What is the ideal body Sekta?

Certainly, readers sympaty.net repeatedly faced on Instagram with the mysterious hashtag #sekta. On photos under this banner are Treblinka, plump, shapeless bellies thighs “Before” and taut, firm butt and six pack abs.

That magical transformation occur with the bodies of “sectarian”? How “balls” turn into princesses? And how do you get the same result?

What is a “Sekta”?

“Sect” or “School perfect body” and founded quite popular in their circles reggae singer Olga Marquez. Looking at the chiseled figure of the fragile Oli, it’s hard to believe that she had problems with excess weight. Recently the singer became a mother for the second time, however, her flat stomach envy of even models world class.

It all started a few years ago with a small group of enthusiasts, who headed the Markes together a blog in “Live journal”.

Every week they shared their successes in losing weight, getting support from each other and tested new techniques and exercises. Using kind terms to refer to the training, the participants of the blog earned the nickname “the Sect”. The name stuck, and learn-page grew into a huge community around the globe.

Branches of the school opened in 14 cities of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus, and a countless number of students engaged in remotely via the Internet.

The training system is based on 5 main principles:

  • Unique daily workouts: every day you must perform morning and evening routines.
  • Food diary: without exception, all the pupils keep a diary of food eaten and drunk during the day.
  • Curator of group on call around the clock: each group is assigned a supervisor who can answer any question and solve a problem related to nutrition or training.
  • Adaptation of the program for each individual case.
  • Psychological support.
  • Now the school has six departments. Each of them designed for a certain lifestyle, so anyone who wants to do on the system #Sekta will definitely find a suitable group.

    • Classroom training: students in full-time tuition have the opportunity to train in the gym with their tutor group as much as 6 times a week for 1.5 hours in 17 halls in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.
    • Distance learning: anyone can join, anywhere in the world, if you have access to the Internet.

    Also, the school offers 4 compartments for different target groups:

    • SEKTAVIP: the Program is completely custom — built in accordance with the characteristics of the lifestyle and needs of the student.
    • SEKTAMEN: the Program is designed specifically for men.
    • SEKTAMAMA: Young mothers and pregnant girls supervise at all stages of happy motherhood, choosing exercise and nutrition both on the stages of pregnancy and after childbirth to restore the body.
    • SEKTALITE: Separation suitable for people with large body mass, older age, and health.

    Also for the benefit of “sectarian” works of the scientific Department, which collects and analyzes all the information about healthy lifestyle, helps students and facilitators in the learning process. In the composition of the Department and candidates of biological Sciences, and professional psychologists, doctors, engineers – these people help to raise the “School perfect body” from self-taught to professional heights.

    Among other things in #Sekta has its own restaurant of healthy food SEKTAFOOD. You can order meals a day from the comfort of your home or office and without all sorts of harmful snacks.

    What to eat to lose weight?

    Sooner or later all asked this burning question, and the reader sypmaty.net – is no exception. The curators of the “sect” will surprise you with their answer, you can have it all! Yes, and even cakes, but only once a week.

    In Sekta for holiday stomach selected Sunday morning. Not have to eat sweet, can be eating fries or drinking a glass of sweet soda with a bit of sugar chips. Importantly, the portion could fit in your palm – this is the volume that can hold the stomach, stretching out to vast size.

    In other days of the week “sectarians” adhere to the proper balanced diet:

    • The portions are palm-sized
    • Meals every 2-3 hours
    • 8 glasses of water a day
    • The first two meal – complex carbohydrates
    • Next – proteins + vegetables
    • Exclude: flour, sweet, fatty and starchy vegetables

    In addition, the curators suggest to try to give up salt and eat more than one fruit a day.

    Yes, the Cycling here has not been invented. Almost everyone who though time in life tried to solve the problem of excess weight, know these truths.

    However, these items usually are dismissive – indeed, so eager for the week to lose 3 sizes, but with this approach it is possible to lose only 3-4 kg per month. Indeed, some manage for a couple of weeks to throw that way ten, but for some reason this desyatochka triumphant return, taking with him the bonus of five pounds hated fat.

    Nothing to do – so work all “fast” diet. With proper nutrition you will not get such “nice” surprises. For a long time, but forever.

    Where to get those proverbial “six pack”?

    With the help of proper nutrition is quite possible to lose weight without exhausting yourself workouts. But if the inflated dreams of a flat tummy and toned the buttocks do not give rest, the curators still recommended to perform a “COO” — specially chosen daily sets of exercises to create the perfect body.

    • Trevorc: in other words – charge, which is a set of intense cardio.
    • The main work (evening): training complex, consisting of a combination of interval and strength training. No sports equipment – “the sectarians” work with own weight.

    Some burpees, Jumping jacks, high Bottom – no, this is not a set of spells. Those killer exercises that are fashioned from sagging thighs, the thigh, worthy of Michelangelo. Come sweat, the knees are shaking, but the girl on the right has already done 30 push-UPS. “She can, I can” — motivation more than enough, the result is evident, more precisely on the body!

    In spite of the system and due to the facts approach, “sects” believe – all the problems are born in the head. People have forgotten how to listen to your own body and figure out what they really want – dinner, a big, fat steak or drink a glass of water.

    So if you do unbearably want to eat this piece of cake – eat and don’t beat yourself up for this offense. The main thing – to be confident in your selection and to go through life with a smile.

    The author – Marina Polakovic, site ToKnow365.top

    What is the ideal body Sekta?

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