What is the Royal names for boys and girls

Recent years have seen a return of fashion to the ancient fanciful names. But if we turn to the “Velvet book” that contains information about the noble birth of Russia, we can see that the upper classes in the vast majority of children were called “regular”. Even on the throne for all time was not a single owner unusual name. In this collection you will find male and female names that were worn by the rulers of the Russian Empire. We have deliberately not included in the collection of the Imperial names — Alexander, Nicholas, Catherine and Elizabeth.


Alexei Mikhailovich called “the quietest”, became the second Tsar of the Romanov dynasty. Generally considered good-natured man, sympathetic and considerate. But at the same time showed the temper and astrosovet. Were demanding and remarkable person, which has gone down in history as a very colorful figure.Largely a description of Alexei quietest matches the value of the name. The man, named so at birth, has a phlegmatic temperament and a lively mind. Very active, attentive to details, adventurous.


History of Russia remembers two Borisov – Yeltsin and Godunov. Both came to power suddenly and changed the course of history. In the first case, there has been a huge adjustment, and the second was interrupted by the Rurik dynasty holding the throne for several centuries.Speaking of Boris Godunov, it should be noted that he was considered a controversial figure. When composing his portrait historians focus on trickery and deceit. At the same time there is a lively mind, the ability to adapt to changing circumstances, the ability to skillfully manipulate other people.


Interestingly, literally, the name means “king”, because among all the rulers of the Russian Empire shuiski is one of the most hapless of monarchs. His rise to power occurred during the time of Troubles, and he simply does not have enough capacity to hold the throne.If we turn to the meaning of the name Basil, it becomes clear that its bearer is able to win only in open confrontation with the power of the spirit. Intrigues he is not able and plays more insidious opponents.


One of the most popular names among the monarchs that have ruled the territory of modern Russia. The most famous of its speakers was and remains Ivan IV (the terrible). Made a very contradictory view: on the one hand made an invaluable contribution to the development of the state, on the other – is remembered as the greatest despot. I must say that duality to some extent characteristic of all Ivana, but they really are not afraid of taking initiative and action.


When it comes to the great Empress, recall the first Catherine the Great and Elizabeth. But “at the helm” had time to visit one more interesting person – Irina Godunov. Let her reign was short, but she was an influential figure and left a mark in history. She managed to become the first Queen of Russia, which at that time is considered to be an incredible coincidence. In General, for owners of this name the characteristic ambitionist, ambition and resourcefulness. And they are life favorites of fortune.


Mikhail Fedorovich became the first representative of the Romanov dynasty, managed to take power into their own hands. The people called him “meek” for a peace-loving disposition, and piety. With all this, he managed to restore the state after a series of strife and engender in him a secular life.It should be noted that the owners of the name Michael is inherent interest in science and art. Men, which is so called, result-oriented and strive to achieve harmony.


Of course, in this case it will be about Peter the great, became the last Russian Tsar and the first Emperor. Also left a memories as a controversial ruler, combining foresight, intelligence and courage with a penchant for tyranny and incredible cruelty.Indeed, the bearers of this name are no different unambiguous behavior. For Petrov, frequent change of mood is normal. They are pleasant, know how to make the right impression, but under the influence of emotions show the dark side of nature, such as arrogance, conceit, callousness.


Princess Sophia Alekseyevna acted as Regent when their younger brothers. However, such a colorful figure impossible to ignore. Over the years of the woman managed to have a positive impact on the development of industry and education, and to conclude a peace Treaty with Poland. Sophia was known for his integrity, demanding, possessed of rhetoric and was a good diplomat. Interestingly, even the translation of this name (“wisdom”, “science”) is an allusion to the enlightenment of his carriers.


Another popular name among Russian tsars. During the existence of the Russian Empire to the throne had alternately three people with the name Theodore. They were mostly involved in domestic Affairs, have carried out reforms, distinguished by a meek disposition and judgment.In part, this behavior suggests a translation of this name is “given by God”. Fedor is a true humanist, with great human qualities, kind and sympathetic. The role of the leader is given to him is not easy because of the innate modesty.

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