What tax deductions can I get?

Female site sympaty.net today I’ll tell you about what tax deductions you can receive from the state and what it needs to do.

What are tax credits and how to obtain them

Most of us have to pay taxes. If you are working and earning wages, the employer deducted a certain amount and remitted to the budget. If you are the owner of the apartment or car, each year the IRS sends notification of the payment of property and transport taxes.

However, Russian tax legislation not only establishes the duties, but also provides the taxpayers, and therefore with certain rights.

One of them is right, for legitimate reasons, or to reduce the amount of taxespayable to, or return from the state of the already listed in the budget.

We will not speak of mistakenly overpaid taxes, everything here is pretty obvious and the situation is not too common.

Consider the deductions under the tax to incomes of physical persons, which have to face often. Let’s see what tax deductions you can actually get.

A tax deduction is the amount that can be reduced is obtained by the taxpayer for the calendar year revenues. The law establishes three types of deductions: standard, social and property. Often speaking about what is possible to return taxes, imply the right to social or property deductions.

What deductions can be obtained at the tax to incomes of physical persons

Social include such costs as a tax payer donations to good causes, costs of training, medical services, transfers to the pension insurance.

As a General rule the amount for the year cannot exceed 120,000 rubles, with the exception of expensive treatment and education of children. A taxpayer may choose, on what grounds and in what amount he will use the right to deduction.

Costs on these types of social deductions can add up to maximum size.

Property allow to increase the income received from the sale of property. And also to reduce the amount of taxes in the purchase of apartments, houses, land for housing, the payment of interest on the mortgage.

As to deductions: the scheme

Step by step the procedure for obtaining a tax deduction may look like the following:

  • To in accounting of the employer’s certificate form 2-NDFL, which must include all your income for the year, and amounts withheld and transferred tax.
  • Fill in a tax Declaration form 3-pit. This can be done both manually and with the help of specialized programs. If you prefer the second method, it is best to use on the website, on the program “Declaration”, presented in the section Software.
  • To collect a package of documents to obtain a deduction.
  • When the cost of tuition will be established a copy of the contract with educational institution with indication of the requisites of a valid license or copy of license, copies of payment documents confirming the actual payment of these expenses. If you paid for your own training or the ward the child, their brother or sister, in addition to the documents listed above will need a certificate of attendance, certificate of birth, or documents concerning custody or guardianship, or documents showing the relationship with the brother (sister).
  • When the costs of medical services: a copy of the contract with the medical facility, copies of payment documents, the original of the certificate on payment of the medical services, which issued their institution. If the costs paid for treatment to relatives, then please include a copy of the birth certificate of the child, a copy of your birth certificate (if paid for by parents), a copy of the marriage certificate when you pay for spouse (wife).
  • When getting property deductions related to the sale of real estate, provided proof of the transaction, the actual payment of costs, state registration of transfer of ownership, if necessary.
    • To submit to the tax office the completed Declaration with the attached documents of paragraph 3 and reference 2-pit.
    • If the Declaration of the estimated tax refund from the budget, along with it is served a statement in such return.

    If you submit a Declaration to the inspection personally, it is advisable to carry the originals of all of the enclosed documents, the inspector can check them out.

    Retirees can use their right to deductions, reducing their income received for work, i.e. at the time of receipt of income taxable at 13%.

    The refund of overpaid taxes within one month from the date of submission of the taxpayer.

    We reviewed the order includes all main steps in the production of the tax Inspectorate of social and property deductions under the tax to incomes of physical persons and a short list is necessary in each case of documents confirming their right to reduce the amount paid or payable taxes.

    Author – Hope Budnikova, site ToKnow365.top

    What tax deductions can I get?

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