What questions not to ask a man

A small survey revealed a rating of the most stupid questions that annoy men.

1st place — “where are You?”

A rare woman, calling her lover without asking this question. Sometimes even instead of “Hello” or “good morning!”. It seems that this is the most important for women question! In turn, the rare man at that, is not easily provoked, even if not to show it meets the “Charter”: “In Karaganda”, “Drive to office”, or there “In a traffic jam, honey, right between your mom’s house and the grocery store”.

Women’s worries can be understood, but it is unlikely so you will be able to actually control the movements of your chosen. Is he really going to lay it out: “In the bedroom of the blonde, remember, Sunday in the bar second from the right was?”

2nd place — “Have you had many women?”

To say “little”? Suddenly she thinks that she women rarely pay attention to you and you live a solitary man… to Say “a lot” — will consider a womanizer and resentment, imagines himself the victim of a sex-addict, will be furtively looking for in phone of others SMS. Each of us, wiping his forehead cold sweat, comes up with some soft formulirovochki, not to be in either of the two unfavorable positions. But the truth is, the man still wouldn’t tell! Then why ask?

3rd place — “Who called you?”

It’s awful. It acts as an electric current. But the question is, in principle, harmless. Yes, that was the chief. I want to raise the salary to 300%. What? Common. But somehow annoying!

4th place — “what are you thinking?”

Oh, God… I don’t know. And if they know then why should recount such personal things?!

5 place — “I’m not fat?”

Well, of course not! I would have said it if I didn’t hear this question every day. Most women confuse their weight that control every gram. A man’s brain is busy with a thousand other, more interesting from the point of view of things, he never comes in daily to monitor the appearance and disappearance of the mythical millimeters at the waist of the woman.

6th place — “When you finally quit Smoking (drink beer, go fishing, sit at night at the computer, etc.)?”

Hand on heart, admit it — you do not believe that it will ever happen. And if it happens, it is not because the man listened to your obeyed, but because he decided… this is where you can demonstrate your talents NLP.

7th place — “I really better than SHE????”

Yes, of course! Of course! No doubt! How else would you have been in her place? Of course, IT’s all long over, it is no more. You can stop looking.


There is another type of questions, often seemingly innocuous, sometimes even friendly, but still pose a threat. How many times have we asked questions like, “How was work?” “How are you doing?” “Like there’s something, someone, somewhere, with someone?”. I’m sure more than once. But here lies the danger of the situation — all these questions have only one answer — “fine“.

Day after day, thanks to “questions for the record”, we gradually itself, remote from its second half, cut off whole parts of our lives, shutting them as a topic of conversation. Normally at work — so clearly nothing to discuss. Lost a variety of common topics of conversation, eventually depriving relationships of every kind of diversity, and bringing them to the monotonous routine, no more entertaining than a trolleybus route.

All this can be avoided by simply changing the essence of the question. What hinders to ask not “How was work?” “Well, what’s your brilliant boss still believes he’s in charge?” The answer can not be so monosyllabic, there will be a topic of conversation, and the relationship will sparkle with new colors.

To discuss someone else’s antics and silly situations, to retell to each other the gossip and “wash up bones” objectionable colleagues — maybe it is not insanely interesting, but it makes appear something in common — together experienced. And then there will be the causes of any kind of “misunderstanding” because there is a sense of openness in the relationship, you will be able to go back in time and remember something that once United you.

source — women’s passion, Nikita BOGOJEVIC

What questions not to ask a man

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