What makeup do guys like?

“Plaster”, “war paint” and even “tuning” is called makeup many women. Under such names often hides an art of creating a “new face” on her face. To become the object of male attention, is a skill that some women have been studying for many years.

But women’s and men’s views on beauty are largely not the same. So before you begin to paint the face with cosmetics, women’s website “ToKnow365.top” encourages each woman to take note that even a very beautiful, bright makeup men like not always.

In General, contrary to the belief of ladies, men don’t like many things they use. For example, many guys are not always stimulated beauty innovations like artificial nails, hair and eyelashes. Not always guys like me and other unnatural “charm” girls.

What makeup do not like men, or make-up taboo

In the ladies makeup can highlight some of the main irritants of the fragile male psyche:

  • An impressive layer of Foundation or powder. Under this layer of “plaster” is not only hiding imperfections of the skin, but are blended together, losing the clarity of the facial features. It becomes like an ugly mask, which did not want to touch.
  • “Painted” face, which is characterized by very clear lines of makeup, do not like men. Perfection is in the imperfection, so do not try to make their features perfect.
  • The contouring and Straubing brings new features, relevant only to prepare for the photo shoot. For a date with a young man of such make-up should not be used.
  • Bright, causing a tone cosmetics. A scarlet blush with red lipstick and purple eye shadow – this is a very dangerous combination that may just scare away all the guys. In the wild, bright contrasting colours on an instinctive level warn animals of danger. This instinct is often triggered in males. Maybe this makeup to please a man only if he is in search of some strange adventures and configured on an adventure.
  • False or artificial lashes look unnatural and vulgar. Moreover, increasing only the upper lashes and the lower remain rare and unsightly, making the eyes appear tired and the person becomes something not quite healthy expression.

  • The use of rich blue shades. They are representatives of a strong half associated with the USSR and the Comedy “Office romance”. Stylists say that this color can only apply to holders of blue and gray eyes, and then only if they know how to properly apply eye shadow on the eyelids.
  • A lot of dark colors in make-up men, too. Therefore, the popular “eye in the haze”, the emo style and just make up with the generous use of black pencil-a pencil is better left for theme parties.
  • Untidy or unnatural eyebrow shape. Men are often annoyed when women give the eyebrows the shape of a thin dash or paint them in too dark color. Eyebrows should be groomed and neat, and the color – match with hair color or be darker in tone.
  • Perfect, painted eyebrows – the opposite extreme, the opposite of careless decorated superciliary arcs.
  • Glow sequins and rhinestones. Shimmering powder, eye shadow pearl, body gel with glitter, according to the girls, make them particularly sexy. But men their opinion is not shared and try to stay away from shiny lady away so as not to get dirty in the sequins themselves.

To summarize all above, we can conclude that any extravagant makeup, the man could appeal to in very rare cases. Even if this make-up is done very skillfully, men he repels more than attracts.

So girls who want to attract the attention of representatives of a strong half website sympaty.net recommends to refrain from any artistic experiments on the face. It is better to follow the advice of professional makeup artists.

Makeup that men love: the secrets of creating

Skilled craftsmen make up is recommended by using makeup to correct flaws of your face and emphasize its natural dignity, but in any case do not try to change themselves beyond recognition. The best option for Dating with a man – naturalistic makeover that you can create on the following algorithm:

  • Align the complexion. Now in the beauty Arsenal of almost every girl has the BB cream. He is able to adapt to the natural color of the skin, so is ideal for naturalistic makeup. Perfect for a makeup that will appeal to the man, is also the Foundation with a light texture.
  • To put on the bones of the cheeks translucent blush the most natural tone. Better if it will be peach, pale pink shades.
  • To sum up the line of eyelashes on the upper eyelid cosmetic pencil whose color will match the tone eyeshadow. The arrow should be thin, start from mid-century and end at its outer corner. Created line you should gently smudge with a brush.
  • Apply the shadow on the eyelids. The tone of this cosmetic product is recommended to choose, based on their eye color. For daytime makeup fit more matte shade of brown-gray color. Dip the brush in the lightest tone in the palette, you need to paint all the upper eyelid. Then a darker tone should do the area on the outside edge of the eyelid and blend it, blurring the boundary of transition of colors.

  • Talking about what makeup men like, it should be mentioned that even the natural make-up can be ruined if a little overzealous. For example, one of the most common women’s mistakes is a generous use of mascara. Correct to paint over the lashes in a single layer two light flick of the wrist. Mascara is better to take no lengthening and voluminous, dark-brown or black.
  • Natural makeup which is liked by the majority of men, involves also the use of lipstick in a natural shade – coral, pale pink, beige pink, peach, pale red, terracotta, honey-beige, cream. You can still take a transparent lip balm which will give them a light Shine and at the same time to care for their skin.

And of course, it is important to monitor the condition of your skin and hair to make them look well-groomed and healthy.

Men on a subconscious level the beauty associated with naturalness and health. This is understandable, because every woman is a creation of nature, and she is talented and wiser than thousands of stylists and makeup artists together.

So do not be afraid to seem too pale against the bright overdressed fashionistas. The fact that men like girls without makeup, is proved by the many stories of Dating, in which crowds of beautiful young people highlights the quiet prude.

Author – Pelageja, site ToKnow365.top

What makeup do guys like?

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