What is the KISS principle and how to use it

Probably each of us at least once in my life had to hear in his address the conventional wisdom: “keep it simple, and people will be attracted to you!”

But that, in practice, can mean “to be” – not loaded, no doubt, not to be arrogant?

To obtain a working guide to simplifying your own attitude to life, I propose to apply well-known in the design circles of the KISS principle.

KISS is an acronym for “Keep It Simple, Stupid” (loosely translated it sounds like “keep it simple, stupid”). Other versions of transcripts are not so offensive. For example: “Keep It Sweet & Simple” (Let it be simple and sweet), “Keep It Short & Simple” (Short and clear), “Keep it Simple, Sweetheart” (in Short, sweetie!), and even “Keep it Simple, Sherlock” (in Russian it would be more adequate to translate this phrase as “Elementary, my dear Watson!”).

The author of this universal Council is not known for certain, consequently, which of the transcripts of the acronym KISS is original is unclear.

According to one legend, such an interesting interpretation of the philosophical principle of “Occam’s razor” gave Thomas Edison (the inventor, the owner of about four thousand patents). There is such a story: Edison hired a young engineer and as a test of the task were asked to determine the volume of the vessel intricate shapes. After several hours of intense deliberation, the applicant has submitted calculation formulas that Edison was advised just to fill the vessel with water, and then pour it into the container, the volume of which is known (say, in a quart jar). Supposedly then, Edison has advised the engineer to the beginner “to be easier”.

So, making a choice (what we are actually doing every moment of our lives), it is necessary to ascertain whether the found solution is the most simple possible, and see if it solves the problem and does not complicate the situation. Here are some useful rules KISS:

1. Action taken should resolve the main problem in the simplest way. If you are concerned about the wall of alienation between you and a friend (friends), start a “showdown” on this issue, not workarounds like: who of you longer busy at work and not who last cleaned the bathroom.

2. Do not make the solution more complicated than the original problem. Friends wanted to come to a party at your home? Well. But it is not necessary to make this event a costume party with three courses and face-control at the entrance.

3. Do not change the rules of the game. Do not ask people to learn a new activity (to learn the language, learn to drive a car, skiing) to ensure that they had the honor to chat with you.

4. The solution must be flexible. If you meet (chat) with you only if you comply with the many restrictions of time, space, resources – you really easy to deal with.

5. Stick to 90/90 rule. You can’t please everybody. The most that is possible is to make 90% of their friends and acquaintances to 90%. Leave the right the shortcomings!

Source http://shkolazhizni.ru/

What is the KISS principle and how to use it

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