What pushes a man to divorce: reasons for divorce among men

“Good evening, female site sympaty.net. Igor, tell me, when a man can decide to divorce? Here are many women’s magazines are teeming with advice to “keep a man”, and it really need to keep? Maybe he wasn’t going anywhere? Because most divorces occur at the initiative of the us women! Here’s wondering what could push a man to divorce? Inna”.

Inna, never read in women’s magazines that they advise You about how to keep a man, but I’m sure in this case it’s for the best I ? male ? about divorce occasionally also thought and unbiased opinion , at least in some ways, but will be useful ?

Do I need to keep a man?

Let’s start with this – do I need to keep a man? I suppose this question generally arises, then, is not all right? So, the problems in the relationship there are serious?

Here’s the thing. In such a serious matter be practical. That is – decide for yourselves, whether he needs You just as before? Lower various little things (dish washing, socks do not like the snoring during sleep), and solve globally.

Maybe You want to start a new life? Sure to find the right man soon? And if he (new) do You need? Can, still something can “breathe” in Your present marriage?

The most important thing – do You have it still warm feelings? You’re OK with it, except for some moments? If Yes – then hold. Forget about the pride, about the fact that suggest well-wishers, and strive to ensure that You will be the best.

If case You have joint with him is bad, then the question itself disappears. Do not hold. This is the case, which will help to solve the problem completely.

What pushes a man to divorce

Men in domestic terms less independentthan women. Therefore not surprising that most of the divorce are resolved wife. It’s Your patrimony, from women in the home more and more, they are more and decide to change.

But! This does not mean that the man himself divorce will never be solved! It happens sometimes. And, I think, the most important (frequent) cause of divorce in men is arose a feeling to another woman. In this case (if You need one) in any case, not start a war, although some that Your fury can be a confirmation of love ?

But better (more efficient) to remember how You have them all started, again to go back to that time. In General, to become a lover, which is not inferior to other mistresses, but in Your case You native woman (probably the mother of his children).

Understand that You are no worse than the one that appeared on the horizon. It would be in Your situation, most likely, also would not Shine ? And if the quality of the relationship (sex, communication, understanding) You are not worse than anyone else to defeat You.

Talk often, be honest

Of course, a woman encountered on the side, not the only reason why a man can decide to divorce. Actually causes of divorce in men could be many, because every man is different, but, anyway, it all comes down to one thing: he is already with You uncomfortable, hard, bleak.

In any case, divorce on the initiative of the men happens not suddenly. This all accumulates for a long time. And the final decision to divorce, a man may arise due to any trifle. But “this stuff” a lot still noticeable.

Analyze yourself from the outside. What do you think it does not suit You? Just because nothing happens. If You are close to the ideal woman, he is unlikely to go away. But if the symptoms which it appeared? Hence, there is a reason.

If You did nothing in yourself to “calculate”, try with her husband often to talk. As if by chance. Let it not be like “so, sit down, dear, it will be drama. So do you not like me?” ?

Be sincere in his desire to make his home life comfortable! Don’t let Your feelings for him to grow cold! Be thankful to him for what he is “pleased” ? in Your life, and I am sure he will not have even thought about divorce!

Inna, the main thing is prevention, not treatment, and to Your forces in advance to protect Your family from such an unpleasant thing as divorce at the initiative of the men, from me to You talisman:

You came into my life as a beautiful schooner under sail is part of the emerald lagoon of an uninhabited island, where for many long years lives only one person. This man is your husband!

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What pushes a man to divorce: reasons for divorce among men

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