What should be the makeup for a teenager?

If not for the rain, I would not know that teenage girls 12-13 years old so actively used in cosmetics!

“And then the rain and cosmetics for teenager?” — surprised readers of women’s website “ToKnow365.top“. It’s simple. It started raining, and I decided to meet my daughter-grader after school.

Mother dear! Half the girls in the class, including my pretty, and was wearing lipstick! Yes, such a horrible lipstick!

Just recently I was looking for information about daily care for problem skin of a teenager, but did not think that it is time to make a list of cosmetics for teenage girls.

All. Solved. If I can’t completely keep control of this issue, to actively participate in it even as they can. She’ll pick up her cosmetics. For this reason begin to study in detail the question of which cosmetics is suitable for a teenager to look for reviews about beauty products for younger skin and to collect a good set of cosmetics for teenage girls.

When you start to use decorative cosmetics?

That teenage need to clean, moisturize and nourish the skin, women’s website sympaty.net already told you. How to be with decorative cosmetics for adolescent girls?

On the one hand, and heavy makeup on the face in adolescence will look vulgar, and I, naive, thought I still have a few years left. But on the other hand, bought myself a cheap makeup to be like everyone else, and will go with combat makeup in the style of “little woman”.

In addition, the age of 12-13 years is the age when the opinion of the mother that “it doesn’t suit you and earlier”, does not count with an enthusiastic, “Wow! As you beautifully with this lipstick and shadows!” — from peers.

That is, I need to find the Golden mean to daughter and from peers to keep up, and look with makeup carefully.

Of course, the correct thing would be to take her to the makeup artist, who would tell her what makeup to use to teenagers. But if this is not possible, then try to make their own set of cosmetics for teenagers.

  • First, we must not forget that in cosmetics for adult add components that aren’t suitable for young skin. So special safe composition is one of the main landmarks in cosmetics for a teenager.
  • Secondly, you need to pick a cosmetic composition to the makeup on her young face looked naturally.

Beautician for Teens – content

So in the bag for the teenager, in addition to main care products for the skin should be a place for decorative cosmetics. Let’s look at how you can please a young lady to the makeup on her face didn’t look intimidating.


We would not advise teenagers to use Foundation or powder. These funds can clog the pores, the skin ceases to breathe all contribute to the appearance of acne on the young face.

Besides, the concealer slips into skin and it looks ugly. Instead of cover-up or powder, we would advise to use a database (base) with a transparent shade of the primer.

Corrector (concealer)

One of the mistakes that girls make in adolescence – begin to hide acne under Foundation. We must remember that toner is a makeup base. Under the creams pimples become more visible.

If on the face appeared spots or pimples, they need to mask the corrector or concealer. Some companies offer to mask red acne spots and anti-bacterial pencil green.

Gel for eyelashes

In teen cosmetic bag should be something for eyelashes. But don’t have to buy mascara as my mom’s – dark shades. Better to buy a translucent ink, or even better — a gel for eyelashes. These products create the effect of wet eyelashes, and it is much prettier than heavy, painted black (brown) mascara.

Translucent mascara (gel) will make lashes thicker and longer. What else should a teenager?

Shadow (powder) eyebrow

Make sure that the first time correction of eyebrows teenager made professional. Otherwise, instead of a unspoiled shape you see on the face of your daughter’s tiny threads.

Eyebrows can slightly tint the shadows for the eyebrows light brown or light gray color. It’s better than using a dark pencil.

Lip gloss

Lipstick is better to replace on lip gloss. They and color are soft, natural, and care for the lips. Besides, now release a lot of “delicious” lip gloss with fruit flavors — let sponge smell good!

Pick up the pieces 3. One transparent, the other soft pink hue, and the third, what the girl wants.


The shade is also better to choose gentle and light tones. One palette will last a long time. Great if you need a palette which suits the complexion of the skin of your girls, pick a beautician. In addition, the beautician will tell you how to apply the shadows, so they only highlighted the beauty of the eyes.

Eyeliner and pencils do not need in adolescence. They make delicate features rough and sharp. Besides, mismanagement caused a trembling hand hands look in the eyes ugly.

Means for removing makeup

Oh, and don’t forget to buy tools for removing makeup that the girl could remove makeup residues without damaging the skin.

How to paint a teenager?

Tell us a bit about the sequence of applying makeup to a teenager.

  • First you need to hide blemishes and redness with concealer.
  • Then apply to the face database.
  • Next, paint the cilia gel.
  • On the lips apply the gloss.
  • This makeup is enough for a teenage girl.

    Reviews about cosmetics for Teens

    We have considered what should be in the bag for a teenager, and now let’s read the reviews of the most popular brands of cosmetics for teenagers. After all, cosmetics has to be of high quality and safe.

    • A very popular makeup for girls Clinique. Cosmetics of this brand are suitable for any type of teenage skin. But most importantly, the emphasis that the developers are doing for the health of the skin. Therefore, the cosmetics company Clinique can be considered the best option for teenagers.
    • Equally popular cosmetics for young skin firms Maybelline and L’oreal.
    • Girls can buy cosmetics company Almay. The developers have taken care of a safe structure, and also were able to create a color scheme that is as close to natural tones and barely noticeable on young skin.
    • Also the good reviews we saw about cosmetics companies Max Factor and Nouba.
    • More expensive cosmetics firms Avon, Mac and Lorac. It has also been tested and safe for teenage skin.
    • Note also on drugstore cosmetics for teenagers company Cover Girl.

    Influence of cosmetics on the skin of a teenager will be minimal, if you buy good companies. Reviews about cosmetics for Teens of the brands mentioned above, we met for the most part positive.

    But the reviews on decorative cosmetics for teen girls firms Avon and Oriflame, ruby rose meet conflicting. The composition of some drugs contains components that are bad for teenage skin. Carefully study the composition, if you decide to choose the cosmetics of these firms.

    Do not make mistakes!

    It is important to teach a girl to care for your skin from a young age, otherwise cosmetics will cause the skin of the teenager harm.

  • If your daughter didn’t wear makeup for adults, take care of set of decorative cosmetics for the teenager.
  • If the skin my daughter has acne, then teach them how to camouflage a concealer, not bright makeup.
  • Train a girl at night be sure to wash off cosmetics from the face.
  • Never allow her to leave the mascara on the eyelashes. This eyelashes are brittle and fall out. I was still in adolescence, scared history teacher of biology, who spoke about the girl, not jetting the ink. The finale of the story – the girl woke up without cilia. This story is so etched in my memory that every time, washing away the mascara to the eyelashes, I recall this girl. Most likely, a fictitious teacher.
  • In General, dear mother, in many ways it will look like makeup on a teenager who depends on us. Be sure to buy cosmetics for teenager good company. Let my daughter chooses, and you gently guide her in the right direction with their advice.

    The author – Julia Spiridonova, site ToKnow365.top

    What should be the makeup for a teenager?

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