What not to wear 2013 fashionable 2013, went out of fashion in the season of 2013

Fashion season is in full swing and now is the time to subject to close analysis of things, once vozvyshenie us to the height of the hottest trends. What are the must-have irretrievably sunk into Oblivion? Things of past seasons can be worn and what is not fashionable in 2013 — in this issue figured out for the website “ToKnow365.top“.

Model for all times or for one season?

And avid fashionista, prone to shopogolizm, and the one that gathered well-structured capsule wardrobe, there are among the more or less extensive variety of clothing their Pets. T-shirt with a fun print or dress in the style of “vamp woman” — about taste now will not argue.

Will say one thing – a relaxed models, the style belonging to the classical or casual, a clearer future: they can and should not buy for one season.

Neutral colors, simple cut: a dress, a beige t-shirt preferably without a logo and print blue straight-leg jeans can be named is not fashionable in 2013 or in the foreseeable future.

But as extravagant models, details of which you can read in today’s article on sympaty.net here, as said, the big question.

Most importantly – be honest with yourself – even if such thing you have a very strong attachment, or unfashionable thing associated important for you to fill – be ruthless in your assessment. Remember, as said Coco Chanel: “you never get a second chance to make a first impression.” You are either fashionable and stylish, or dressed in something that is not fashionable.

That is no longer fashionable in 2013

  • No. 1. Too tight clothing, creating the effect that it is slightly too small. This applies both cropped tight t-shirts and tops, and knit dresses, jeggings. Firstly, such clothes, even while at the peak of its popularity, emphasized the flaws that can be attributed to the vagaries of fickle fashion. But it was no longer fashionable in 2013 and look these models often unsightly – agree, too many “don’t”. Second, when between the body and clothing is the space, it looks more feminine and elegant.
  • What else not to wear in 2013? No. 2 — the pants and trousers with a dropped seam, for example, “Afghani”. Yes, it is very convenient, but, you see, quite slovosochetanie with other things, and, at the end of it all, hand on heart, have you ever seen a girl whose figure these pants would do more beautiful and flaws are concealed? So the verdict is these models, not to wear in 2013, we will leave them in a pinch for a holiday home or cottage.

  • No. 3. Pants and pants with a low waistline. Not fashionable, not only in 2013, and for quite some time! Roughly crossing out the silhouette below the waist, these pants distort proportion, and in combination with short tops reveal the vulgar part of the body below the navel. For ardent lovers of this model and thinking “still will not leave her” there is an alternative bias-cut waistband for high rise in back and lower in front.
  • Again, from the category: it is not fashionable for a long time! No. 4 – the purse and shoes color to color, especially the tone on tone of the same material with the same decor. So, in this case, right there: she does not know how to match the accessories. By choosing this option, you admit their failure as a fashionista! Try to look at the situation objectively: it’s also very boring – much more interesting to consider the compatibility of their own, including playing on the contrast of colors or textures.
  • No. 5 of our top things decorated in sequins. Still, we should admit that this type of decor never looked expensive, and fit rather for a new year’s masquerade. All the spiteful critics were silent a year or two ago, shrugging his shoulders, but now their time to say, ” It is no longer fashionable in 2013!”

To create your own style

And aside from the particulars and refer to the General note: it is necessary to wear just what you really is. In the pursuit of fashion trends sometimes girls forget about the fact that the clothes need to paint and that the concept of fashion and style differ.

In the first case, often blindly following trends. The second inner sense of beauty and ability to show it to the world.

Listen to what tells you your inner voice if you second-guess yourself – improve your fashion literacy: see the fashion shows, buy and study fashion magazines.

To help you article for women’s website sympaty.net how to create your own style.

We have listed only five items in the category of “what not to wear in 2013”, but it’s just no strength to be silent. Although that should be deleted from the wardrobe, of course, is not limited to that described above.

By the way, even the thing which is not recommended to wear in 2013, you may be “very personal” if it is not much catches the eye and serves as a complement to more relevant things.

You can, for example, in one Luka to join a fairly tight turtleneck and slacks, though the latter should be with a high rise – it will be fashionable.

So we should not despair, from any rule there are exceptions, most importantly the guiding principle: “if I paint this thing?” If the answer is negative, whether the clothes are a thousand times more fashionable, better choose something that really fits you.

The author – Olga Kuznetsova, site ToKnow365.top

What not to wear 2013 fashionable 2013, went out of fashion in the season of 2013

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