What prevents to make a flat stomach

“Swing press, doing exercises, but still my belly is flat enough!!! Somehow fails to achieve a perfect shape. What am I doing wrong? Lena.”

Lena, the fact that a flat stomach is not only the result of targeted exercise. It is influenced by other things – nutrition, posture, lifestyle, way of training, even our nervous system!

Today, together with the women’s website sympaty.net let’s elaborate on that, what prevents to make the stomach flat.

A shattered nervous system

“All diseases – from nerves”, doctors say, and if you look, it really is! Stress affects our tummy, making it less flat.

The mechanism is simple: when stress stands out a hormone called cortisol, which stimulates hunger. Appears craving everything sweet and fatty, and the body, as in war, begins to accumulate fat reserves (“Oh, we shall! Need to stock up on…”). And where to store fat, not on my stomach and problem areas of the figure?

Solution for a flat stomach:

  • Try not to worry, at least unnecessarily. You know, it’s our life it’s not easy! So find your way of relaxation. For example:
  • Meditation
  • Deep breathing technique
  • Yoga (by the way, it doubly useful for a flat tummy ? – and we have a set of yoga exercises for the waist there!)
  • Soothing tea.

Weak back muscles and poor posture

In the back, and the front is seemingly obvious! But some of us do not know that shaking the press, you have to take care of the back. The back muscles are the Foundation of the whole body, and if they are weak, and the posture we have is not important, and the belly is not flat.

Solution for a flat stomach:

  • Include in its exercises for a flat stomach at least one exercise for your back.
  • Constantly monitor your posture. You may first have to use a special corset!
  • Draw the belly — let it become your good habit (especially this advice is relevant for parous women).

Improper diet

Not all fat is so harmful, as many claim. Dangerous only saturated fats, but the monounsaturated, on the contrary, it is very useful and can contribute to weight loss and reducing belly. The fact that they contain omega-3 fatty acidsthat need desperately for our body.

Water is the source of life. You can’t limit yourself to the consumption of water. From such restrictions, on the contrary, edema and bloating.

Another mistake is to eat foods and drinks that cause flatulence, indigestion, flatulence. When the gut is distended, what a flat belly can be a speech?! I’m not even talking about good health…

Love for salty foods is also doing its dirty work, because salt promotes thirst and the accumulation of fluid in the tissues – including in the tissues of the abdomen.

Solution for a flat stomach:

  • Eat more foods with monounsaturated fatsand nuts, avocados, flax seed oil, and bitter chocolate with a high cocoa content.
  • Drink not less than 3 liters of clean fresh water per day and you will see that not only the stomach will become more flat, but the skin condition will improve. If you have puffiness in the morning, pull water a day.
  • Worry about the health of your intestines. If you have a goiter, take drugs to overcome it.
  • Eat slowly, chewing food thoroughly. This advice is as old as the world, and very effective! However, we are in a hurry and don’t always act on it, but in vain.
  • Forget about foods that cause flatulence: bread, soda, grapes, pears, cabbage, beans…
  • Less salt! It can be replaced by many spices – try it! ?

Extraneous thoughts during the AB workout

How many times have we doing exercises for the tummy, thoughts flew far, far away?! Many, many times! Do you know what distraction does not contribute to creating a flat stomach?

The solution for a flat stomach:

Try it with the AB workout focusing on the muscles, feel how they work, how to move. Do not swing mindlessly press! Believe me, listen to yourself and your body is very nice!!!

In addition, listening to your muscles, you will start moving slower, and this contributes to a more tangible burden on the press.

Lena, I hope all of the above You have found something that could interfere with You personally to make your stomach flat. Quickly corrected – and forward to personal excellence! ?

The author – Olga Sympaty, site www.sympaty.net — ToKnow365.top

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What prevents to make a flat stomach

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