What style is smart casual for women?

“Smart casual” is a pretty common style, even if you never met with this name. Smart casual for women were invented to create a concise but not dull images for the daily – office, business meals, walks with friends, Dating…

How to become a girl in the style of a smart – will tell the site “ToKnow365.top“.

The concept of style

Clothing style is smart casual for women – is a cross between conventional casual and business style. Prerequisites to his appearance was the fact that the strict office dress code is boring and featureless, but the women at work want to Express their individuality in appearance!

So some organizations went against the employees, allowing the dress based on their personal preferences in styles, colors and comfort things.

In some places there is the concept of “style Fridays” or “jeans day” — that is, four days a week observed a classic business dress code, and Friday are allowed to wear whatever they like (of course, considering the appropriateness of a particular garment in a working environment).

It is assumed that the girl in the style of smart leads an eventful life – she had no time to change clothes for an unexpected business meeting in a restaurant, to visit a cafe or going to the movies after work, and on weekends it tends to look quite elegant and simple.

Why the clothes of this direction is almost universal, well-written set of smart casual is suitable for most situations, a normal city life.

How it looks in practice?

Style smart casual for women uses a mix of strict business clothes with a more young and informal (that is actually casual).

For example – a black jacket and a colorful blouse with jeans, pencil skirt with a bright sweater and classic trousers with an arrow – with a blouse with ruffles…

The strictness and elegance of the way can make shoes, bag, accessories (this may be a classic brand things, if you do not like the simplicity of youth), but then you dilute the image of something more easy to bring a touch of ease – for example, to wear cropped trousers-chinos, and instead of a shirt – knitted top with ¾ sleeves.

Smart casual more comfortable – for example, the heel is not a prerequisite, it can replace the ballet flats, loafers or boat shoes.

In winter you can wear warm sweater (e.g., with a pleated wool skirt) in the summer – sleeveless dress…

Matters are also color – does not need to be attached to black and white, and you need to enter the bright colors. Colored blouse translates the usual set of skirt+blouse business style in smart casual. Instead of white, you can use the full range of pastel shades! Prints are allowed (except obviously tasteless).

What to wear?

The basic things in the wardrobe, casual style for women may be the ones that are considered business: jacket, shirt, a classic blouse, pencil skirt and a-line skirt, trousers. It should be added:

  • Jeans
  • Pants – slacks or chinos
  • Sheath dress, but it doesn’t have to be a “little black” — almost any color and even print.
  • Colorful blouses and shirts
  • Vest
  • Jersey – with sleeves and without, various tops, shirts and sweaters.
  • Chiffon tops.
  • Skirts that go – except for the Maxi, mini and excessive too magnificent styles.

Smart casual clothing for women can connect in sets for more or less formal events can be more or less severe depending on the age of the woman.

The student, for example, you can dress more freely than business-lady: if in the first case, the girl can wear a youth thing with the addition of only one severe (say, a jacket to jeans and a color top) in the second case to “dilute” the business suit will be enough only one colored blouse.

Great elegance images will give a juicy combination of colors, jewelry, various accessories types of scarves.

Shoes can be with the heel, without him, but in any case – quite elegant and feminine. Rough shoes and semi-sports shoes excluded.

Dress code casual for women appropriate almost everywhere, and have at least a few sets of things of this style is each of us.

Author – Dasha Blinova, site ToKnow365.top

What style is smart casual for women?

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