What shoes to wear with parkay in the winter?

Warm and comfortable coat is a favorite winter clothing for many of us. What shoes to wear with parkay winter to look stylish? Ideas cool images you will prompt for original women’s website “ToKnow365.top“!

The combination of parks and winter shoes casual

All the usual “urban style”, that is casual, offers quite a few actual options for what shoes to wear to the Park in the winter.

The General rule is to Park the shoes should be comfortable and fairly simple in decor. Boots and shoes without a heel fit almost certainly.

If you are accustomed to heel, prefer a Shoe on a stable wedge heel boots or booties. Another option is the ankle boot wedge. Heel or wedge would be appropriate in the case when you want to wear a short Park straight MIDI skirt or knee length skirt.

With jeans or skinny are good boots (like timberlands) and semi-sports shoes – winter running shoes, “arrowroot”, etc.

Uggs and Park – comfortable and warm!

Boots-uggs – still relevant version of the Shoe, which is in no hurry to leave our wardrobes. Classic suede ugg boots – good mix of parcoy.

But you should not wear ugg boots with sequins, paillettes, etc. – they absolutely do not fit the style to the jacket Park. The bottom in this set – only skinny jeans or winter leggings.

Fur boots and a winter coat – a great combination!

Boots made of artificial or natural fur is a good decision, what shoes to wear to the Park in the winter. Well, if the fur on the boots blend in with the fur on the hooded parka.

Park and high boots

If you do not know what shoes to wear with winter parkai woman, then feel free to wear high leather or suede boots. The shorter of the Park, the higher the boots can be worn.

And these shoes are appropriate with jeans or skinny, and short dresses, sweaters tunics, etc.

Boots-“the Cossacks” with parcoy – unusual stylish combination

“Cossacks” or “cowboy” boots call boots low heel, with a short, wide shaft and pull-tabs on both sides at the top of the shaft. Classic “Cossacks” — brown leather, but now you can find a variety of models, including those made of artificial materials, any colors.

You can pick up at your Park that will complement it in color, or choose a neutral black color shoes.

Park and shoes: a way in the style of “military”

Coat is a thing, which in itself is very close to the military style. Therefore, it is possible to emphasize this point, shoes or accessories with military print camouflage. If “protective” print seems too radical a solution, then pay attention to plain “hacks”: a muted brown-green color.

The shoes military-inspired women’s boots-ankle boots and boots such as “Doc Martens”, “steals”, etc.

What shoes to wear to the Park in the winter is not necessary – it boots with pointed toes, ankle boots and boots on a thin hairpin, shoes in lacquered leather boots with a bright colorful decor, etc.

Also in the list of “contraindications” bright colored shoes and shoes with animal prints — such as “predatory”, “snake”, etc.

The simpler, more concise and more convenient shoes to the Park, the more appropriate it will look. In the end, and the Park itself was conceived as a comfortable outerwear (initially – a male!), not involving glamour and elegance.

Therefore, the Park is excellent all shoes-unisex: different shoes, sneakers, etc.

Author – Dasha Blinova, site ToKnow365.top

What shoes to wear with parkay in the winter?

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