What orthopedic mattress is better to choose?

To your readers of women’s website “ToKnow365.top” today I’ll tell you about the secret of the comfortable and sound sleep — that is, what is better to choose a mattress. From the abundance of types of mattresses on the current market look at first. In order to determine the choice of a particular variant, you must have some idea about the different types and characteristics of goods of that kind.

Mattresses with springs and without springs

All mattresses can be divided into two main categories: those with springs and those without.

Springless mattresses

Springless mattresses – products, in which there is no spring unit. Such models can have a variety of fillings. Typically, the mattress without the spring block is preferred by people who don’t like the buoyancy effect of the springs.

Talking about what orthopedic mattress is better to choose springless among options should first consider the options with a latex or polyurethane (PUR) foam filler. These materials have sufficient elasticity to provide good body support.

When choosing between fillers of polyurethane foam and latex, it should be borne in mind that the first is more rough and tough, the second has a high cost.

Among springless mattresses there are also options with coconut kouroi. However, such products have very hard surface and is not suitable for people whose weight exceeds 100 kg.

However, who decides what is a springless mattress is better to choose, it is important to keep in mind that such models are often made on the principle of sandwich and consists of several layers. They are moderately hard, hard and regnemaskine.

Spring mattresses

When deciding what mattress to choose, should pay attention to the spring model. These mattresses are also divided into several varieties.

  • Models with coil springs dependent continuous weaving Bonnell. Such models are the most inconvenient choices, because sleep is like sleep in a hammock. To get a mattress with the spring block doctors do not suggest.
  • Podiatrists claim that mattresses with independent springs are able to provide high sleeping comfort. Model independent unit differ mainly by the number of springs per square meter. The quality of the mattress that is directly proportional to the number of springs. Considered the most comfortable mattress, with 1000 springs per m2. But they are also the most expensive – about 70 thousand rubles. With the release of such models mainly foreign manufacturers. The mattresses are of average quality – a product with 500 springs per m2. On average, these models cost about 30 thousand rubles. Cheapest products with independent unit with about 250 springs per m2, can be bought for 10 thousand rubles.

I must say that podiatrists are strongly recommended to choose those mattresses which the number of springs per m2 is not less than 500 units. This is also the opinion of the website sympaty.net.

Wondering what kind of spring mattress to choose, it is important to take into account that such options are soft (spring block alternates with a layer of latex 3 cm), surface-hard (spring block stacked 3-inch layer of coconut coir) and moderately hard (layers are combined as follows: 3 cm latex + coconut 1cm + steel block).

Another point that should be taken into account when choosing spring mattresses, — type blocks with independent springs.

For those who value comfort, interesting will be the model of “honeycomb”, multi-zone spring system “spring into spring”. Such options have a high resistance and is especially good for married double beds and for people whose weight exceeds 100 kg.

What is better to choose a mattress: reviews about different manufacturers

Of course, it will be important and the question of whether a mattress which company you should choose. The most objective information about the quality of the products of a particular manufacturer can provide reviews of satisfied consumers. Perhaps, among many brands of mattresses which deserve special attention the following:

  •  Vegas – Belarusian manufacturer that offers a wide selection of different mattresses. The most popular budget options spring mattresses of this brand. But the reviews about them, not always admiring. Some buyers claim that the price of the product firm Vegas do not match the quality. In the network there are complaints that the mattresses Vegas quickly lose their properties.
  • Ascona is a Russian brand. The company’s products Ascona can become one of variants of answers to the question what mattress you choose. However, those who decide to purchase a product of this brand, it should be borne in mind that the reviews about it sometimes there are complaints of poor quality service and frequent cases of marriage during the purchase.
  • Ormatek – also domestic company. Mattresses of this brand buyers quite often praised in reviews. It should be noted that consumers especially like the springless latex mattresses Ormatek, which, incidentally, are cheaper than similar products of the company. Production company Ormatek will also be of interest for those who do not know how to choose the right orthopedic mattress for round bed.
  • Primavera is an Italian brand that was not very popular. However, judging by the reviews, this company is quite trustworthy.
  • Mattresses Dormeo are distinguished by their delicacy and lightness. Products of this company enjoy a certain popularity in our country. Reviews of Dormeo mostly positive.
  • English brand of Atmosphere – is also an option, which is quite trustworthy. As evidenced by reviews, the mattresses of this brand are of high quality, justifying the considerable cost.
  • How to choose a mattress: a couple of tips

    Armed with knowledge about what are the different mattresses and what users write reviews of the most popular brands, you can safely go to the shops in search of a mattress of his dreams. Before you leave home, be sure to wear clothes that do not restrict movement, which will allow you to test the mattress.

    Experts recommend to adhere to these tips:

    • The question what is better to choose a mattress, important the complexion of the buyer. Full people should choose a mattress of medium hardness or hard options. Those who have a slim body type, it is recommended to buy soft and regnemaskine model.
    • In most cases branded stores accept orders for manufacturing of mattresses. Before making a order, you need to remove from the bed measurements. It should be borne in mind that the mattress whose width is 2-3 cm less than the width of the bed is quite comfortable. But the wider product to buy is not recommended.
    • In order to choose the right mattress, you need to test at least three different models.
    • It is advisable to choose a mattress with the upholstery jacquard fabrics. The case of the mattress had to be quilted with synthetic padding. You can choose a model with a removable cover that has a zipper. However, such covers often have a tendency to deform.
    • The mattress is not enough just to touch it. It must necessarily lie. Thus it is necessary to take their usual sleeping position.
    • Deciding what to choose orthopedic mattress, you need to focus on the price. The mattresses the ratio price-quality is directly proportional.

    Of course, you must also verify the seller ‘s quality certificate for the proposed product. Well, to buy a mattress, preferably in the store that has a good reputation and valuing your customers.

    Author – Pelageja, site ToKnow365.top

    What orthopedic mattress is better to choose?

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