appeared for light and joy.

Someone could doubt. Allow. But you have to learn to be wise. Yes, evil, hatred, and fear exist in our world because we made them here, but in our forces to break free. How to do this? Not to multiply it, responding to evil with evil, hate with hate. To learn to understand the weaknesses of others, their apathy and despair, their loneliness and unfortunate, their nedolyublennosti. If the person brings into the world is evil — he is responsible for it, as well as responsible for other senses. The world is one, we is a gigantic symbiosis of all living things: bacteria, birds, fish, plants, sun, man…

Our only purpose on this earth is to learn to love. Only by learning this, a person can become truly happy and free. Only then will he become like God, because you can get anything you want, change whatever you want, but just then his desires will become much less, because he’s happy, what more could you want?

Think about how often you start from scratch? Came home tired, angry, offended someone at work and snapped. Threw ball of hate and resentment in the husband, wife, child. They have their own problems, and they threw your com with your additives you back — and off we go. Here and there… Then add your mother, mother-in-law, mother-in-law, no time calling a friend… But instead you had to perform: where that came from, to try to get rid of resentment and anger and rejoice in the fact that the house you are waiting for your favorite people.

Learn not to let the negativity, keep from it by a glass wall, brick walls — lot techniques, choose any. Learn how to drain the negative energy. Mentally open the manhole and imagine that all the black energy leaving you there. Then mentally close the heavy hatch. It will be easier. And your black energy will burn in the flame of the center of the Earth, it will not be over.

When one is in love, the whole world is beautiful. Then the feeling passes and it becomes apparent the mind. He whispers, “You have to give more,” “You give nothing back”, “what if you cheat?”, “How did it become colder?”, “Why didn’t she go with me to my friends?”, etc. These endless “why” cause you anxiety and frustration, you begin to cheer up, to doubt, to resent, to penalize… As a rule, your beloved (th) just wonders what is happening, because he (she) was absolutely objective reason to do something or something is not done, but the poison begins to spread and cover your relationship even layer of “leprosy.” Once started, difficult to stop. Changes may be imperceptible at first, they take years, and then suddenly you wonder why your spouse left you. But you have lost the most precious thing, all the lights, leaving only the pain, dirt and hatred.

If the basis of your relationship is the desire to boast of a partner, these relationships are short-lived. You likewise change of clothes, a car, if you have a lot of money — an apartment or a boat, in the same way, change one model of the husband or wife on a newer, improved, but in this relationship there is no love — they are based on greed and vanity.

Ask yourself: what do you want actually? What is your dream? And dream about your spouse? Are you sure you know it?

Speak with your loved one often. Make each other surprises, be considerate. In true relationship there is no jealousy, mutual, distrust. Don’t get me wrong, if a loved one just got tired and went to sleep instead of listen, how was your day. Maybe he needs to be alone to think. Don’t think only about your desires, give in to each other.

Voice your desires. Not always your spouse can guess what you want. Your friend makes you a gift, and you instead thank, twisting his lips and say, “Fi, I need another!” And he took the trouble to buy… What will be his reaction? Put yourself in his place.

If you hesitate to say, that at least can take a hint. It is clear that the hints don’t always reach, but it all depends on your ability to do them. And then: all the gifts, the surprises are not worth the main thing that you have — love.

Without it, the sky is grey, the sun hidden by clouds, a drizzle of nasty rain and do not want to. The buns taste good, the food is unsalted (salted), hard pillow, blanket, biting, etc.
To be able to keep the feeling of love is not as difficult as it seems. We need to develop a positive view of the world.

An excerpt from the book Ramana Fada “the Big book of the magician” was officially provided by “Piter” publishing house website www.sympaty.net – ToKnow365.top.

All rights to the book belong to the publishing house “Peter”

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What is the Female Enchantment: Chapter of the Novel Fada

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