What protein for weight loss to choose the girl?

Even 30 years ago, nice jugs just threw the whey protein, considering it a waste production, but today this product has become one of the major components in sports nutrition.

Many girls today are looking for the answer to the question, what protein is best for weight loss? Whey protein, casein, isolate, hydrolysate, concentrate, what protein drink to lose weight? Let’s deal with this question on the women’s website “ToKnow365.top“.

Variety of product

Before find out which company is better to drink protein to lose weight, let us define the varieties of this sports supplements.

Protein (protein) refers to the sports nutrition products. There are several varieties of this product.

Depending, what product have protein, how it’s made and how it is absorbed by the body, all proteins can be divided into two groups: casein and whey proteins.

  • Casein is obtained from cheese, and it is digested by the body longer.
  • Whey protein is obtained from milk whey, and they are digested faster than casein. Therefore, whey protein is also called fast protein. It contains a huge amount of amino acids.

Whey proteins

Whey proteins are considered the best for weight loss, so consider them in more detail.

Depending on how much protein contains protein and amino acids and in what way he got the serum proteins are divided into concentrates, isolates and hydrolysates.

  • The whey protein concentrate. It contains 60% protein and amino acids. Also, the composition contains little fat and carbohydrates. Consequently, the caloric content of the concentrate will be higher to digest it a little longer than other varieties of whey protein, concentrate below. This is the most popular form of whey protein among those who understand how best to choose a protein for weight loss.
  • Isolate (isolated protein) comprises almost pure protein (97%). It is often used for weight loss: protein isolate gives a sense of satiety, quickly absorbed and contains practically no carbohydrates and fats. He wins the whey concentrate, but loses in price. Protein isolates are more expensive concentrates, therefore, not so popular among those who take supplements to lose weight. But it needs to pay attention to those who suffer from obesity and are looking for what is best to take protein to lose weight fast. Because isolate is ideal for snacking, and it also accelerates metabolism and improves the immune system.
  • The hydrolysate is 100% pure protein. In fact, it includes already broken down amino acids, so it is very quickly absorbed by the body. But the price of the hydrolysate is very high and is unlikely to please those who are looking for the best protein for weight loss and going to take it systematically.

How to take?

So, essentially there are two kinds of protein, which is recommended to take an additional girls for weight loss – whey protein and casein. Both will contribute to weight loss if taken correctly. Of course, the ideal regimen you should choose the coach. We’re on sympaty.net will only show you the main thing you must focus on.

  • Daily allowance of protein for an adult is equal to 1.5 grams per 1 kg of weight. To get the required amount of protein for those who want to lose weight, we suggest to take additional proteins. Please note: “accept advanced”, and not to replace protein drinks nutrition. Otherwise, it’s like Catherine, which left the opinion which protein is best for weight loss.
    • I decided to lose weight quickly and switched to only protein food. More precisely, I replaced all meals protein drinks. Feelings of hunger I had not experienced at all (well a protein is absorbed by the body for a long time), but has earned a terrible gastritis. Because the stomach was constantly empty! The gastric juice just corroded its walls. So take protein to lose weight properly and in any case do not abuse them. Katerina
  • We would advise you to take protein for those who want to lose weight, according to this scheme:
    • Whey (fast) – immediately after exercise and in the morning.
    • Casein (slow) – up to workout, and casein would be the ideal solution to replace a meal, particularly dinner.
  • If you are not able to buy both types of protein, and you choose what is the best protein for weight loss: casein or whey, it is best to choose whey. It is absorbed faster, breaks down fat, and, by using it, you will give the body the necessary daily amount of protein. Especially whey protein we would advise those who have no opportunity to play sports, but there is a desire to monitor the amount of proteins, fats and carbohydrates.
  • What brand to choose protein for weight loss girls?

    All firms that produce sports nutrition release proteins. To date, the proteins of the domestic producer little inferior to what protein brands. Except that the price of the promoted manufacturer will be higher, but the quality, as the reviews say about the best proteins and studies of experts, the proteins of our producers now are not much different. So if you can not buy expensive proteins for weight loss well-known brands, feel free to take our domestic.

    • If you decide to choose a good whey protein, on the packaging look for the English word Whey.
    • On packages with casein, will be the labeling of Casein.

    Overview brands we will start with the brands whose names you can often find in magazines on sports nutrition and sports professionals.

  • The most popular brandsthat produce protein – Weider, Performance. In their composition contains only high quality protein, and also nutrients, which have an overall positive effect on the entire body. The variety of flavors will satisfy any consumer (chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, cocoa, etc.)
    • Sit on the Dukan diet, so I decided to buy whey protein (protein). Choose a company Weider. Ordered The Gold Wei. 180 ml of water take 2 tablespoons of protein, whip. The taste is gorgeous, the smell is amazing. Very similar to a milkshake, only watery. Only 1 serving per day – and the normal protein is made. A pound of protein for 2 weeks work. I can safely say that whey protein is best for weight loss for girls. Elena.
  • Very popular are the proteins of the following firms Is, Pure Protein and SynTrax®.
    • I have been taking protein to give your body protein. A real find for me was the candy bar Smart Bar (the firm Is). It tastes just like the best whey protein for weight loss of the same company. I like it. But many do not like the taste. Maria.
    • The price of Maxler available, and the quality is excellent. So I advise everyone not to look, what’s the best protein for weight loss to choose the girl, and stay on Is 100% Golden Whey. Regina
  • Many praise cocktails prepared with proteins of the firms Ultimate Nutrition and CytoSport.
  • Lately a lot of good feedback about the proteins of the Russian company R Line and the Ukrainian company Ostrovit, the price of which is much lower than the European products, but the quality is not inferior.

    • Took their diet and chose the protein for weight loss Ostrovit WPC 80. For the sample I bought the bag. Now buy the full pack. Saturates quickly (I is replaced by a cocktail lunch), and eat at all desirable. Suggest to choose this best whey protein for those girls who want to lose weight. Julia.
    • In connection with the price increase I switched to proteins R Line, although it bought only Belgian KWC. I explained that firm R Line on the market since 2002, only less popular than foreign ones. Olga.
    • St. Petersburg Rline not inferior to foreign analogues. The vanilla taste is very pleasant and not boring. Xenia.

    Don’t forget that even if you buy the best protein for the girls to take it to lose weight, to properly use it. Any overdose is bad for the kidneys and liver, so abuse of protein shakes cannot. The daily rate should not exceed 40 grams. In many packages of protein a scoop, which will help you calculate the right dose of protein.

    If you buy protein, you need to dilute it with water, not milk or tea. In this case, his action will benefit and you will be able to lose weight. Good luck choice!

    The author – Julia Spiridonova, site ToKnow365.top

    What protein for weight loss to choose the girl?

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