What kind of deadlifts for girls the most effective?

Deadlifts for girls, about which we will tell today on the website “ToKnow365.top“, the perfect exercise for the female figure — it kills two birds with one stone: helps to tighten the most important to female muscle groups, and promotes weight loss.

What is the effectiveness of the exercise?

Deadlift is a complex exercise with a barbell (free weights), the implementation of which involves a lot of muscle. Girl performing deadlift, frighten your back, legs (especially the back of the thigh and calf muscle), strengthen your abs and also tighten the buttocks.

Imagine what is the power consumption when performing this exercise?

  • Experts claim that if you know how to do deadlift to the girls, and stick techniques, the body will expend energy more intensively the usual 2-3 days after a workout. This makes it easy to maintain a good physical form.
  • In addition, this exercise “boosts” the body to production of testosterone and growth hormone are the main anabolic hormones. They are responsible for the process of weight loss and miscellania.
  • And, finally, performing is a universal exercise, you speed up the process of metabolism, which is important for those who wish not only to maintain good physical shape, but also struggling with excess weight.

As you can see, the deadlift can be attributed to one of the most effective exercises for women and feel free to include it in training those who are watching their physical form. But it is important to be aware of some nuances.

What is the danger?

Exercise will bring harm rather than benefit if you make two major mistakes:

  • Not to observe the deadlift for the girls.
  • Not to pre-training (warm-up) muscles.
  • Violation of the technology implementation

    Whichever you chose the option exercise (of which there are several varieties), it is important to know how to properly perform a deadlift for the girls, so the burden was placed on the right muscles, not the lower back.

    No rounded backs! It should be straight and slightly tense.

    • In this situation the back the entire load when the straightening of the body will go to the muscles of the legs and buttocks, which is what we need.
    • If you round your back, then all the load will transfer to the lower back. Even if you don’t feel pain in the gym, then of minor wounds, you can not avoid for sure.

    Incorrectly performed deadlift, in which all the voltage falls on the back, not the legs and buttocks, causing a sprain. While damaged vertebrae. As a result, they get loose, which leads eventually to the appearance of hernia, prolapse of the vertebrae, protrusions, and other spinal problems.

    Warming up is obligatory!

    Remember the following rule: before you perform this exercise to stretch and warm up the muscles a must!

    The warm up can be anything:

    • You can start with treadmill, stationary bike, jumping rope. Only 10 – 12 minutes.
    • Then, you should perform stretching exercises, paying particular attention to the muscles of the buttocks, hamstrings, lower back, shoulder girdle and neck.
    • After that you need to perform target workout with a gradual increase in load. Working weight for you have to calculate the coach, given the level of preparation, your own weight and particularly the anatomical structure of your body.
  • The first set is 5 reps with the stamp without pancakes.
  • The second set is 5 reps with 50% the weight of the load from the maximum allowable weight for you.
  • The third approach – 3 repetitions at 75% load.
  • The fourth approach – 2 repetition with 90% load.
  • The basic approach is to 10 reps with a work weight of the day.
  • Thus, to begin performing the deadlift girls sympaty.net advises under the supervision of a professional trainer to properly learn the techniques of execution. Loading mindlessly post pancakes to increase the load and make the exercise more effective, not worth it.

    Deadlifts for women: technique

    Next, consider in more detail the particularities of different types of this exercise and also look at some of the stem rods are preferable for female. There are the following styles (ways) thrust:

    • Classic (regular).
    • Sumo.
    • Deadlift on straight legs (Romanian).
    • Dead.

    Different than the conventional deadlift from sumo?

    Technique classic deadlift for girls is different from the “sumo” way of footwork and place the girth of the hands of the fretboard.

    • With a classic run-legs on width of shoulders, hands on the neck at the level of the position of the feet.
    • When you variety “sumo” legs apart as wide as possible (ideally from pancake to pancake) and the hands are on the fretboard between the legs slightly narrower than shoulder width.


  • The fit is very close (tailgating) to the rod. Position – half squat.
  • Feet planted to the sides about 45%, pushing the heels into the floor. (At the correct position, you can wiggle your toes and your heels will come off the floor).
  • Legs bent at the knees and squat so that your thighs were positioned horizontally to the floor.
  • The back tilts forward. Don’t forget that it is perfectly flat, stretched. Not allowed even the slightest rounding.
  • The pelvis is slightly elevated upwards, squarrose.
  • Head raised up, eyes into the distance. You can select one point on the wall and fix her look.
  • The Griffon clasps different grip (one palm looking down and the other up). This hand position will not allow the neck to slide down or slip out.
  • Inhale and raise the bar, skimming the hips, straightening the legs and torso.
  • Stop when the barbell reaches mid-thigh.
  • The blades lightly tap ago.
  • At the end of the breathe out.
  • Repeat desired number of times.
  • Deadlift on straight legs for the girls (Romanian)

    If for the classic option and thrust in the technique of “sumo” 50% of the exercise consists of squats, then Romanian deadlift on straight legs, the squat is performed slightly (allowable bending of the knee to 5 degrees). Due to smooth feet is being actively discussed, all of the back of the thigh and gluteal muscles.


    Dead deadlift

    Dead deadlift differs from the Romanian by the fact that the exercise is performed solely on straight legs, without bending at the knees – squat. Execution thrust in that version perfectly tightens the muscles under the buttocks.

    Dead lift require very good stretching, so it can only be performed by those who have sufficient physical training.

    Deadlifts with dumbbells for girls

    Deadlifts with dumbbells is well suited for beginners as it is not such a strong load on the muscles as when you perform a deadlift with a barbell. The classic embodiment of deadlift with dumbbells the following:

  • Feet shoulder width apart. Dumbbells are located near the legs.
  • Look forward, chin raised.
  • Lean forward, slightly bending knees (half squat) to take a dumbbell. Remember that back straight, tense and locked.
  • The pelvis is protruding back, slightly elevated.
  • Straightened, sliding the dumbbells on thighs.
  • Breathe so – tore a dumbbell from the floor, scored the air, on delay, stop and breath.

    We don’t make mistakes!

  • The error first. The barbell (dumbbells) not to take forward, it is necessary to stamp to slide on the legs. If you do it wrong, puts a load on the lower back.
  • Second error. It is impossible to round the back. Be sure to remember about the hard straight back and a little bulge up the pelvis.
  • The third error. Tense knees to protect from injury the knee can bend them a bit when tilting.
  • Error fourth. Do not strain your hands. In this exercise the hands are the “bundle”, which transmits the power of the body to the rod. Not to make any sudden jerks with my hands.
  • The fifth mistake. Avoid excessive stress. Coach is recommended to perform this versatile exercise 1 time per week.
  • Often you will encounter a question about how to calculate the weight of the deadlift for women? Certain formulas do not exist. The average woman in the deadlift gradually comes to one of their weight.

    Which deadlift is better for girls?

    In the Internet you can find information about what the girls should perform deadlifts sumo, as in this case it is better worked out and tightened the muscles of the buttocks. It’s not quite right. Will be clever, if you tell the specialist what deadlift is best for the girls, given the anatomical features of the structure of your body.

    • Deadlift technique sumo run will be difficult for those who have short legs or short stature.
    • Also to cope with deadlift sumo it will be difficult for those who have insufficient stretching.
    • But the girls high growth is not quite comfortable to perform traction in the classic version.

    Only competent coach will pick up what a deadlift suit is better for girls: classic or sumo, Romanian, or dead, either would be preferable to stay on the deadlift with dumbbells.

    The author – Julia Spiridonova, site ToKnow365.top

    What kind of deadlifts for girls the most effective?

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