What is the jumping fitness?

Recently, there are new types of fitness workouts, and one of the most interesting novelties was the jumping fitness. Women’s website “ToKnow365.top” will tell you all about this type of sports activities.

To lose weight, jumping is fun. And when that fun and even beneficial to the body, and they want to try it. So, jumped!

What is the jumping fitness?

Jumping fitness is an almost revolutionary program of fitness that involves the use of round trampolines, fitted with handles. This know-how has quickly found fans, winning the women’s trust.

Around the world opened more than two hundred and fifty centers, conducted training and re-training for instructors, increase their qualifications. This kind of fitness appeared only recently, but his techniques have begun to improve.

Classes are based on aerobic training.

The program is suitable for people of all ages, the main thing is to correctly calculate the load.

Jumping is a fun jumping under the fiery music. Taking fast tempo, it is impossible to stop. In this he is very similar to Zumba (a dance about this “ToKnow365.top” in detail told) and even in some way could compete with him.

During class burns calories, reduces weight, and your mood goes much higher than you can jump.

Jumping fitness on the trampoline is safe and available.

Due to the ability of the trampoline to cushion the effect of water that pushes the body. This feature relieves stress from the lower back and joints, but they are the most vulnerable during sports.

Usually one class lasts 55 minutes, 35 minutes is cardio and 20 minutes of power. In addition, implementation of stretching exercises and balance.

Is it possible to lose weight when jumping fitness? Reviews about him are positive. To feel the effect, you need to attend training three times a week, better the next day.

The effect of the fitness trampoline

The most important feature of jumping – ease. Just imagine that 20 minutes of fun jumping for an hour replace the usual grueling fitness on the step! Also, these funny training guarantee:

  • Weight loss;
  • The intensification of exchange processes;
  • Strengthening knee and ankle joints;
  • Prevention of flatfoot;
  • Increased muscle tone;
  • The training of the vestibular apparatus.

Does the fitness trampoline contraindications?

Despite the fact that trampoline for fitness is suitable for almost everyone, among these “all” are the people for whom such exercises are contraindicated.

So give up jumping it is recommended to people suffering from chronic infection, inflammation, passed in the acute phase, cardiovascular disease, and epileptics. To refrain from hopping people need any tumors, glaucoma, problems with the respiratory system or musculoskeletal system.

Jumping on fitness trampolines: basic exercises

Before the training, as any other exercise, you need to perform warm-up (approximately 10 minutes). And then it is already possible to climb on the trampoline.

The website sympaty.net advises you to start small, though the exercises seem simple, yet any sport requires caution.

  • Stretching. For beginners will be enough to jump up, pulling his legs and throwing them to the side. For more experienced divers there are the more difficult option, you also need to stretch your fingers to miskam stop.
  • Coordination and balance. Arms stretched out at your sides and start jumping (low). Land on the trampoline need the whole surface of the feet. Being in the air, you should try to pull the toes of the feet. Once you start to feel confident on the trampoline, you can start to make Mahi hands.
  • Gray. This exercise focused on abs and arm muscles. Sitting, you need to lean back on your hands and do jumps. Back remains straight, allowed to drift forward slightly.
  • Strengthening the muscles of the thighs and legs. Jumped, one foot bend and move to the side, and a second straight move in the other direction.
  • Exercises for the abs. Fitness jumping on a trampoline can be not quite normal. You should get on all fours and off of the trampoline, bounce in the air spreading his arms and legs. Land on grid you belly (don’t worry, it doesn’t hurt). Coming into contact with the trampoline, take a starting position, tensing the abdominal muscles.
  • Simple exercise. Grasp the handrails and alternately tighten the legs to your chest, bending them at the knees. The mesh will act as an elastic support. Pay attention to in this exercise were involved abdominal muscles.

Fitness trampoline: reviews

  • As soon as I heard about fitness jumping immediately decided to try it, signed up with a friend. Already from the first session, I was thrilled. First, a lot of people that are configured with you on the same wavelength, and secondly to perform the exercises very easily, I liked it so much that I immediately bought an annual subscription to the fitness center. Olga, 22 years old.
  • My mother 45, she looks very young and tries to follow him. Previously, we were running together, but then I heard about the jumping and asked her to try. She said she was actually not tired, she loved it. Unlike mom, I’m perfect figure had not, as yet struggled with postpartum belly. So, here’s the trampoline is corrected my figure, I lost 4 kg in 2 weeks. Nastya, 26 years.
  • The whole idea is very good. But it is clear that this kind of fitness has appeared recently, repetitive motion, repeated many times the same thing. Although master classes, all to such of the provinces as ours, the jumping is not fully reached. Over time, I think they’ll be. Olesya, 28.

Author – Lydia Karant, site ToKnow365.top

What is the jumping fitness?

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