What men think about tattoos on the female body?

Related to tattoos has always been mixed. This is especially true of the images on the female body. Some division of opinion exists, even among women: some believe that it is vulgar, others that it is beautiful.

Our reader Irina asked favorite website: “What do you think about tattoos on the female body men?“. Women’s website “ToKnow365.top” conducted a thorough investigation of men’s opinions and answers the question of Irene.

For those who like to put on your body “the eternal jewel” (or those just thinking about it) the bad news.

Most men following Association with women’s tattoo:

  • A spokeswoman for the oldest profession
  • Places not so remote
  • Amazon and same-sex love

It is trite and jaded, but such comparisons are, it seems, for a long time will be present in the minds of men (and sometimes women).

A large number of men believed that a tattoo can still be “tolerated”, while the woman is young. The adult female tattoo looks ridiculous, not age.

And among men there is such a thing as a “tattoo-to-face.

So, if it is not “to face”, then it’s definitely bad. Apparently, this refers to the style of the girl, her behavior, and social status – tattoo have with all of this harmoniously to be combined”.

Opinion No. 1: a positive, but “better not”

Men related to the female tattoos positively, is much smaller and here comes to the fore sexual innuendo. But such men generally think about tattoos in two “planes”: the women “generally” and “my second half”. The image on the body attracts a lot of attention, therefore, the opinion of men are able to radically change.

Beautiful and appropriate tattoo for just a familiar girl stirs men’s imagination and can cause a lot of praise. But a married woman to discuss with her husband the possibility of on your body the tattoo is much more problematic.

Opinion No. 2: the size and location is important

Many men question whether they like the tattoo on women, the answer is: it depends what size and where.

As for the size – in order to please a man, the tattoo should be almost invisible. So from a fire-breathing dragon on his back it is better to refuse ?

The best place for tattooing, male version:

  • Ankle
  • Collarbone
  • Blade
  • Loin
  • The back of the head
  • Buttock

Men think that absolutely unfeminine looks large tattoo on a woman’s shoulder.

Clearly, more than two tattoos, our average man will not be tolerated.

Opinion No. 3: if only people would be good

Of course, there are those men who feel an absolute indifference, when I think or talk about the tattoo on the female body. They do not consider a tattoo nor a brand, nor sexual ornament or a way of expression.

But vulgar, poorly executed and done in the wrong place the tattoo can be deduced from even such “phlegmatic”.

Such men Express their opinions with the phrase “depends on who and where”, that is, it all depends on the woman, her character, behavior, etc., and the tattoo or lack of it – in the background.

What men think about tattoos? The Survey Sympaty.net
Dmitry Dementiev, sales Manager:

“Tattoo girls I personally really, really like. The tattooed female body keeps a certain mystery, and just care.

If you do not take into account sexy tattoo, all the same characters talking about the girl morethan the standard language of clothes, makeup and other things.

Meaningful, well-executed tattoo that gives the person’s individual features, highlights important features of temperament – in a word, warns about something important.

But again, for me in the female tattoo is the most important sexual innuendo. It’s beautiful, exciting and stirs my imagination.”

Vladimir Askarov, the teacher:

“Women’s tattoos are beautiful and appropriate, but meet too slutty, or worse, made by a clumsy hand. I have no ready answer to the question, what men think about female tattoos as a universal attitude to tattoo, because each case is individual.

If tattoo for women detects a good aesthetic taste of the owner and the skillful hand of the master, then I’m all for.

If the tattoo was done as a fashion statement, standard and soulless unequivocally “against.”

Konstantin Surkov, a businessman:

“The beauty of the female body and image, nature and essence does not need such decorations.

Tattoos women make me steadfast and invincible rejection. I don’t understand the reason for this decoration, as an ornament or a drawing done directly on the skin for many years, by definition, outdated and boring.

A clean female body to me is beautiful itself, and the tattoo only violate this pristine purity.

However, I must admit that there are men who think about female tattoos differently. Soon the fashion for it will passand everything will return to normal – in any case, only time will judge us”.

Still clearly answer the question, what do you think about tattoos men difficult, since there are a large number of private cases not falling under the General statistics.

Most wise it seems the following answer: a man refers to the tattoo women as well, as it relates to the woman.

Draw your own conclusions, dear readers!

Author – Ekaterina Maximova, site ToKnow365.top

What men think about tattoos on the female body?

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