What raclette grill is and how to choose?

“And you know what raclette grill is?” — I asked all my friends, as soon as I heard about this new product in the world of home appliances. Almost no one on the raclette grill even heard of.

Women’s website “ToKnow365.top” I am confident that after learning all about raclette, many will want to have this nice little device at home to create a special atmosphere of a house party — conduct friendly raclette, meeting or warm dinners for two. The raclette grill is especially appreciated by those who like dishes with a hot melted liquid cheese – raclette!

So, everything in order.

Who invented it?

The history of raclette – the Swiss national dish — has for many centuries. Shepherds vipasa cows high in the mountains, always took bread, potatoes, pickles and fatty head cheese. To diversify my meager menu, they began to cut the cheese in half and putting it close to the fire. Hard cheese has begun to melt, reach – became fluid and soft. The shepherds scraped off a piece of cheese, which melted, and dipped it all they had of food – boiled potatoes, pickles, onions, bread. It turned out very hearty and delicious.

Since fatty cheese from the milk of Alpine cows and the dish it was called raclette, which means “to scrape, to scrape”.

It took a few centuries. From daily meals shepherds raclette has become a business card of Switzerland — the festive national dish. A range of ingredients for raclette has become more diverse, and to make it no longer necessary to make a fire.

Indeed, in the modern world of technology came a special device that melts the cheese is raclette. How to choose the raclette and some popular recipes for Rakitic invented the modern hostess sympaty.net will tell you next.

What are, raclette?

Today, manufacturers produce, raclette two types – the traditional, where it will melt a big hunk of cheese, and more comfortable with portioned plates for small pieces of cheese.

The first type – the traditional (classic), raclette

The devices of the traditional type consists of a stand, above which is a grill. A big piece of cheese is fixed on a stand, turn on the grill. The principle of operation resembles the method of melting cheese shepherds over an open fire. The grill heats up – head cheese begins to melt, you scrape the soft part of the cheese with a special blade on a plate with a snack.

The second type is a modern grill, raclette

Modern, raclette grill is more practical and convenient. They consist of two parts – the upper plate and the lower plate-stand for skovorodoju.

On the top plate preparing snack – meat, sausages, fish, seafood, vegetables, eggs, etc.

In the lower part of which is located under the tile, put a little skovorodochki (2 to 8 pieces, depending on the instrument model), which is melted cheese.

Upper tiles can be made of different materials:

  • Plate of natural stone (representative of TM 44 RC (RC 48))
  • Plate with non-stick coating aluminum or iron (Steba RS34 (RC1))
  • Combination plate: one part made of stone, another of the non-stick coating.

For those who love to cook meat, it is better to choose a raclette grill with stone plate, but veggie lovers will appreciate the raclette grill with a metal coating.

Also, you can often find models that have a crepe maker. On such surfaces turn out excellent pancakes.

How to conduct raclette party?

Raclette party are becoming increasingly popular. They are: raclette grill is placed on the table at which guests sit. The tables are plates with different snacks – set of products for Rakitic. Guests choose the products that they like and put them on top, raclette (if raclette masters of the second type), or impose a selected appetizer on my own plate (if on the table, raclette the traditional type).

Then the prepared fused cheese. If each guest has its own pan, he himself prepares the portion. Or someone offers cheese melts under the grill.

Until the cheese raclette prepared, the guests communicate with each other. These parties are always held in warm atmosphere, the main thing — to choose the right recipes, raclette grill, given the preferences of the guests.

And yet at the raclette grill to cook love children.

  • First, it’s easy!
  • Secondly, it’s fun!

Some even use a raclette grill daily for cooking a quick Breakfast, e.g. hot sandwiches.

Sizes and shapes

As you can see, raclette convenient because they are small and placed on the kitchen table – that is, these devices do not occupy much space, convenient and practical to store and use.

Form of Rakitic can also be different – round, oval and rectangular. As the reviews say about rakitnica, more convenient and practical model of rectangular shape.

How does the raclette grill?

The raclette grill according to the principle of resembles a electric fry pan and grill 2 in 1. Under the upper tile is mounted a heating element which is the upper portion, raclette heats from the bottom (like the pan), and the lower part, raclette heats from the top (like a grill).

In the center of the plate generates more heat, and further to the edges – less. That is, it is convenient to place on top of foods to obtain the required degree of doneness.

Similarly, the cheese will melt slower if placed on the plates that are further from the center, and quickly if the pans are put closer to the center.

To understand what is better to choose a raclette grill, a women’s website sympaty.net studied consumer reviews.

  • Very comfortable, raclette with granite slab. Easy to care for them, meat is cooked without fat. You can not use the marinade and brush it over the stone. Very suitable for those who follow the diet and doesn’t want to eat fatty food. The most important thing – natural stone! That is, all harmless, as in ancient times. Elena.
  • We gave Severin RG 2341. It combined. There is a stone slab and the metal base. Still on it and well there. 8 raclette pans – all super! Thought it would be to sit such a gift, but now it is a favorite appliance in the kitchen. We do not think about what to cook on the raclette grill. Anything with cheese! We cook Breakfast only on it. Larissa.
  • The grill-Gourmet raclette grill Tefal-Set 1405 with Teflon coating convenient to use, looks nice on the table. It is easy to clean. Everything is thought out – 8 skovorodoju, blades for each user marked with a different color to avoid confusion. Heats up quickly. The only drawback – not for summer parties. Around, raclette gets warm in 10 minutes. Not warm, but hot! Oksana.

As you can see, everything is convenient, raclette. Negative feedback is left by those who do not like to wait. As for the cooking on this device takes time.

To ensure that your guests do not have to swallow saliva waiting for the cheese in the raclette melts, and snack on the stove cooked through, think through in advance menu for raclette parties.

Give with you we will discuss which products are best to use for, raclette recipes can also come by.

Recipes, raclette

The basis of dishes for all racelethnic – fat cheese (200 – 250g per person). On his choice depends the whole taste of the cooked dishes. Ideally, for Rakitic use Swiss cheese raclette, which is prepared from the milk of Alpine cows. It melts perfectly, is soft, it is well to dip the products that you decide to use for the feast.

Instead of cheese, raclette, you can use other varieties:

  • for example, the Baltic cheese SVALIA is a more budget option;
  • Swedish cheese with a neutral taste — Emmental or gruyère;
  • also suggest to Rakitic to choose a cheese cheddar or reblochon.
  • nice to do Breakfast of goat cheese.

Another required component of a raclette is potatoes. It is best to take young. It is boiled in advance in their skins, then dip in the melted cheese, or on top of potatoes put a thin slice of cheese and put it in the raclette machine.

Also for cooking the raclette take a little pickled cucumber and onions.

These are the basic products which suggest to use for raclette parties.

The rest of the set of products for Rakitic – simple ingredients baked together or separately.

  • On the tables are plates of thinly sliced meat, sausage, fish, shrimp, mushrooms, any vegetables that you can cook on the grill, fruits and even nuts.
  • Good salads, vegetables, just greens.
  • You can apply garlic crackers, chips, etc.
  • Will be a great addition to the sauces and marinades.

In General, recipes for Rakitic – fantasy person who prepares. All you can pour on top of melted cheese – perfect for raclette.

Here’s what they say, those who already have a raclette and tested recipes.

  • First we boiled the potatoes of small size. Made Tartar sauce and garlic sauce. The raclette grill included. On top of the plate put the potatoes, it’s a little roast to the pan – bacon, a few drops of sauce and cheese. Until the potatoes were brown, cheese melted. The dish is poured the potatoes, and top the melted cheese and bacon. Marinated cucumber, onion – delicious! Natalia.

What are you drinking?

If there is cheese, then there must be wine.

  • The raclette is served with dry wine with a pleasant bitterness, unsweetened – white, red, pink.
  • Also some suggest to serve light beer that goes well with dishes, raclette.
  • Of non-alcoholic beverages – green tea or boiled grass.

Considering the variety of models, prices, raclette grill is different. The cost depends on the specific characteristics. Good reviews we saw about rakitnica firms representative of TM, Severin, Tefal, etc.

General guidelines

  • Choose a raclette grill with a power of 1000 watts.
  • It is desirable that it had 3 modes of temperature (mild, medium and hot heat).
  • It is better to choose a raclette grill with stone for those who like to cook meats to the cheese, and top with non-stick metal for those who prefer vegetables.
  • Well, if on the edges, raclette is a groove for grease.
  • Of course, raclette is not a tool of the first necessity in the kitchen. But if you have a desire to diversify their evenings or comfortable to spend time with friends, raclette is a great choice.

    The author – Julia Spiridonova, site ToKnow365.top

    What raclette grill is and how to choose?

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