What is the Mori style?

Mori style is one of those fantasy, fairytale styles that gave the world modern Japan. Originally, the word “Mori” (translated as “forest”) called themselves the representatives of Japanese youth subculture for whom clothing has become a way to transform into heroines of fairy tales and legends…

But Maury was so good, and so well adapted to the urban environment that the discharge from the eccentric eccentricities quickly escalated into a variable style of clothes for different people!

The website “ToKnow365.top” will tell you how to create a Mori-look for yourself!

The girl of Mori who she is and how she dressed?

“Mori girl” — style, which has a whole philosophy! In the center of it – the idea of calm, eco-friendly and creative — the “slow” life in harmony with nature – the house in the woods or in a small village.

Mori girl is not in a hurry on the metro to get to the office – but she gets the first cock to admire a dawn…

She does not go to the expensive boutiques – but loves to throw her knitted shawl, she puts a patch on the skirt and weaves real handmade lace… She wore beautiful and unusual – but at the same time comfortable and warm!

She is the fairy forest, and at the same time – the Keeper of the present living fire on the hearth…

The main principles of the Mori-style clothing

Of course, few of us really live in the woods! But to create a beautiful image in this style, maybe each of us if be inspired by this direction!

The website sympaty.net gives a hint on what principles to follow, collecting a holistic set of different things!

  • Natural, muted colors – earth, leaves, sand… a Lot of brown, grayish, greenish shades. Also often white. If there are other pastel colors – “complex”: a muddy pink, mauve, pale blue… you Can take the muted dark colors: dark green, Burgundy, gray and blue – but they should not predominate in the image, they are just accents. Sometimes the most minimal amounts, you can add something bright (e.g. Prosecco-flower) – but just a little bit!
  • A-silhouette. All clothes (not only skirts and dresses, but also a variety of blouses, sweaters, cardigans, coats, etc.) aspire to this silhouette. Even if some clothes belts or has fitted cut – over it is worn a cloak, tippet-LIC, pounces scarf or shawl – to the overall silhouette was perceived as a trapezoid.
  • A lot of manual work. Girl-Maury, ideally, all panels and decorates herself! But of course, it is unrealistic, therefore, in search of suitable clothes and accessories should look at the work of the needle, look to arts and crafts…
  • A lot of ethnics. But, oddly enough, Japanese girl Mori inspired not Japanese folk clothing, and even Nordic and Slavic! So often there Association with Scandinavian folk – for example, skirt plaid, knitted shawls, etc… But you can look for the suitable stuff and in other ethnic groups! For example – Russian Pavlovsky Posad’s shawls!
  • A lot of vintage. Things with “history” and vintage style are very welcome! Well, when the clothing gives the impression of “grandma’s”!
  • Convenience. There is nothing that fetter movement, addictive, pureimage… All clothing, Mori style, which is great to climb into the chair with a blanket and book… Warm things are really warm, and shoes suitable for long walks in nature!
  • Layering. Sometimes even deliberately grotesque. Skirt with ruffles in several layers. On top of the skirt, tunic, A-line, too, with some thingies. On your shoulders, shawl, or neck – Snood… likely to overdo it is almost gone!

  • Generally, frills and ruffles – what distinguishes the style of Mori clothes! They are everywhere – on skirts, dresses and tunics, cuffs blouses and even coats, they can be decorated with the neckline… But what can we say about the accessories and jewelry! Even socks is often decorated with a touching edge!
  • Floral prints and all plant the flower theme are very welcome to Maury-style. Artificial flowers often adorn the hair, they are on handbags, bracelets and earrings and flower brooch will complement any look with this style… but if the flowers are medium-sized, delapouite, pale colors. But animal prints are not really. Occasionally found small “polka dot”, classic style cell.
  • Fabrics and natural materials. Low metal and no plastic! Cotton, woolen cloth, corduroy, wool, felt, lace (lace, actually a lot!), knit (she is also in abundance!), fur (although girls are often the Mori priverzhenka eco-friendly concepts, and prefer faux fur or leather). Sometimes you can see other eco-friendly materials: straw (hat), feathers, wooden jewelry…

  • Definitely – socks, thick stockings or tights! You can knit “elastic”, open-knit… Socks and knee socks, often with frills!
  • The shoes are comfortable and uncluttered, without a heel or on a low steady heel, with a neat rounded toe. Ballet shoes, shoes, espadrilles, ankle boots with lace-up… In the woods, you know, the heels will not walk!

Mori style – direction

“Mori girl” style can be further divided on the direction of inside style. Of course, they can be whatever you like to mix and create their own versions!

It is conditionally possible to name them like this:

  • “Boho-Mori”. Boho style in General is closer to Mori, but boho is more diverse. Boho Mori contains more different ethnics, it “adult” — those who believe Mori’s style of shocking teen girls, can change his mind, acquainted with the boho-Mori.
  • “Retro-Maury”. Inspired by the outfits of the 19th – beginning of 20th century, you can create Mori images: for example, note the long “homemade” dresses with lace and ruffles, shawls and stoles with tassels, straw hats, white stockings with embroidery…
  • Maury “costume”. There are female fans of the style, which create very nice outfits that are for everyday life, perhaps, too shocking – such to itself the costumes of the nymphs, elfs… But the beauty of these things certainly will be appreciated by all!
  • “Mori-girl” style — actually — Mori-girl, Lolita sort of forest… this “pseudobetckea”, “pseudococaine”, direction, and contains all of these socks with frilling, trousers under a skirt or dress, bows in her hair…

Mori style in clothing is very variable. It can be quite common and affordable things, and can be ordered from the author’s master outfit in one piece. You can wear a feather-light lace and thin cotton, and fur and bulk binding…

I think every woman can take in this style something for yourself!

Author — Dasha Blinova, site ToKnow365.top

What is the Mori style?

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