What is the shielding of the hair and how to do it at home?

Women’s website “ToKnow365.top” tells in detail, which is a shielding hairwhat effect does this procedure and is it possible to do it at home.

If you want to quickly make hair shiny and elastic, you will have important meeting or an urgent need to revive dull and brittle hair, then this information is for you. What steps are involved in this cosmetic session, and what you should consider before you incorporate it into your beauty Arsenal?

Even the most healthy and voluminous hair, which provided good care, over time, can lose its beauty. For example, after a cold winter or hot summer curls do not look good.

For weakened and damaged hair there is the procedure of shielding hair, restores their structure with the active substances.

If the curls dry due to frequent coloring and/or use a flat iron and blow dryer, the procedure quickly restores them, and also will lead in order pocchiesa, laminated tips.

The main effect is enhancing reflective abilities of the hair, which makes them more Shine, look healthy and well groomed. Session shielding damaged hair hold the hair natural color or after coloring.

In addition, the procedure itself can include hair tinting, however, not too long-acting. This is useful if you temporarily want to change the image without the use of ammonia means.

The top layer covering the hair (which makes shielding with laminating), also serves as UV protection, and, of course, the less hair to lose moisture. After such a procedure before you leave, you will protect your hair from heat and exposure to salt water.

Shielding hair at home

Home session effect does not differ from the salon and includes the same stages. The only thing you need is a tool for the procedure, they already are on sale, including the Internet.

The set includes three bottles:

  • conditioner for the preparation of strands
  • primary care remedy – argan oil or mixture of oils (grapeseed, macadamia)
  • oil-Shine, which is applied at the end of the home shielding the hair

Each bottle (often in the form of a spray) are numbered, their content is applied to the hair at a time. To avoid greasy hair, does not affect the roots.

Advice from Sympaty.net: use a wooden comb for a better distribution of funds under the curls.

At the end you can “walk” on hair irons, or dry hair and do hair, and then spray a last resort again, but not necessarily, the effect after natural drying, will be no different. This is the procedure for “q3 shielding hair that is best performed approximately every 10 days, and the funds from the set separately.

Sets some brands also include shampoo for deep cleansing of hair before the session.

The effect of family screening, however, as from the cabin, hardly “survive” three or four wash. This is a good option to bring the hair into order in special cases. It is believed that the means for shielding give the so-called cumulative effect , and that the degree of protection and the duration of the effect increases from use to use.

If you have bleached hair, then be sure to consider this when selecting a set for the procedure!

It is desirable that the scalp was not irritated, as part of many of the means for shielding the hair often include essential oils. Hair can become denser and tougher, will be easier to succumb to the styling, will increase in volume.

But if you’re going to do the procedure after the hair dye, the color will stay longer.

If you choose a color screening prior to application tools brush the skin along the hairline fat cream, the paint didn’t get on non-intended places, and also use gloves.

An exemplary structure of means for shielding:

  • amino acids (“responsible” for elasticity and Shine)
  • soy protein (rebuilds the hair from within)
  • plant components (vitaminiziruet curls)
  • ceramide (transporterraum components inside hair)

Despite its usefulness and practical convenience, the procedure of shielding, damaged hair not suitable for all.

  • So, if your hair falls out more than normal, then it’ll be heavier, which will give an additional burden to the hair follicles.
  • Too long and thick hair it is better not to be escaped for the same reason.
  • Too oily scalp is another contraindication to this “oil” procedure.

A procedure such as shielding hair, you can call medical if your hair is good “take” of the oil. In any case, it gives a well noticeable cosmetic effect, thanks to which you will be the center of attention!

Author – Ekaterina Maximova, site ToKnow365.top

What is the shielding of the hair and how to do it at home?

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