What motivates a man in bed?

This question is undoubtedly asked by all women! We could give you the traditional answers like “Lacy lingerie, scented candles and silk sheets,” but… it would be a little cunning.

Original female site sympaty.net offers a look at the truth, and to know what motivates man in bed on the exploits from the point of view of psychology and ethology (the science of genetically determined human behavior).

Love is the best motivation for men in bed!

Dear girls and women! Remember one simple fact – if a man is not interested in you, his zeal in the bed will be minimal.

For myself a man needs little, basically to his own orgasm. It does not need a super-unusual postures, marathon duration, and even the foreplay will go in minimal – only in order to achieve erection.

If a man does not love and does not plan any relationship with a woman, the sex he will get his turn against the wall and snoring. Don’t believe? So, with the prostitutes “at 100%” is not laid out one.

But a man in love is motivated in bed is always to look in the eyes ladies wow how macho, to give her maximum pleasure…

Every man shows his “bed high” in times of acute love – those first few months of a relationship, when feelings are caused by hormones. Someone this period longer, some shorter.

Good sex persists in couples where the man and after the “hormonal storm” continues to love his partner, already on a different level and keep interest in a relationship with her. But if man ceased “to work” in bed is a sure sign that something was wrong, he is not interested to keep a woman!

But… many women now argue – after all, sex is very good, and there are enough men who are willing to try for a random partner. What motivates men in bed in this case? About this – read on!

The best lover is a “loser”?

A bit boring theory from the “Beautiful and Successful”.

As you know, males (including males, that is, men) are divided into Alf, bet, gamma and omega. We have all heard the definition of “alpha male”: the dream of every ladies, mega-macho is the leader of women’s sympathies in their social group. “

Alpha” — confident and successful men. Moreover, the success can be different – for example, Gopnik from the area of the typical “alpha” is a blatant type, which takes the best of all the wallets in the doorways. The ladies of the company will attract its physical development and the ability to distribute the zubotychiny. And in other social groups “alpha” may be a popular musician or actor, or author of scientific papers, or a rich “sugar daddy”-the businessman…

Determines the quality of “Alpaca” is its confidence. He felt that is popular among women that women are always around him and the failure he meets extremely seldom. So men-alpha quite rarely thoughtful, rarely committed to the implementation of the women’s whims and wishes… They do not have long to Woo a woman – she’s gonna give herself. They do not need to bother how to keep her from men like women do not go (at least the alpha males are sure of this).

And even if the next lady was so “silly” that left or did not respond to the signs of attention – a little grief, because there’s plenty other “easy prey”!

This is reflected in sex: not what motivates a man”alpha” in bed to make nice to the woman. He makes himself pleasant, and so far as the satisfied will remain with the lady is her problem! Most interesting is that many of the partner “Alf” usually remain quite happy with sex because of the technical side of things outweighs the moral satisfaction – “I had N himself, and he’s a tough guy!!!”.

Another thing – “beta”, “gamma” and “omega”. These are ordinary people with a particular set of complexes, are not so confident of her power as “alpha”. In any human society much more than the Alphas, and they are also quite able to interest women to be objects of the love of women.

But their trump card is the concern, willingness to make efforts for the sake of the ladies. These “losers” are usually touching care for their lady, they often enter into long-term, serious relationship.

They have more reasons to be interested in a particular woman because she went to a great effort, and if she disappears, then in General there is a risk that some more lady will get “beta” or “gamma” very soon, maybe even never! That’s what motivates a male”loser” in bed – he wants to keep a woman (at least subconsciously) he wants her to like it!

There is a second aspect that motivates in bed men “of lower rank” — affirmation, self-esteem increase.

Simply put: the man feels himself a failure in finances, work or school, but it compensates for the fact that he’s a great lover. This motivates man in bed it is the pleasure received from a partner is a third – party recognition that a man so lacking in other areas of life! Sometimes insecure men become Casanova, and change partners pohlesche “Alpaca” to get recognition from as many “witnesses”success!

The effect of novelty

First sex with a new woman is what motivates man in bed always. Someone is laid out physically – aim to hit partner with stamina and ingenuity in poses and caresses. Someone who relies on emotions creates a romantic atmosphere, says compliments, affectionate and caring configured in order to feel the partner and truly to seduce her…

What motivates man in bed the first time? Purely biologically, every male is “programmed” to seduce as many women as possible (to pass on their genes to many offspring).

Therefore put such a mechanism – that is the novelty aroused and attracted to a man wanted to experience this “first time effect” again and again – and for the sake of having numerous connections! Of course, it is primitive, and most men are quite able to control their behavior by reason, but entirely from the genetically determined desires, no one is free…

It is impossible to demand that each sex was for men “the first time”.

However can be a bit “cheat” man’s nature, to motivate the man in bed, and sometimes coming up with various innovations that man some new perceived their permanent partner. Here is the course is special underwear, some changes in appearance, in his way, creating a special intimate atmosphere in the bedroom, various role-playing games, etc.

But remember that abuse it is not necessary: after all, constant change – it is also consistency!

Author – Dasha Blinova, site ToKnow365.top

What motivates a man in bed?

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