What style of apartment is right for you?

Today the site “ToKnow365.top” represents a brief overview of the modern interiors of the apartments and will tell you what to look for when choosing your style from the variety of offers available on the market today.

Basic styles: a brief description

Someone likes modern styles, and some people prefer the classic interior of the apartment. Many delight apartments in the art Deco style, while others like the Scandinavian style.

Which of them to stay, planning the design of your home?

As it often happens, make repairs, furnish apartment, expensive modern furniture, electrical appliances, Windows, I hung with gorgeous curtains, and I feel very uncomfortable – warmth and comfort is not enough.

We offer you to familiarize yourself with the most popular destinations, so you can create an original and differentiating the styles, knew what to do.

All styles – modern, classic and “cozy” – which are used today in the design of apartments, have their own characteristics and require some mandatory elements. The choice of interior depends on the desires and abilities of owners, their social status, personal preference and many other criteria.

  • High-tech, modern, minimalist, eclectic – this is the most popular modern styles. They involve the use and combination of unusual materials, black-and-white shades, contrasts and bright accents. These styles give preference to today’s young people are ready for change and experimentation.

  • Classicism, avant-garde, Baroque, antique style belong to the classical styles, time-tested. Behind them stand the whole period of development, they are intelligent people who appreciate the beauty, comfort and elegance.
  • Country, rustic Provence style, ethnic style create comfort in the house. They are often called – cozy styles. The decor used lots of nice little gizmos, “aged” or wicker furniture, a fireplace – anything that creates a relaxed homely atmosphere.

The apartment style horoscope

Recently in the design of apartments or houses in the trend of the account of sign of the zodiac under which the owner was born. Psychologists and designers claim that the interior of the apartment, based on the horoscope can not only add variety to the environment, but also to reveal the inner world of man.

Female site sympaty.net offers you to see and compare whether they match your taste of interior with the opinion of psychologists.

The interior of the apartment to “cool” the signs of the zodiac

His conservatism and demands differ the first winter horoscope signs.

Modern style

A kind of comfort for Sagittarius will create apartment in modern style. They like open space with multi-level floors, lots of shelves, even empty, the light wood furniture, large window arch openings and a minimum of decorative elements.

People born under the sign of Capricorn, do not like to stand out, to all have a serious and thorough approach. Modern minimalist design reflects the character of Capricorn. But, preferring the black-and-white tones, wall decor, furniture they will choose classic.

But Aquarians, on the contrary, I love the originality and bright accents. Their character corresponds to the apartment in art Nouveau style. But the hallmark of this zodiac sign is that Aquarius is fickle, unlike the Capricorns. Today they are satisfied with the design in the art Nouveau style, and they might create bright contrast, and the apartment is in eclectic style, where it is possible to combine and mix styles, bring them to a complete delight.

Eclectic styles

The design of the apartment for the spring signs of the zodiac

Pisces nature is romantic, mysterious and hidden. They like the apartment in the style of Provence or country. How to equip the apartment in the style of Provence — see the separate article on the “Beautiful and Successful”. Sometimes because of the saturation of things like Fish, rustic style can turn the apartment into a warehouse of useless things. But “cozy” styles will help you to clear up those Fish who have a big living space: will place the furniture in the style of “country” to put “country-chic” to lay.

Scandinavian style

But Aries love the simplicity, restraint and naturalness. So the apartment in the Scandinavian style will suit you most. The interior contains a small amount of decor, Wallpaper — solid, floors are light wood and simple furnishings. Here is a brief description of the apartment in Scandinavian style for the Rams.

Taurus will enjoy the apartment in the Baroque style, where the bedroom will definitely take its place a four-poster bed. In the interior they like a lot of bulky stuff, but at the same time everything will look nice, the molding on the wall, massive natural wood furniture, mosaic, canopy and day beds, bookcases, large mirrors are some details which will highlight the unusual Palace taste of Bulls.

Repairs in the apartment for summer Natur

Housing of Twins more likely to resemble the dwelling of the future. Their dream apartment in the style of hi tech. Glass table tops, metal legs for chairs, shelving with glass shelves and coffee tables on wheels – these are household items that will appeal to the Twins. The inconstancy of the people of this zodiac sign will appear in the selection of furniture. Their desire to change is reflected not only in mood but also in the interior. Therefore, the furniture for the house, the Twins should be easy, and even better that it was the furniture-transformer.

The style of Provence or country style

But Cancerhave a comfortable to create around himself a defense, “shell”, so he’ll love the ruffles and lace, soft sofas and armchairs – all a mix of apartments in rustic style, Provence or country. No less important parts in the interior are the fireplace, wicker furniture or furniture made from natural wood – all what is the difference between “cozy styles”.

Crystal large chandelier, antique Royal natural furniture apartment interior in classic style will please the lions. For design characteristic solidity and elements of antiquity. The popularity of this style is that it can be mixed with other styles. Calm tones, neutral shades will create the atmosphere that like a restrained, exacting to itself and pedantic to the Lions. Learn more about the classic interior style, you can from this article.

Interior styles for the autumn signs of the zodiac

Classic style

For Virgins ideal solution would be to apartment in classical style. The interior should be elegance, comfort and functionality. Wallpaper in warm colours should be in harmony with furniture of mahogany or walnut, carpeted floors, tapestries, leather sofas and chairs – everything that is typical for the interior in a traditional English style.

Libra prefer mixed styles. A distinctive feature of the design quality of everyday objects. They prefer proven technology brands and prefer expensive quality furniture, by the way, is not always easy. Libra always seriously look at things, so in the design of the apartment will give preference to colors, in harmony with nature, green, turquoise, light green, but without striking contrasts.

Minimalist style

Scorpiowill be comfortable in the apartment in the style of minimalism, with its simple forms, absence of decoration, the clarity of the compositions and monochrome. If it were possible, the Scorpion would have completely abandoned all decorative interior parts and left the most necessary furniture with simple shapes. But the lighting Scorpio would attach much importance: backlight, attention to detail, enliven the apartment in which Scorpio will feel comfortable.

To determine which style is the most popular and in demand, is impossible. It all depends on your taste and preferences. It should be noted that often in the design of the apartment masters prefer a combination of several styles.

The author – Julia Spiridonova, site ToKnow365.top

What style of apartment is right for you?

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