What shoes to wear with a pencil skirt?

Great Christian Dior gave the fashion world a unique model of skirts – a pencil skirt. Women’s website “ToKnow365.top” today wants a chance to talk more about this garment, but rather about which shoes to wear a pencil skirt.

This model is considered a classic, and a woman with any body type can afford. It is perfect for a romantic evening, business meetings, celebrations. Pencil skirts today are made of variety of fabrics.

The most important thing is to correctly choose the length, fit, clothes, accessories and of course shoes. Well, let’s begin.

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What shoes to wear with a pencil skirt: a classic of the genre and fresh solutions

At the mention of the pencil any fashionista remembers first about the traditional combined with heels. This image is usually associated with the office dress code.

Black or blue pencil skirt, white blouse and pumps for a stylish solution for every working girl. Moreover, this combination has to be every fashionista.

Well, now it is necessary to tell about non-standard solutions – original oxfords.

They can look much more elegant and interesting than a classic Shoe. There are more loafers that elongate the leg, and flats, the shoes generally is indispensable. This way is to pick up a bright t-shirt or top.

Well, if you’re wondering what shoes to wear with a leather pencil skirt, the answer is simple – it is better to choose shoes and high heels.

The website sympaty.net offers its readers only modern solutions, so we advise wearing pencil with white sneakers, which go with everything — you just have to choose the right model. These shoes can look elegant, stylish and romantic: pencil skirt, t-shirt style oversized, tucked to one side, interesting accessories and shoes – everything you need to present the fashionista.

That’s like wearing a pencil skirt fashion blogger Helen Ma

What shoes to wear with a pencil skirt in the fall

Shoes to this model of skirt is selected based on its length.

Classic designs in the autumn will suit ankle boots with heels or platform. Pencil short need a type high heeled boots, narrow is best. They don’t have to be garish, in contrast to the skirt. Skirt can be wool or wool blend.

With longer skirts wear ankle boots, the model on a flat hard sole, low boots.

For fall the fit and the aforementioned sneakers. In cold weather there is such a combination:

  • the pencil skirt;
  • sweatshirts;
  • bombers;
  • sneakers.

For the top suit and shirt with a coat in classic style.

If you have not yet chosen a pencil skirt, take care of this in the autumn. It fits in any style, it is easy to combine with clothes and different Shoe models.

If you haven’t decided what shoes to wear with a pencil skirt in the fall, remember that with high boots-bottomtime should be more careful. Often this combination just looks silly and unattractive.

What shoes to wear with a pencil skirt in winter

Trendy pencil skirt – the traditional model of medium length. Allowable length of five to ten centimeters above the knee, reaching to the middle or completely covering the knee.

It all depends on the kits that you plan to wear this thing.

Taking into account the age category, destination, weight, length boots and ankle boots chosen skirt for winter to mid-knee.

This length is perfect with boots with a narrow, but high shaft, which must be chosen according to foot size. I can’t let the shoes pull the foot, but too wide and the shaft in combination with the pencil skirt looks tacky.

In the cold season for work you can wear low boots with a length of about 10 inches above the bones.

Office shoes should be without decor and bright finishes, with sophisticated heels or on the platform.

Boots, ankle boot picks under the length of the fur coat. For fashionistas interested in the question what shoes to wear with a leather pencil skirt in the cold, it should be noted that it is quite suitable discreet warm ankle boots or boots, stockings and a fur vest.

What exactly does not fit this classic model – popular ugg boots, the “Lunokhod” and other cumbersome boots.

In the winter it is important to remember that things have to warm up, so when buying such cutting-edge and practical skirt valid presence in fabrics and synthetic materials. Such a thing won’t wrinkle, keep their shape throughout the season and it will be warm.

What shoes to wear with a pencil in the winter or any other time, only you can decide, but it is better to adhere to these rules, to be stylish, modern and fashionable.

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Finally, we give some interesting combinations:

  • tan pencil skirt with a slightly loose top, beige shoes with heels;
  • blue skirt, white t-shirt, jacket, stripes, ballet flats;
  • black leather model pencil above the knee, white t-shirt with long sleeves, bold pattern, black thick tights, a short fur coat and black ankle boots with a heel;
  • red skirt, long sleeve plaid and beige pumps.

Try and experiment, regardless of the time of year, and then in any weather you will look stylish and impressive.

The author – Elena Sosnina, site ToKnow365.top

What shoes to wear with a pencil skirt?

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