What medication to take for colds: the Express remedies cough runny nose

Female site Sympaty.net discusses the actual in the winter issue of prevention and treatment of all colds.

In the last article we gave General recommendations on how to fight the common cold if your immune system is still surrendered to her. And today let’s talk about what medication to take for colds and what means of salvation is to run to the pharmacy.

What medication to take for a cold: Express tools

All we see and hear advertising: if you are sick, have a fever, cough and runny nose, take the means this-that the symptoms will go away. Is it safe and effective? Yes, drugs such as Coldrex, Theraflu, Fervex, can really take the heat, feeling the aches in the muscles, swelling of the nose and sore throat.

But, as their common name suggests, this is “ambulance”. These drugs remove the symptoms, but colds are not treated. Hence, their use is justified only in cases, when you start to get sick, but you have to be out, need to finish urgent business.

Suggest in any case not to abuse them and not replace a full treatment!

All of these drugs contain paracetamol, which in overdose shes on target and they give load on the heart and kidneys, causing the body to work in the mode of increased load!

What medication to take for colds to relieve coughs

Cough in most cases is accompanied by colds and dry happens (all familiar with the irritating “cough, cough”) and wet (barking, expectorant doctors still call it productive, as it promotes expectoration of sputum).

Dry cough, caused by tickling in the throat, is celebrated usually at the beginning of the disease. It will help mucolytics – the so-called class of the funds, which liquefy the phlegm and remove it from the bronchi. To name just a few – ACC (sometimes in granules and soluble tablets), Bromhexine (tablets and syrup), Ambroxol (tablets, solution, syrup).

It is important to drink – tea, juice, herbal infusions. If you have the opportunity — make inhalations with infusions. To choose extracts of chamomile, eucalyptus, Linden blossom, thoracic fees (they are sold in pharmacies in finished form).

What medication to take for colds for clearing the nose

Recall that all sorts of nasal sprays, such Aquamarine, Phrase, Otrivine, popular very deservedly. They help wash away mucus from the walls of the nose, and thus more efficiently clear the nose.

Take note of the sprays as a preventive measure during the epidemic of flu and after visiting crowded places, they help to resist infection.

That will help a blocked nose? This vasoconstrictive drops of type of Galazolin, Sanorin, Naphazoline. They reduce swelling of the nasal mucosa, which, in fact, does not allow us to breathe properly in the cold. Here you need to remember that these drops cannot be used more than 7-10 days, otherwise it may be addictive.

As you can see, the drops do not cure, only ease the condition of the nose. And to suggest treatment inhalations and thermal treatments.

A few questions finally

What medication to take for colds, if you want all the same complex to “strike the enemy”? Sympaty.net advises to pay attention to homeopathy, and immunomodulators.

Among the famous homeopathic remedies that are often prescribed for the treatment of colds, French drug Oscillococcinum, Russian Anaferon (including children). Well established in the pharmaceutical market antiviral Viferon (candles), Grippferon (nasal drops), Arbidol (capsule). These drugs are used as a complex treatment and have a in the first place, immunostimulant action.

If you are suffering the question “What medication to take for a cold – maybe the antibiotics will quickly set me up?”, answer: to antibiotics-one ratio, they should be taken only as directed by your doctor. Usually they are discharged in the case, if confirmed bacterial infection. The consequences of uncontrolled use of such drugs can be much more serious than the cold where you started taking them!

Attention: female site Sympaty.net in no case does not claim to be a doctor and recalls that it is always advisable – and in cases of severe and of a chronic disease be SURE to ask the technician what medicine to take for colds.

Next time we will remember the good old, a lot of time-tested folk remedies for combating common cold.

Stay Healthy, Beautiful and Successful!

The author – Mama Puma, site ToKnow365.top

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What medication to take for colds: the Express remedies cough runny nose

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