What is the life balance wheel?

Today on the website “ToKnow365.top” we discuss very interesting and useful psychological feature — life balance wheel (KZHB). What is it? What does it need? And how it can be used to change something in your life?

What is a KZHB?

We all have moments when we need to analyse and reflect on their lives, to understand themselves, their thoughts, actions and achievements. So KZHB invented to translate these reflections were also practical results.

In other words, KZHB is a graphical representation of many aspects of our lives. It is called “Daisy”, “the mandala of life”, “kocumova wheel”.

And by the way, with its help it is possible not only to understand existing aspects of life.

Thanks to the life balance wheel, you can:

  • to set a clear goal for the future and make a plan to achieve it;
  • to identify and really see its shortcomings;
  • to analyze their mistakes and determine ways to correct them;
  • to understand who is around you and how it affects your life;
  • to understand and appreciate many other things.

How to make your KZHB?

First and foremost the website sympaty.net wants to give advice.

Try to draw your wheel of life balance in a calm relaxed and in a good mood. Also the air in the room, it is desirable to aromatize. For example, you can apply essential oil that will help you focus and organize your thoughts (geranium, citrus).

So, to compile KZHB you will need:

  • paper;
  • a simple pencil;
  • colored pencils (markers, markers);
  • line;
  • the compass.

If you wish, you can paint your wheel with various computer programs.

Step 1. Identify aspects of life

There should be an even number – 6,8,10.

This, for example:

  • Personal life, family, family happiness;
  • Career, job, business;
  • Health and visual appeal;
  • Rest;
  • Money;
  • Friends, friends, surrounding;
  • Self-development;
  • Creativity.

Step 2. Draw a wheel of life balance

To start, draw a large circle. Break it into equal-size sectors. The number of sectors must match the number of sides of your life.

Next on the line of each sector set aside for 10 equal segments. Then connect them. As a result, around the center of your circle should be 10 other circles.

Step 3. Each sector its name

Name each sector KBG any part of your life.

Step 4. Start to paint

You need to determine how much interest you are satisfied with one or the other side of life.

For example, you can be satisfied with their health at 100%. In this case, the sector “Health” is to be filled completely. And, for example, the sector “Rest” can be filled only by 10%, because you have not rested and have not changed the situation.

Your task – to paint all the sectors of the wheel of life balance by different colors. In the ideal case, all sectors will be completely filled in.

If you “leave”?

After all sectors are completed, you need to start analyzing every aspect of life. All best thoughts to write by hand.

For example, the sector of “Money” was filled by only 30%. Perhaps you are not satisfied with your salary, my husband earns a little. And the prices are every day soar above the clouds. So, you need to paint all the possible ways to replenish your budget. Consider:

  • about the conversation with your boss about a raise
  • about the part time job,
  • the stimulation of the husband to earn more.

You may do better to leave the job and start your profitable business.

Write down all your thoughts, guesses and ideas about the sector. You may have to fill quite a lot of paper and not one to return to a similar analysis.

But! Believe me, if you clearly clarify and analyze a specific aspect of life, you will definitely find the way it changes. And of course, you can turn your life in the right direction. And rather quickly!

A similar analysis should hold for each sector of the wheel of life balance. And most likely, many aspects of your life “intersect” in your records. For example, almost every aspect of life depends on money. Or quality rest is closely connected with your family Affairs. And so on.

Accordingly, starting the analysis of one aspect of life, you will definitely start to look for a solution to the problems in other parties.

As soon as you finish the descriptions of all sectors, you will need to set a goal for solving problems. And IMMEDIATELY need to start moving to the purpose.

By the way, to achieve the goal it will not hurt to make concrete and realistic plan, to assess their strength and capabilities. And it is best to think in advance about the term achieve a specific goal. It can be a day, week, month, year and so on.

If problems have drawn quite a lot (as often happens), you first need to change the other side of life that you are satisfied with the least.

By the way, to see the result, don’t throw your drawing of the wheel of life balance and my records. In the future they will be useful. And after a certain time (e.g. six months) draw another KZHB and compare it with the old version. Certainly, many sectors will be filled to the greatest amount of interest.

As you can see, life balance wheel really can be useful at different stages of life. The main thing – be very honest with yourself. I hope you will succeed. And eventually all sectors of your KZHB will be painted over completely. Good luck!

The author of the Light Beam, site ToKnow365.top

What is the life balance wheel?

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